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  1. In one estimate, for example, the anti-aircraft armament available to a carrier group will be of vital importance.

  2. For example, a first consideration might be "to reduce enemy carrier aircraft strength by" certain pertinent operations.

  3. In another estimate of the same carrier group, anti-aircraft defense will be of no importance because no enemy aircraft can be employed in the situation being estimated.

  4. A study of this proposal might indicate that it could be carried out in part by aircraft, but that available aircraft were inadequate to carry it out in its entirety.

  5. The numbers and characteristics, of the ships and aircraft of the various nations of the world are known with less and less accuracy from the time when war becomes a probability.

  6. Germany had some excellent aircraft motors of the water-cooled type, which were light in weight, very reliable and high-powered.

  7. It has raised up a host of aircraft factories in all the large countries, with thousands of skilled workers.

  8. The enormous boom that has been given to aircraft production by the war ought to have at least one happy result in peace times: it should reduce the cost of the airplane.

  9. Let us imagine ourselves on a visit to one of the great aircraft factories which have suddenly sprung up in the United States and become so busy with the work of turning out a huge aerial fleet.

  10. Landing is still one of the most serious problems the air pilot has to face, and it is to be hoped that the aircraft builders of the near future will help him to solve this difficulty.

  11. These beams then start on their journey to the aircraft plants, where skilled laborers get to work on them.

  12. In the first days of the war the Allies had no anti-aircraft guns and very few airplanes with which to protect themselves, and so Germany went unmolested while she waged her war against defenseless civilians, women and children.

  13. The Brigade's difficulties were increased by heavy bombing of the approaches to the line by enemy aircraft during the hours of darkness.

  14. There would be a sudden uproar of anti-aircraft fire, a fast-moving dot would approach one of the balloons, two silver dots below the latter would represent the observers making their way earthwards in their parachutes.

  15. As enemy aircraft are likely to fly above our camps between 4 a.

  16. I worked tremendously at drawing and maths and fifty other things that I might be able to invent aircraft and perfect it.

  17. From the first he had dreams of inducing his uncle to add the building of aircraft to their already enormous building of ships.

  18. Pictures of birds, of bats and of butterflies and of man-made aircraft covered the walls.

  19. You say you are going to succeed at the aircraft thing yet.

  20. As a protection from enemy aircraft they have a wide range and can, if needs be, fire a shot at 90 degrees, that is, straight overhead.

  21. In the first place, when submarine chasers and aircraft are scouting the seas in search of underwater boats it is not only dangerous but often impossible for a submarine to keep in touch with the base-ship by wireless.

  22. He'll know the best place to land, and where to hide the aircraft from prying Nazi eyes.

  23. The aircraft crashed just before dark, and my agent didn't have the faintest idea where he was, save that he was in the middle of some woods.

  24. The "flak" fire had died out almost entirely, and the only sounds to be heard were the muffled roar of distant aircraft engines, punctuated now and then by the short, stabbing chatter of Red night fighter machine guns.

  25. It was only a nuisance raid, and Soviet anti-aircraft guns and Soviet night fighters were making the Luftwaffe pay a heavy price for the few Moscow buildings they hit with their bombs.

  26. The three of them knew at once that the roaring was from German aircraft engines.

  27. A dozen times the aircraft seemed to start over on its back, but somehow the English youth managed to keep it top side up.

  28. At every dispersal point about the Depot field were aircraft of all types being made ready for the day's aerial smash against the Axis forces on the Continent.

  29. And then he would hear, or would not hear, the heart-chilling crump of exploding anti-aircraft shells.

  30. It started to do just that, but a savage cross-wind caught it, and the aircraft came down like five tons of brick dumped off a high building.

  31. Even a deaf man could have heard the thunderous roar of revving aircraft engines that suddenly blasted the silence of dawn to the four winds.

  32. Aircraft detectors all up and down the German-occupied coast of Europe would have been constantly on the alert.

  33. And you might hunt around for a bit of anti-aircraft shrapnel that I could keep as a souvenir.

  34. And there we stayed for three days, expecting the blasted wind to turn the aircraft upside down most any minute.

  35. At that exact moment both of them heard the roar of aircraft engines in the distance.

  36. Just half an hour before he had lifted the aircraft off the square field on the western edge of Urbakh.

  37. It was as though she realized that this was something out of her field, and that the best way she could help was to maintain absolute silence until the aircraft was safely on the ground.

