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Example sentences for "airiest"

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aire; aired; airfield; airfields; airie; airily; airiness; airing; airjeep; airless
  1. According to this explanation we must translate the words above, 'freest and airiest of creation,' 'worthiest and laziest of creation.

  2. Not the airiest bird but has sung, all unknowing, The joy of each minstrel that carols unheard.

  3. Midway between high and low water is a zone sensible to the airiest tread, being fitted for such temporary effect by a mechanical operation.

  4. The child recovered, while the deceptive snake, which will not submit to have its tail saluted even by the airiest of treads, was killed.

  5. The Earl spoke in his airiest manner, took snuff in medio, and with a carelessness that none could so well affect, avoided looking at his hearer.

  6. In such spiritual performances Poictevin resembles Lafcadio Hearn in his airiest gossamer-webbed phrases.

  7. We see him, the protagonist of his own psychical drama, dancing on a tight rope in the airiest manner, capering deliciously in the void, and quite like a prestidigitator bidding us doubt the existence of his rope.

  8. Its airiest fragments, impalpable as they may be, will possess a value that lurks not in the most ponderous realities of any practicable scheme.

  9. As they made sweet music at the airiest touch, it would require but a stronger one to burst them all asunder.

  10. She is in her airiest mood, and has evidently cast behind her all petty desagrements, being bent on enjoying life to its fullest for this one night at least.

  11. Women liked this kind of thing, this indefinite engagement to marry when something should happen, which in all likelihood never would happen--this fantastic mutual fidelity with only the airiest reward.

  12. He asked the question in the airiest possible way, as if it mattered nothing to him what the reply might be.

  13. A passion that had pain in it had never touched the Little One; she had disdained it with the lightest, airiest contumely.

  14. There is no hour in which I am not at your lordship's service," replied Topsparkle, with his airiest manner; yet there was a look of anxiety in his countenance which his wife noted.

  15. Whatever had been the shortcomings of the conventional reports upon his work, it was his glad experience that nothing he said or meant, not the slightest intention or airiest intimation in his books, was ever wholly lost.

  16. Nothing is lost upon the vaudeville audience, not the lightest touch, not the airiest shadow of meaning.

  17. In a twinkling there trips from the room which swallowed the awesome enigma a charming woman, fresh, dainty, smiling, gowned in the airiest and most delicate of confections.

  18. The pesage was crowded with women in the airiest and most elaborate of summer toilettes and, suddenly, the heavens opened and a torrent of rain poured down.

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