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Example sentences for "glitters"

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glistring; glitter; glitterand; glittered; glittering; gloam; gloaming; gloat; gloated; gloating
  1. The one is as lasting as eternity; the other as evanescent as the bubble that glitters in the sunshine for a moment, and then disappears forever.

  2. Every star that glitters in the fathomless depths of space swarms with life, and every life achieves its aim.

  3. From side-scene to dome, and from gallery after gallery to the gay parquette, glitters the bright, shining audience.

  4. High on the wall above these elevated dignitaries glitters in large gold letters the mystic legend, "New York Stock Exchange.

  5. Breezes blow into the night, and the white moonshine speeds them on; the sea glitters in her quivering radiance.

  6. They give horses to the Teucrians who seek the fields of Tyrrhenia; a chosen one is brought for Aeneas, housed in a tawny lion skin that glitters with claws of gold.

  7. Elsewhere Agrippa, with favouring winds and gods, proudly leads on his column; on his brows glitters the prow-girt naval crown, the haughty emblazonment of the war.

  8. God has forsaken me, and nightly her pale face glitters on me with reproach!

  9. The thunder roars, the bolt glitters in the heaven; the storm that levels the tall ceibas, will open us a path presently, even through that angry army.

  10. Art thou not ashamed to wear The regal crown that glitters there?

  11. Drink of the cup which yields delight, The ruby glitters in thy sight; Steep not thy heart in fruitless care, But in the wine-flask sparkling there.

  12. From the leaves of the breviary there depends, by a fragment of gold braid, a sparkling something that wavers and glitters in the evening light.

  13. No sacred Maro glitters on his shelf, He wants the mighty Stagyrite himself.

  14. Glitters the dew, and shines the river; Up comes the lily and dries her bell; But two are walking apart forever, And wave their hands for a mute farewell.

  15. Yet first," Severo said, "to me unfold What that may be which blinds me to behold, Which glitters on the shaded crystal bright As a red comet in the noon of night?

  16. Gold glitters on the pallid brow, And glassy eye-balls stare Through glossy ringlets, clustering bright, Of silken, raven hair.

  17. That glitters in the diadem That decks the monarch's brow?

  18. Her glance glitters like a brilliant flash.

  19. Look, oh Rose, where the moon glitters on the sand--the sand that twined thy life with mine.

  20. Hurrah for our forefathers' good old flag That glitters with many a star.

  21. We are a band of patriots, Who each leave home and friend Our noble Constitution And banner to defend; Our Capitol was threatened, And the cry rose near and far To protect our country's glorious flag That glitters with many a star.

  22. So all the more we need be strong Against this false and seeming Right; Which none the less is deadly wrong, Because it glitters clothed in light.

  23. For on her small hand There glitters plain The first sad link Of a life-long chain;-- And she needs his guiding Through paths of pain.

  24. Not my fields in the prime of the year, More charms than my cattle unfold; Not a brook that is limpid and clear, But it glitters with fishes of gold.

  25. Where the horn of the headland is sharper And her green floor glitters with fire, The sea has the sun for a harper, The sun has the sea for a lyre.

  26. Know one false step is ne'er retrieved, And be with caution bold: Not all that tempts your wandering eyes And heedless hearts is lawful prize, Nor all that glitters gold!

  27. A young moon in her first quarter, like a queen in her minority, glitters like a crescent on the brow of night.

  28. Its gilded dome is a conspicuous object far and near, and glitters in the sunlight like veritable gold.

  29. Before me is Olympus, whose austere peak glitters yet in the sun.

  30. Every page glitters with wit or shines with humour.

  31. But out of earth's trammels your soul would have flown Where glitters Eternity's stream, And you shall have waked 'midst pure glories unknown, As sunshine disperses a dream.

  32. The moonlight sends a long, golden track across the waves; it touches his dark face and figure, it glitters on his dripping oars.

  33. Before him glitters the Shoals' light at White Island, and helps to guide him to his prey.

  34. Oh, brightly shines the morning sun and glitters on the white sails of the little vessel that comes dancing back from Portsmouth before the favoring wind, with the two husbands on board!

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