  38. They knew that a hostile aircraft was above them and were helping in the search for it.

  39. Something seemed to launch itself from the dark body of the immense aircraft and streak downward like a falling star.

  40. A night raiding aircraft had spied the shifting lights of the encampment and, by the moonlight, caught the gleam of stacked arms, and had struck.

  41. The fighting aircraft was fitted with a self-starter, obviating the necessity of swinging the great propeller.

  42. They found out later that the reason for the disappearance was that the aircraft had gone into a metal hangar which did not show on the screen because it was not in motion, as explained below.

  43. In an early experiment operators were puzzled by the sudden disappearance from their screen of an aircraft they had been tracking as it taxied along the ground.

  44. Small aircraft and small vessels can be detected by an ingenious method, only when they move.

  45. ELAS positions in the suburbs and Beaufighter aircraft straffing them with 20 mm cannon.

  46. A "relocatable" OTHR system can track aircraft targets right down to ground level.

  47. We all know how model cars and aircraft are controlled by radio today, but when Tesla did it a century ago the motor car had not been invented, and the only method by which man could cover long distances was on horseback!

  48. On the voyage we carried out lifeboat drill on two occasions, once when it was thought that there was a U-boat in the vicinity, and another time when an aircraft flew overhead which turned out to be friendly.

  49. The bombing was by light aircraft of the R.

  50. The wolves studied soon became accustomed to the aircraft and could then be observed during their natural activity.

  51. When a signal was received, the aircraft was headed in the approximate direction of the source until the signal strength reached a peak; a 90 deg.

  52. Directional yagi antennas fastened to the wing struts of the aircraft were necessary to "home in" on the wolves.

  53. The most obvious influence will be in distant scouting, for which the great speed of aircraft will make them peculiarly adapted, as was demonstrated in the battle near the Skagerak.

  54. There is no doubt, however, in the minds of naval men that the rĂ´le of aircraft is to be important and distinguished.

  55. The influence of aircraft on naval operations is to be very great indeed, but in directions and by amounts that it would not be wise to attempt to predict.

  56. For storing the latter, a hilly terrain has advantages, since tunnels can be run horizontally into hills, where explosives can lie safe from attack, even attack from aircraft dropping bombs above them.

  57. The speed of aircraft, however, is so great that little delay or embarrassment would result if the camp for aircraft were not at the base itself.

  58. There they remained for just a hundred years, until the menace of the Austrian aircraft necessitated their hasty removal to a place of safety.

  59. Before the anti-aircraft guns can get their range, or the Italian airmen can rise and engage them, they have dropped their bombs and fled.

  60. The Austrian aviators could spot what is going on here, of course, but our fliers and our anti-aircraft batteries have been making things so hot for them lately that they're not troubling us much.

  61. As the sun climbs higher it brings into bold relief the lean barrels of the anti-aircraft guns, which, from the roofs of the buildings to the seaward, sweep the eastern sky.

  62. On the doors of the bedrooms are posted notices urging the guests, when hostile aircraft are reported, to make directly for the rifugio, and remain there until the raid is over.

  63. The gunners of an Italian anti-aircraft battery sight an Austrian airplane.

  64. Is it very surprising, then, that bombs dropped from a height of perhaps ten thousand feet, by aircraft travelling sixty miles an hour, miss the forts and barracks for which they are intended and hit churches and dwellings instead?

  65. He must save himself if he could: within a second or so the big aircraft would be but a twisted mass of burning wood and metal flaming in the swamp below.

  66. When this aircraft had also been put out of commission, they turned their attention to the yacht.

  67. Hostile aircraft frequently comes over and fires machine-gun bullets down into the trenches.

  68. The anti-aircraft guns were firing at it the whole time, but failed to hit it.

  69. Then we sent off flares to signal to the aircraft that we had reached our objective; and then we were supposed to be digging in and putting out wire, patrolling, and resisting counter-attacks!

  70. Also, if you are chased by enemy aircraft and get into trouble, you'll be in a position to make a run for a safe landing on British-occupied ground.

