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Example sentences for "admittedly"

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admit; admits; admitt; admittance; admitted; admitteth; admitting; admixed; admixture; admixtures
  1. No doubt these external gills are absent also in a few of the admittedly primitive forms such as, e.

  2. The groups in which they do not occur are those whose young possess a very large yolk-sac (or which are admittedly derived from such forms).

  3. It is, I think, on this account allowable to apply to it a test of a character which is admittedly very apt to mislead, that of 'common sense.

  4. Despite its mystic character, this is admittedly one of the finest of the series of Idylls, and rich in its spiritual teaching,--that the heavenly vision is to be seen only by the eyes of purity and grace.

  5. A fashionably dressed young man was indicted in an admittedly false name, and was allowed to use it for the purpose of the proceedings, and pleaded guilty.

  6. There was a lot perhaps to be said for thumbscrews in their day, but that day is admittedly over.

  7. He was admittedly guilty of bigamy, and so incensed were the jury with his misconduct that their bias carried them right by the mark of the medical testimony and landed them in the ditch of an unjust verdict of murder.

  8. I need hardly say that the commercial state of the colony is admittedly sound, and I am informed in a more prosperous condition than at any previous period of its existence.

  9. There is always danger that the individual traits, which admittedly must be appreciated if we are to treat the individual according to his deserts, or to get the most out of him, will be lost sight of.

  10. Admittedly he has it and it is constantly getting him into trouble.

  11. These deductions are based on each machine carrying one passenger, which is admittedly the limit at present of the monoplanes like those operated for record-making purposes by Santos-Dumont and Bleriot.

  12. The Wright outfit, which is admittedly one of the most effective in use, takes one horsepower of force for the raising and propulsion of each 50 pounds of weight.

  13. She had received the address from Tommy, for it was a new address, Musa having admittedly risen in the world.

  14. As they had admittedly been friends in Mr. Price's artistic days, exception could not be taken to this colloquy.

  15. Similarly the professor of the admittedly divine religion should investigate to see if his religion is temporary or eternal.

  16. Over a million persons passed through the municipal night shelters in Berlin during the last year; and there are still admittedly some 5,000 tramps in Germany.

  17. I only pause on this parenthesis to show that, even in matters admittedly within its range, popular science goes a great deal too fast, and drops enormous links of logic.

  18. The other half is called Society, in which women are admittedly dominant.

  19. It is admittedly a delightful and admirable form, but is it thoroughly complete?

  20. The matter of which it is constituted evolves from an admittedly unstable initial state to another stable one.

  21. Upon Stone, the Bishop said, the mantle of John Keble had by virtue of his hymns, admittedly fallen.

  22. Admittedly his doctrine is used to enforce and to inspire his ethics.

  23. Again, the identification of Andromache's home with Thebes in Phthiotis is admittedly nothing more than a conjecture.

  24. Wilamowitz-Möllendorff, are admittedly hopeless unless we assent to the hypothesis that the person responsible for the final form of the poem possessed a written text; and we have seen that this hypothesis is open to grave objections.

  25. Yet the Thessalian section of the Catalogue is admittedly far more difficult to understand than any other.

  26. He was admittedly the controller of the Caucus.

  27. These concerts have been admittedly during near half a century prime instruments of metropolitan and suburban civilization.

  28. At last the moral atmosphere of a London playhouse was admittedly as unexceptionable as that of Exeter Hall.

  29. The weakest points in the Gladstonian Home Rule Bills were admittedly those dealing with finance.

  30. Even the Gladstonian legislation of 1881, though it admittedly did something substantial towards redressing the balance between landlord and tenant by securing to the tenants what were known as "the three F.

  31. Most of the cases of the cocaine habit have been admittedly created by so-called catarrh cures, and these contain only from two to four per cent.

  32. Now that the law compels a list of dangerous drugs on the label, the cures proceed admittedly by a reductive principle.

  33. In the United States a candidate for the Governorship of a State, although otherwise admittedly eligible, was assailed bitterly for his suspected Socinianism.

  34. Wall, who, unsatisfied with arguments against the admittedly incorrect authorised translation of the Bible, actually wrote to prove that a new and corrected Hebrew text was necessary, the Hebrew itself being corrupt; or by the Rev.

  35. In dreams, in delirium, in insanity, in temporary disease of particular nerves of sensation, in some phases of magnetic influence, the ideas which Berkeley sustains so forcibly are admittedly delusions.

  36. He was admittedly an adventurer of the worst type, and his presence always filled me with anger which I found difficult of control.

  37. The next day he had not yet secured the troches and told me that he had submitted the prescription to seven pharmacies, including the largest, and three of the best known and admittedly the best equipped in New York.

  38. The claim is made that this preparation contains no belladonna--yet it admittedly contains hyoscyamus!

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