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Example sentences for "equipping"

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equipment; equipments; equipoise; equipotential; equipped; equips; equipt; equis; equitable; equitably
  1. Thus when Bishop Fell, about 1670, was equipping the University Press at Oxford with better type, he employed an agent in Holland to purchase founts for him.

  2. But between building and equipping a battery on the river below Philadelphia, and manipulating Quaker scruples, Franklin had his hands quite as full as were those of Colonel Lawrence.

  3. A lottery, therefore, was proposed by him to defray the expense of building and equipping the battery.

  4. There is much conflict of testimony on the respective share of Cort├ęs and Velasquez in equipping the expedition.

  5. They were prompt in furnishing their quota of vessels, but discreditably remiss in their manner of equipping them.

  6. Don John, in his correspondence with his friend Don Garcia de Toledo, speaks with high disgust of the negligence shown in equipping the Venetian galleys.

  7. The regiment, upon arrival at Grandvillers, was attached to the 73rd Division, French Army, and orders were given for the reorganization and equipping of the regiment to conform to that of a French regiment.

  8. Ten of the twelve days in this locality were spent in hard work on the roads and the last two were given over to the re-equipping of the regiment.

  9. It was not believed that the expense of equipping a small naval armament for the protection of their commerce, would be insupportable.

  10. The original arming and equipping of vessels in the ports of the United States by any of the belligerent parties, for military service, offensive or defensive, is deemed unlawful.

  11. Naturally there is great difficulty in equipping them.

  12. Pizarro was to take command of the expedition, and the business of victualling and equipping the vessels was assigned to Almagro.

  13. That chief had succeeded, after great efforts, in equipping three vessels, and assembling a body of one hundred and fifty men, with which he sailed from Panama, the latter part of the preceding year.

  14. With the assistance of Luque, he at length succeeded in equipping a small caravel and embarking a body of between sixty and seventy adventurers, mostly of the lowest order of the colonists.

  15. Is the power of raising armies and equipping fleets necessary?

  16. I had also interviews with Commander North, and Commander Bullock, agents of the Confederate States Navy Department, for the building and equipping of ships, in these waters.

  17. From the prisoners Morgan learned that three weeks before their arrival the garrison at Chagres was informed, by a message from Carthagena, that the English were equipping a fleet at Hispaniola for the capture of Panama.

  18. He was then equipping a very considerable fleet, intending to man it with a sufficiency of troops to enable him to land upon the territory of the Spaniards and to plunder their cities.

  19. But the male development at this epoch is pre-eminently one of adaptation to environment; equipping him with bone and muscle, brain and enterprise, aggressiveness, initiative and energy.

  20. We in France being in such immediate contact with the horrors of war had a stern sense of the necessity of fully equipping our army forced upon us at the very beginning of the conflict.

  21. Further, there was in the early autumn a very natural difficulty in clothing and equipping the newly raised units.

  22. It is vitally important that England has come to the realization of the need of equipping her own army with adequate ammunition.

  23. Goremykin, was announced at Petrograd on June 30: From all parts of the country I have received appeals testifying to the firm determination of the Russian peoples to devote their strength to the work of equipping the Army.

  24. He was supported by the veteran warrior Carbajal, and literally no money was spared in equipping his army.

  25. N] So modest was his train that only three thousand ducats were expended in equipping him.

  26. He now conceived the idea of equipping them in the light Indian hunting garb, and even of adopting it himself.

  27. I repaired immediately to Kolberg, and found Major von Schill engaged in equipping and drilling the second regiment of Brandenburg hussars, of which the king has appointed him commander.

  28. In this way our exhausted treasury would not be required to pay the additional twelve millions for equipping the French soldiers, and the country would be preserved from the tyranny of a hostile occupation.

  29. It seems perhaps an exaggeration to say that the enterprises which have resulted in equipping our American cities and suburbs with trolley lines and electric lighting facilities have followed the plan of campaign sketched above.

  30. And the Commentary upon Demosthenes states that leitourgia is a kind of tribute, the expense of the games, the expense of equipping vessels, of attending to the gymnasia and similar public offices.

  31. When the war ended, the task of re-equipping the office and restoring it to usefulness was a major one.

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