  71. The escort destroyers were circling the Victory and laying a thick smoke screen into which the carrier could plunge and make herself difficult to see in case the approaching enemy aircraft did break through.

  72. And a boat ride on an aircraft carrier isn't tough to take, either.

  73. Aircraft Carrier Victory was running without lights in a southwesterly direction.

  74. Trucks, tanks, and armored cars alike were being covered with strips of camouflage canvas that would render them invisible to aircraft above.

  75. Aircraft Carrier "Victory" and her four escorting destroyers, steaming eastward for a rendezvous with the main unit of the British Mediterranean fleet.

  76. A couple of seconds later he picked up the aircraft carrier Victory.

  77. A split second later the "Island" (the bridge and superstructure of an aircraft carrier) flashed by on his left.

  78. On the deck of an aircraft carrier named Victory.

  79. Forty minutes later Dave sighted the aircraft carrier, and ten minutes after that he received word from the operations officer to come aboard.

  80. Dave's blood danced with excitement, and he hoped hard that the leading sections would not meet and drive the enemy aircraft away before he could get there.

  81. Thus it was impossible for any telltale glow of light to reveal the Victory's presence to any nearby enemy craft of the sea, or to any enemy aircraft that might be patrolling the air above.

  82. You don't build an aircraft carrier in a day, you know.

  83. Pilot Officers Dawson and Farmer from the Aircraft Carrier Victory, sir," Freddy said.

  84. The aircraft lay on its side, looking fat and very ungainly, I thought, because of its increased girth.

  85. On the fourth day, the aircraft returned from far space to the point of its departure.

  86. Between the 8th and the 14th March I saw more aircraft of various kinds than at any other time during the period I was with the Russian Army.

  87. It would have been a great advantage to the Russians to have had some of these things; but that they had few, or none, in this part of the field, shows that aircraft cannot materially affect a foe who is without them.

  88. Shortly thereafter the Italian arms manufacturing company, Bredda, sent Ubico two hundred eighty portable machine guns, sixty anti-aircraft machine guns and seventy small caliber cannon.

  89. As the raiding planes went down the wind, followed always by the poppings of the anti-aircraft guns, the sound of the conflict grew distant.

  90. For fifteen minutes, the French anti-aircraft guns banged away at three German planes, which were audaciously sailing over our lines.

  91. The men recognised the reports of the anti-aircraft guns blazing away, and the sound of the motors suggested a close range target.

  92. They say," the interpreter replied, "that you belong to the anti-aircraft service.

  93. Pilots of transient aircraft carrying classified equipment are responsible for the safeguarding of that equipment unless it can be removed from the aircraft and stored in an adequately guarded area.

  94. With the crew in place, other passengers enter according to rank, the senior first; he takes the seat of his choice if the aircraft is equipped with seats.

  95. By the same token, passengers should be prompt, observe all pertinent safety regulations, and remain in the passengers compartment of the aircraft unless specifically invited to the flight deck or pilot's compartment.

  96. Other aircraft are usually met by the Airdrome Officer, who is appointed for one day only, and acts as the Base Commander's representative.

  97. In boarding aircraft with a single hatch, the pilot enters first, followed by the copilot and other members of the crew.

  98. As a specialized case of command, the assigned first pilot and airplane commander of any aircraft continues in command even though a pilot senior in rank may be aboard.

  99. But they soon realized that what seemed a short run by aircraft was interminably long when paddling along the twisting waterways in a canoe.

  100. Each day and every night too, the boys had listened at their radio sets, but no more messages from the plane had been heard and all had begun to think that the aircraft had departed and that the long journey would prove fruitless.

  101. After the aircraft had disappeared the party returned to the destroyer and to their amazement were given a radio message from the aviator which Mr. Pauling recognized as coming from the arch criminal whom they were seeking.

  102. With the after half of its hull submerged, injured beyond repair, but safe from sinking, the now useless aircraft rested like some huge wounded bird in the shelter of the overhanging trees.

  103. The meal over, the party made themselves comfortable in the hammocks and, as pipes were lighted, the explorer told Colcord that they were going in search of an aircraft which had last been sighted flying to the south over Wismar.

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