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  1. At the edge of the plateau look behind for a view of the Aire valley and Vauquois Hill.

  2. Islettes and Clermont-en-Argonne road: from Clermont, climb the Aire valley as far as Varennes, then Vauquois by G.

  3. Sir, your love has showne it selfe aboundant, but the cold aire is a meanes to devorce me from your companies: mine host, let me crave passage to my chamber.

  4. Afterward, when the aire began to cleare vp, the people returned into the church, and the bishop went forward and finished the masse.

  5. Also in the middest of the day there came a woonderfull darknesse vpon the earth, that the brightnesse of the aire seemed to be couered and taken awaie.

  6. The naturall sunne was at the same time in the east part of the firmament, for it was about the first houre of the daie, or betwixt six and seuen in the morning, the aire being the same time verie bright and cleare.

  7. Dunstans day there was a maruellous sore tempest of weather, the aire being darkened on euerie side from the foure corners thereof, and withall chanced such a thunder as few the like had beene heard of.

  8. It was this need that led to the Act of 1699, giving powers for rendering the Aire and the Calder navigable.

  9. On the Aire and Calder the minimum toll, if a boat passed through a lock, was fixed at five shillings.

  10. In the case of the Aire and Calder, the physical conditions of which are exceptionally favourable, coal can readily be sent from the collieries immediately alongside the waterway to the steamers or the coal ships in the port of Goole.

  11. He will see that the Aire and Calder is constructed on land that is almost flat, whereas the Rochdale section on the same trunk route between the Mersey and the Humber reaches an elevation of 600 feet.

  12. This course is adopted on the Aire and Calder Navigation, which is very favourably situated, and goes over almost perfectly level ground.

  13. How can the Aire and Calder possibly be taken as a model--from the point of view of calculating cost of improvements or reconstruction?

  14. Labitte's son-in-law drove out from Aire with his wife to dine and spend the evening with us.

  15. The collegiate chapter of Aire appointed one of its canons superintendent of the school, under the title of the 'Ecolâtre.

  16. I do not know if it is true of Aire as M.

  17. The archives of Aire show that the question of public education was a practical question there, at least as far back as at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

  18. All the records of this age at Aire are picturesque with lively accounts of all manner of junketings, carousals, and festivities, and the good people seem to have passed no small part of their lives in merry-making.

  19. The red-cheek't morning opens now her gate, And busie day breathes life into the world, The heauens great coachman mounted is in state, And darknesse from the aire to hell is hurld.

  20. The sharpenesse of the aire you may iudge of by this: for that water dropped downe or cast vp into the air congealeth into yce before it come to the ground.

  21. As the Winter exceedeth in colde, so the Sommer inclineth to ouer much heat, specially in the moneths of Iune, Iuly and August, being much warmer then the Sommer aire in England.

  22. Enclosed upon three sides, the Aire Saint-Mittre leads nowhere, and is only crossed by people out for a stroll.

  23. The Aire Saint-Mittre thus serves as a recreation ground, where for more than a quarter of a century all the little suburban ragamuffins have been in the habit of wearing out the seats of their breeches.

  24. At that same hour, the Faubourg was still shuddering at the tragedy which had just stained the Aire Saint-Mittre with blood.

  25. This Aire Saint-Mittre is of oblong shape and on a level with the footpath of the adjacent road, from which it is separated by a strip of trodden grass.

  26. On reaching the first houses of the Faubourg, Silvere ran on in front to fetch his gun from the Aire Saint-Mittre, which he found slumbering in the moonlight.

  27. For more than thirty years now the Aire Saint-Mittre has presented a different appearance.

  28. When he was quite young, he had been in the habit of playing in the workshop of a master wheelwright, a worthy man named Vian, who lived at the entrance of the blind-alley in front of the Aire Saint-Mittre where he stored his timber.

  29. And here they no longer felt stifled; they recovered all their youthfulness, free from the giddy intoxication born of the tall rank weeds of the Aire Saint-Mittre.

  30. And of his own accord he proceeded to the end of the Aire Saint-Mittre, to the narrow lane hidden by the timber stacks.

  31. And yonder, far away, in the depths of the Aire Saint-Mittre, a pool of blood was congealing upon a tombstone.

  32. Thus there was the Aire Saint-Mittre and the Impasse Saint-Mittre.

  33. Behinde him also the aire was rainie and tempestuous.

  34. Keep along the Rue de la Basse-Cour, then cross the Aire which divides the upper from the lower town (visited on the first day, p.

  35. Through the transverse valleys of the Aire and the Aisne, and the central passage of the Biesme, they threatened to cut the Châlons-Verdun Railway, and thereby separate the Army of Champagne from that of Verdun.

  36. The River Aire divides the town into two parts: the upper town on the left bank, and the lower on the right bank.

  37. Between the Valley of the Aire and Cierges, the Americans had to fight hard for several days, in order to resist the pressure of the enemy and to hold the ground they had gained.

  38. Follow the Valley of the Aire to =Fléville= (4 km.

  39. Opposite Termes, stands the village of =Senuc=, which dominates the junction of the Aire and the Aisne.

  40. Says I, My pretty lass, will you come to the banks of the Aire oh?

  41. The Waters thus With Fish replenisht, and the Aire with Fowle, Ev'ning and Morn solemniz'd the Fift day.

  42. Will he convey up thither to sustain Himself and his rash Armie, where thin Aire Above the Clouds will pine his entrails gross, And famish him of Breath, if not of Bread?

  43. As to longæevity, good aire and water doe conduce to it: but the inhabitants are also to tread on dry earth; not nitrous or vitriolate, that hurts the nerves.

  44. Denny's horse, and of flying in the aire on a staffe.

  45. What Atlas or Olympus lifts his head 25 So farre past covert, that with aire enough My words may be inform'd, and from their height I may be seene and heard through all the world?

  46. Yet will I justifie upon my soule All I have done; If any spirit i'th[e] earth or aire Can give you the resolve, doe not despaire.

  47. Aire still held out, as the loss of the convoy from Ghent, and the dreadful rains which fell almost without intermission during the whole of October, rendered the progress of the siege almost impossible.

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