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Example sentences for "affray"

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  1. Do you know anything of the affray itself?

  2. Mr. Enwright's store is at the corner below the scene of the affray now being investigated.

  3. The wearing of liveries was forbidden in Shrewsbury lest “when any affray or trouble fall in the said town each man having livery would draw to his master or to his fellow and not to the bailiffs.

  4. There was a sharp affray between the street partizans of the various candidates on Tuesday evening, and several heads were broken.

  5. I would not alarm my father unnecessarily until we know whether the affray was serious.

  6. When the true history of this unfortunate affray is known, it will not be difficult to prove that I am blameless, and that I was neither engaged in unlawful enterprises, nor knew aught of the fatal consequences that followed.

  7. It appeared, that in the affray I had with the lancers, I had been cut down by a treacherous blow from the comrade of the fellow I was engaged with.

  8. His head was swathed in a bloody handkerchief; and it was announced that, in a murderous affray on the preceding night, his jaw-bone had been severely fractured.

  9. I did not drink much, it is true; for out of the bottle of Madeira, set by my side, several of my companions in the late affray came in and helped themselves very liberally.

  10. However, none of them stayed; for it is rather a dangerous thing in these states for a negro to be any way mixed up with an affray in which a white man is struck.

  11. A night or two back there had been a slight affray between Lionel's gamekeeper and some poachers: and the natural doubts arose whether anything fresh of the same nature had taken place.

  12. The news of the affray had been carried thither, and Roy, with much intemperate language and loud wrath, had set off at full speed to quell it.

  13. Shortly before the dreadful affray in which he lost his life, he left off the picturesque attire in which he had hitherto been in the habit of dressing, and assumed one of a more homely character.

  14. In this affray many persons sustained serious injuries.

  15. He sallied forth from the citadel, In the open field he fought them, and he beat in that affray Two Moorish kings he captured, sire, a very mighty prey.

  16. Great was Valencia's plunder what time the town was ta'en, But that the spoils of that affray were greater yet, know well.

  17. We shall also want three new suits of regimentals for the soldiers, who dare not appear in an affray of this kind in the uniform of their regiment.

  18. He informed his uncle of the manner in which the affray had occurred between us, and he generously did justice to my conduct on the occasion.

  19. The grateful people, when the turmoil and confusion of the affray were over, turned to thank their venerable leader for his invaluable aid.

  20. For nearly an hour the fierce affray continued.

  21. Arkansas, by a man named Walker; and Robert Carothers, in an affray in St. Francis co.

  22. On the 7th instant, a fatal affray took place at Gallatin, Mississippi.

  23. It appears, that there was an affray between the parties some months ago, and that Harrison subsequently left home and returned on the 31st in a trading boat.

  24. An affray also came off recently, as the same correspondent writes us, in Raymond, Hinds co.

  25. Buckley murdered William Yaochum in an affray in Jackson county, Missouri.

  26. An affray of the most barbarous nature was expected to take place in Arkansas opposite Princeton, on Thursday last.

  27. To avenge the death of a Rouen merchant killed in an affray in Bayonne the Normands attacked and butchered a whole ship’s crew that had entered one of their ports.

  28. In an affray over this the mountaineers killed several citizens of Bayonne.

  29. There was, in February last, an affray between a very boisterous and desperate Indian and his party and a portion of the settlers, which ended in the death of several of the combatants.

  30. The citizens attempted peaceably to take him, but in the affray three whites were wounded, and one Indian killed.

  31. This unhappy affray has created a general sensation throughout the colony, and all abroad among the Indians of this lower district.

  32. Footnote 46: [On April 29 an affray took place at Limerick between the Old and Young Irish Repealers.

  33. Nothing was guessed of the part that he had taken in the affray on Polperro beach.

  34. The whole affray had occupied but a few minutes.

  35. Hyr complicis alsammyn in this neyd 15 Start to thar lady in affray and dreid; And sone thai claucht and lappyt in thar armys This queyn, that funderand was for hir smart harmys.

  36. With hir awyn hand doith sterve, now liggand law, And for affray hir self hes brocht of daw.

  37. As this affray occurred within gun-shot of my lawful factory, I hastened to the beach under the belief that some of my employés had unluckily fallen into a difficulty with the natives.

  38. An affray was the natural result, in which knives had been freely used, while Mesclet himself had been rescued by Rafael, pistol in hand, after receiving the violent blow on his head from which he was now suffering.

  39. I have described this little affray not so much for its interest, but because it illustrates the vicissitudes of coast-life and the rapidity of their occurrence.

  40. He assured the peer, however, that Pharold had been one of the party engaged in the destruction of the game; and that he had been active in the affray wherein Sir Roger Millington and the keeper had been wounded.

  41. His next anxiety was to know what was the state of the men who had been wounded, and what was the exact charge against himself, in regard to the affray in Dimden Park, as well as what evidence had been given to inculpate him.

  42. General -- had determined to make a severe example of the first deserter who should fall into his power, and here was one who had defended himself by main force, and slain in the affray the officer sent to take him into custody.

  43. It was two hours after the affray had happened, and it was totally forgotten by almost every one, when Robin Oig returned to Heskett's inn.

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