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Example sentences for "afforestation"

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  1. In all of these countries afforestation takes place quickly and the cuttings on private holdings are made once in ten, twenty or twenty-five years.

  2. When William annexed the district to the Crown, he most likely chose it because the greater part was wild already, and the afforestation simply meant that he placed it under forest law with a separate administration.

  3. And now the two main objects of the afforestation have nearly come to an end: neither venison nor vert are of their old importance.

  4. The work of afforestation would provide a healthy and suitable employment for discharged soldiers who preferred a country life to resuming their occupations in towns.

  5. We shall use the word afforestation here to denote the steps to be taken for promoting the growth of timber on a large scale.

  6. The Forest Laws were oppressive, and for the purpose of afforestation many wrongs were committed.

  7. The Sahara Afforestation Project people were going to use it to propagandize the tribesmen into coming in and taking jobs in the new oases.

  8. Tonight we'll drop you near In Guezzam, they have one of the big solar pump, afforestation developments there.

  9. We requisitioned motor transport from some of the Sahara Afforestation Project oases down around Tessalit.

  10. In the morning a Governor with imagination told me of the prefecture's gallant enterprises in afforestation and river embanking at expenditures which were almost crippling.

  11. A yearly sum was spent on afforestation in addition to what was laid out by the State and by private individuals.

  12. By fostering the appropriate combination it has been possible to carry out successful afforestation of heathland so poor that ordinary cultural methods prove inadequate for the least exacting tree species.

  13. By making use of suitable composts, it will be possible to carry out the successful afforestation of land formerly regarded as wholly unproductive.

  14. The President of the Local Government Board (Mr. John Burns) informed the House that a scheme of afforestation would be started on Crown lands the succeeding year.

  15. Further, why not try a scheme of afforestation on some portion of these Crown lands, which, after all, were the lands of the people?

  16. The task of the Afforestation Project is to return the Sahara to the fertile land it once was.

  17. The Sahara Afforestation official gaped at him.

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