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Example sentences for "doubtlessly"

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doubting; doubtingly; doubtings; doubtless; doubtlesse; doubts; douce; doucement; douces; douceur
  1. The potatoes doubtlessly had been dug from the little enclosure round the homestead in the old country.

  2. Delaroche doubtlessly found the peasant painter a little rude both in his person and in his ideas about art.

  3. Lorenzo slain, too, and doubtlessly also by the impetuous Viscount's hand!

  4. Doubtlessly his fault, whatever it may have been, was simply an indiscretion due to his years that has been magnified and made to assume unwarranted proportions by the tongues of envy and scandal.

  5. The procession frequently ended in a "parish-ale" or feast which doubtlessly assisted in reconciling the boys to it all.

  6. The first bath-room which I saw in the country was that of Scodra Pasha; and, had I been inclined so to do, I might doubtlessly have woven a pretty fiction on the subject, without actually visiting one of these extraordinary establishments.

  7. But it is only as a whole that such a pageant should be judged; and all those who looked upon the one which I have attempted to describe, will doubtlessly concede that it was a spectacle of beauty which has probably never been exceeded.

  8. Were it not for vivid daydreams, my year of chemotherapy would have doubtlessly provoked more duress, yet through fantasy, I was able to surpass my physical limitations.

  9. Far too sacred were held the feelings of the commander to allow any one to allude even to the subject to him; and though he doubtlessly thought more than any one else about it, he endeavoured to maintain his usual tranquil exterior.

  10. When we get more to the left, we shall doubtlessly see her.

  11. At last, the former, doubtlessly fatigued by this obstinate inquisition, which weighed upon him, and from which he could not escape, resolved to take the word.

  12. I wished to avoid it, but that is impossible, owing to the Indian tribes through which we must pass, and with whom we shall have doubtlessly a tussle.

  13. I am happy to hear what you tell me, senor, for I confess that this caballero left a very bad impression on me, doubtlessly through the rough manner in which he parted from us.

  14. Yes, madam, it doubtlessly does so; for the grief he endures is of that nature which cannot be consoled.

  15. The President of the Republic, General Arista, doubtlessly feared the invasion and conquest of Mexico by the French, had they been four hundred in number.

  16. God had doubtlessly wished, in His ineffable goodness, to place an angel by the side of a demon, so that the wounds inflicted by the latter might be cured by the former.

  17. God doubtlessly decreed it so, because I am strong," he added, with an attempt at a smile.

  18. A signal given by a sentry," El Garrucholo answered; "a spy who doubtlessly brings us news.

  19. His absence will doubtlessly be of short duration?

  20. An Ass-race attracted vast crowds of people to May-fair in 1736, where there was doubtlessly much good betting.

  21. After this Island was invaded, the habitations of the various nations which accomplished the invasions were introduced by imitation, and copies of Roman, Saxon, Danish, and Norman houses were doubtlessly common.

  22. The majority of these fashions were doubtlessly from France, as the same work describes a Parisian Doll imported by the Milliners; a custom most religiously continued during the rare intervals of peace between the two Countries.

  23. Wycliff became at this time fashionable, and these tourists, being interested in most of the things they saw, doubtlessly had the opportunity of hearing Wycliff preach.

  24. There almost everybody would be likely to know personally the latest victim or to be familiar with the latest scene of damage and this would serve doubtlessly to bring the apprehensive home to all households.

  25. At more frequent intervals from somewhere up or down the line a rifle whanged where an ambitious amateur Yankee sniper tried for a professional and doubtlessly a bored German sniper across the way; or where the German tried back.

  26. Then again, she has known all kinds of men, and this in all likelihood is merely a transient fancy bred of the novel environment and will doubtlessly pass in due course.

  27. The next shot passed through the top of his head and was doubtlessly aimed as he reeled.

  28. Our readers will doubtlessly have been asking themselves how it happened that Athos, of whom not a word has been said for some time past, arrived so very opportunely at court.

  29. The most highly esteemed is doubtlessly the fur of the blue fox, still only that portion of it that covers the paws.

  30. The Chinese doubtlessly must have formerly regarded this spot as the most formidable entrenchment against the Mongols.

  31. Such an organisation doubtlessly is burdensome to the tax-payer, but since so much is extracted, this is precisely what seems to me an incontestable proof of the great riches of this country.

  32. But the king of Sibi, their grandfather, seeing them fallen into this state of bondage, will doubtlessly give thee as much money as thou desirest to redeem them.

  33. Men such as you, would doubtlessly be able to seize on wealth even by violence.

  34. The anxiety of the Whigs to repeal the timber duties is quite pardonable, for, with their wooden heads, they doubtlessly look upon it in the light of a poll-tax.

  35. The Prince doubtlessly was wondering whether Neroweg was blockish enough to believe in the miraculous powers of the bishop, and to pay as dearly as he was reputed to do for the absolutions of the prelate.

  36. Only he could have furnished you with the details concerning the family of Joel which he doubtlessly received from his own father.

  37. Doubtlessly he was not over-anxious to introduce the son of his King into the secret retreat.

  38. He is doubtlessly engaged in making her regain consciousness.

  39. An ancient American priest-astronomer, imbued with the native ideas, would doubtlessly see in the modern figures of Buddha a more perfect artistic rendition of the same conception which was expressed in the Copan swastika.

  40. It is doubtlessly owing to the same reason that the Chinaman of today finds it possible to believe in, at once, the three great national religions which exist in China.

  41. As the Moon was inseparably associated with water and the Below, it is doubtlessly included in the symbolism.

  42. The silver female statue of the Moon doubtlessly exhibited, in the same manner, the insignia of the Coya.

  43. Doubtlessly they were appropriately decorated with horizontal bands exhibiting the sacred design.

  44. Clearly the attack on the column of carts had been unexpected and sudden, and doubtlessly its leader had formerly often succeeded in crossing the frontier unperceived by these remote roads.

  45. She doubtlessly hoped to soothe the exasperation of the soldiers by presenting the innocent creature to their sight.

  46. Doubtlessly Douarnek had followed my orders and rowed back to camp at sunset.

  47. In contemplating to return with her brother, Elwig must have doubtlessly renounced the project that her greed had caused her to hatch.

  48. Ever master over himself, Tetrik doubtlessly feared that slight as was his manifestation of joy it might not have escaped me.

  49. Victorin doubtlessly came from a night of pleasure; yet his face looked as fresh as if he had just left his bed.

  50. The sacrifice of his unregulated pleasures doubtlessly costs him much; notwithstanding the young general's changed conduct is praised by everyone, they all comment on his profound sadness.

  51. They must he doubtlessly gathering to witness my execution and listen to the auguries of the priestess.

  52. By an infernal ruse, and doubtlessly guaranteed against death, thanks to an antidote, Tetrik had swallowed enough poison to produce in him the identical symptoms that marked Victoria's agony and thus seem to share her fate.

  53. From his belt hung a sort of large butcher's knife with a wooden handle, together with a magnificent Roman sword with a hilt of chased gold, doubtlessly the fruit of some raid.

  54. The woman must doubtlessly have profited by the movement to draw her knife from under her clothes without my perceiving it.

  55. These Indians belong to three plundering tribes which I am surprised to see united; they doubtlessly meditate some extraordinary expedition, in which the massacre of these emigrants will be one of the least interesting episodes.

  56. And moved doubtlessly by a feeling of pity for so much firmness, he blew out his brains.

  57. You doubtlessly picked me up at the place where I fell?

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doubtlessly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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