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Example sentences for "aired"

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  1. Or meek-eyed Mennonist his bearded chin Leaned o'er the gate; or Ranter, pure within, Aired his perfection in a world of sin.

  2. It was obviously this thin sheet of unknown force that was keeping the purple mists at bay, for fan-like antennae at the top of each post spread a similar shimmering sheet that formed a ceiling for the clear-aired area.

  3. Slender cables of black metal ran down the slope from it into the clear-aired space, spreading out over the dusty gray-blue ground to the base of each of the tall posts, with a heavier copper-colored cable running on the silver arch.

  4. Occupied beds should be thoroughly aired in the morning.

  5. Bed-linen, as well as that of the body, should be aired every day, and oftener changed in sickness than in health.

  6. He had talked to her of late in a manner quite different from the sneering cynicism which he aired when she first met him.

  7. He aired all of his knowledge, and made such a favorable impression on the good lady that she became very friendly with him.

  8. To London came the valet of le beau baron, two days before his master, bringing his slippers and dressing gown to be aired after their sea voyage across the channel.

  9. The cloths are now hung up to be aired during a week, after which they are dunged, and dyed up with madder, fustic, and quercitron bark, heated with steam in the bath.

  10. The fire must be so regulated, that the copper will begin to boil in the course of from 2-1/2 to 3 hours; and the ebullition must be continued for an hour; after which the yarn is aired and rinsed.

  11. The straw, after being aired and softened by spreading it upon the grass for a night, is ready to be split, preparatory to dyeing.

  12. A weak bath of soda has the property of preparing wool for taking on a uniform dye, but it must be well rinsed and aired before being put into the dye-vat.

  13. Why not lay us down to rest, where the organ that pealed at our wedding and sobbed its requiem over our senseless clay may still breathe its loving dirges across our graves in winter's leaden storms, or in fragrant amber-aired summer days?

  14. A negro passed, but on that morning, alone of many days, no Indian aired his paint and feathers in the white man's village.

  15. Lagree" is the way, and now we aired our knowledge to the Greens, who were pronouncing it wrong just as we had.

  16. It was a theme with all of their relations and friends and one that was aired on every occasion.

  17. The Temperance Hotel, where the girls finally stayed their weary feet, was quite modern and unromantic, though well aired and fairly comfortable.

  18. I'll take care that all our grievances are very well aired at the School Council.

  19. They thoroughly aired their grievances, but came to the sage conclusion that for the sake of school discipline they must uphold any mandate, however unpopular, from the temporary "Head".

  20. She had returned to Kingfield bristling with ideas, and anxious to test many various theories which had been aired at the meetings.

  21. But I know I've got to live here an' it'd be very poor livin' for me after I'd aired myself by way of Elijah.

  22. Its surroundings should be as clean and well-aired as possible.

  23. Upholstered furniture should if possible be put out on a veranda where it can be aired and brushed.

  24. The bathroom should be thoroughly aired and as much sun as possible let in while the upstairs work is being done.

  25. He placed a chair for her and she thoroughly aired her grievance.

  26. She also wishes him to have the shutters opened and the house aired on that day, and a fire lighted in the northwest room.

  27. In those days there was little thought of ventilation, and the windows were closed except when the dormitory was aired in the morning.

  28. It had come in that evening damp from the press, and the Vicar always aired it for ten minutes before he began to read.

  29. Jessica moved away, while members of the group aired their knowledge of the rapidly entering, smartly-dressed audience.

  30. Here he could find shelter at any time of the night, for he possessed a private key; and by his orders the bed was kept constantly aired and ready by the housekeeper; who had her own rooms on the floor above.

  31. Let the sheets be well aired in my room; and if you have a spare bed, perhaps you could prevail upon Father Magrath to stop, too.

  32. One evening, shortly after her arrival, she grew so tired of hearing the children squabble and squawl, that as soon as supper was over she slipped out at the back door into the soft-aired twilight.

  33. I have a right to assume that you aired the same opinions to Clement, over whom you have some sort of influence.

  34. I'd like the windows open and the rooms aired a bit.

  35. This disease has been long known, and has proved very fatal in crowded and badly-aired hospitals.

  36. Miss Drummond would wax both enthusiastic and didactic when she aired her views on the subject.

  37. At the Debating Society all kinds of questions were aired and argued, the opposing papers being entrusted to members of the Fifth and Sixth Forms, though the Lower School was allowed to express its opinion.

  38. See that the dining-room is well aired and in order.

  39. In extreme cases, an adjoining room may be aired and, after the fresh air is warm, it may be admitted to the sick room.

  40. Make the bed, after it has been aired at least half an hour.

  41. Keep the cellar well aired and clean; allow no decaying material to remain in it.

  42. That Charter got wonderfully aired and invigorated on its ocean-passage.

  43. The house was not more than twenty years old, and the chamber must therefore have been aired within that distance of time, but not, I should have judged, more recently.

  44. I am not quite determined where to go, whether to Scotland and the sweet heath-aired hills, or to the wild rocks and clear trout streams of the Tyrol; it is a question between the gun and the rod.

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