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Example sentences for "gloating"

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glitters; gloam; gloaming; gloat; gloated; gloatingly; gloats; glob; global; globe
  1. He'd spend a year or so touring around, taking life easy, enjoying himself, spending his money, and gloating over some of the magnificent jewels that the band had stolen and which he had claimed in his share of loot.

  2. In it, his back toward them, gloating over a handful of jewels, was--the Black Star!

  3. Hanson had a fleeting and most disturbing impression of the old man gloating over some secret and pleasant prospect.

  4. He was drinking up there in the light of the fire, in a circle of mortal enemies, under Manuel's gloating eyes.

  5. Suddenly he turned to me and said, with an air of indescribable interest, as if he were gloating over an obscene idea: "So they would hang a gentleman like you, if they caught you?

  6. Leave the real thing with me;" and he picked it up and examined it with a gloating and almost satanic smile, as von Welten left the room.

  7. Don't worry about the form," Porfiry interrupted with the same sly smile, as it were, gloating with enjoyment over Raskolnikov.

  8. Yes, I am certainly a louse," he went on, clutching at the idea, gloating over it and playing with it with vindictive pleasure.

  9. He began calmly, gloating beforehand over the venomous phrases he was about to utter, but finished, panting for breath, in a frenzy, as he had been with Luzhin.

  10. I have at such times let them know in advance that I was utterly not to be counted on, and have indeed quite gloried in my shame; sitting at home the while and gloating over the fact that I wasn't present.

  11. But I am already gloating over the sentiments with which I shall expatriate myself here.

  12. Their gloating squeals died and they fell.

  13. There was blood on the prowler, purple in the blue starlight, and gloating rang in the squeals of the unicorns as they lunged at it.

  14. Narth stared again, all the gloating gone as he saw, at last, the quick and inexorable end.

  15. It seemed to me I heard what they were all saying in the village--how they were gloating over it--after all these years.

  16. One can imagine how certain persons are already gloating over it--what use they will make of it--how they will magnify and embroider everything.

  17. His soft chuckle came through the darkness like an obscene applause of a successful villainy; it was as if he were gloating over her folly and the rectitude of her mind.

  18. In that black darkness she had seemed to feel his gloating over her helplessness, and his laughing over all the villainies of his hateful past.

  19. She laughed maliciously, and her face, always sly and old beyond her years, was absolutely repulsive now as it reflected her gloating sense of her advantage.

  20. Raphael was not there, and tying Ciacco to my bed-post I again examined the gems, gloating over their beauty and yet wishing with all my heart that they had never come into my possession.

  21. Even a man of high moral tone like Tacitus, while he condemns Drusus for gloating over his gladiatorial shows, has only a word of scorn for the victims of the butchery.

  22. Never by word or look or act was he caught gloating over his victims; always he exhibited a merciful swiftness in the dread preliminaries and in the act of execution itself.

  23. Trencher, fairly jostled out of his pose by these last words from his gloating captor.

  24. He saw him smear the sweat off his leering face, and fancied he heard his vaunting words of triumph to the commissioner, gloating over the killing of Lem's father, and the taking of himself.

  25. A triumphant, gloating grin broke over his face again, as he exhibited to the impatient girl a crisp, new five-dollar bill, with a buffalo engraved thereon.

  26. These two heavyweights soon overpowered and handcuffed the boy, while Orlick lay with gloating eyes, peering out at the scene.

  27. And the only man on earth who could prove his innocence was Kirkstone, the man who was gloating like a Shylock over his pound of flesh.

  28. I could still hear their gloating laughter when I stumbled out into the night.

  29. He pictured the repasts with savage gloating detestation--burnt ox, and more burnt ox, and the false odious brightness of a family determined to be mutually helpful and inspiring.

  30. Divorce yourself from whatever pornography youre gloating over at the moment to see if we can use him.

  31. The general mood was not lightened by the clergy, professionally gloating over approaching doom, nor by the speculations of the scientists, who were now predicting an insect and aquatic world.

  32. Mary Ashwoode began now to feel seriously alarmed at the man's manner, and as her eyes encountered his gloating gaze, her colour came and went in quick succession.

  33. Otherwise, Trevethick was not one to keep a hoard in his house for the mere pleasure of gloating over it.

  34. The clatter of the trap in the door of his cell, as it fell in and formed a table, awoke him from this gloating dream.

  35. Bartholf ordered, with a kind of gloating glee.

  36. You handled it well, very well," he said, with a disagreeable, gloating laugh.

  37. He watched her furtively out of the corner of his eye, secretly gloating over the outlines of her shapely figure, the delicate poise of her head, and the fascinating profusion of her wonderful hair.

  38. While Calamity was gloating over these matters, and while Jasper Skelt was doing his best to incite the crew to mutiny, Mr. Dykes was ventilating a grievance to the chief engineer.

  39. There broods a sombre cordwainer from Bremen, gloating over his enormous pipe, in form and size like a small barrel, raising an atmosphere for himself of the fumes of coarse uncut knaster.

  40. And still, amid the incessant rain, with eager eyes bent upon the dead, the crowd waited, gloating on the sight.

  41. He would not give this man the satisfaction of gloating over new wounds.

  42. Before stating her plea, Gwendolen threw a bewildering look of entreaty upon the gloating Dodge.

  43. Then, as his men still called from the window, the Duke looked up, angry to be disturbed in his gloating over his arch-foe.

  44. A stern glory, as of an angry ocean seen in the twilight, gloating over the destruction it has wrought during the day, illumined his face.

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