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  1. Then there is the fortress protecting the town, the Nonnberg, the cloisters in whose church are the oldest in Germany, and they won't let you in to see them at any price.

  2. But when I found the cloisters of the Convent Church closed to the gaping public, I thanked God and took courage.

  3. It was the end of April--a bitter spring following a severe winter; constant clouds blotted out the sun, and sudden falls of snow had left the square of grass in the centre of the cloisters wet and white.

  4. Gregorio, whose cloisters now form an antiquity store and whose severe and simple apse is such a rebuke to Longhena's Renaissance floridity.

  5. It is a historical fact that many cloisters were reduced to poverty in the Middle Ages on account of their generous almsgiving.

  6. Many girls studied in this way in the cloisters and it was not an unusual sight, but Molly made a picture not soon to be forgotten by any one who might chance to wander in the arcade at that hour.

  7. I am going to write a note and tell him I'm sorry, and then I'm going over to the cloisters and slip it under his door.

  8. I went down to the cloisters to leave a Christmas note for Professor Green at his office and saw a ghostly looking figure there.

  9. She usually confined her walks to the far side of the arcade, keeping well away from the side of the cloisters on which the studies of some of the faculty opened.

  10. In these cloisters young maidens, who have consecrated themselves to Christ after a spiritual embrace for which the most intense impulses of their nature have been suppressed, yearn away their lives.

  11. This picturesque old convent with its lovely cloisters is now used as a post office.

  12. God does not require violent sacrifices: I am here against my will; my stay in these cloisters is not self-devotion, but sacrilege.

  13. He was employed principally in Florence, where frescoes by him may be seen in one of the cloisters of S.

  14. His scheme of windows has been upset on the side opposite the cloisters by the recent addition of a rotunda leading from the main room.

  15. Maria Novella is that crucifix in wood which he carved for his friend Donatello, but his only other sculptured work in Florence is the door of his beautiful Pazzi chapel in the cloisters of S.

  16. The occasional glimpses of cloisters and verdure among the red are very pleasant.

  17. Lorenzo, and I remember with more pleasure the beautiful doorway leading from the Arnolfo cloisters to the Brunelleschi cloisters, which probably is his too.

  18. Croce and the Spanish Chapel here have fees, if you like; but the cloisters should be open to all.

  19. These large and beautiful green cloisters are now deserted.

  20. Croce cloisters or Pazzi chapel; no Badia of Fiesole.

  21. I am not sure that the Andrea in the cloisters is not the best of all his work.

  22. An old daily custom in the cloisters of S.

  23. To make a charge for the cloisters alone seems to me utterly wicked.

  24. For the rest the cloisters are a huddle of memorial slabs and indifferent frescoes.

  25. At the Carmine and the Annunziata the cloisters are free.

  26. The hospital stands in a rather forlorn square a few steps from the Duomo, down the Via dell' Orivolo and then the first to the left; and it extends right through to the Via degli Alfani in cloisters and ramifications.

  27. Other Iconoclasts from Valenciennes united themselves with those of Tournay to despoil all the cloisters of the surrounding district, during which a valuable library, the accumulation of centuries, was destroyed by fire.

  28. In the short period of four or five days four hundred cloisters were plundered in Brabant and Flanders alone.

  29. Some churches and cloisters still remained uninjured; the same fate soon overtook them also.

  30. Some of the abbots were raised to the episcopal throne, and with the possession of their cloisters and prelacies retained also the vote at the diet which was attached to them.

  31. The revenues of the new bishoprics were provided by an appropriation of the treasures of the cloisters and abbeys which had accumulated from pious benefactions during centuries.

  32. Meanwhile the gates of the Jesuit cloisters were watched day and night, so that Valentine might not escape.

  33. The galleries were something like the cloisters of a monastery, the corridors of a prison, and the middle sections of a ship.

  34. The fierce Moors, the negroes of infantile intelligence, the sullen Hindus, appeared to him more deserving of respect than all the ermine-bordered togas parading haughtily and aggressively through the cloisters of the German universities.

  35. The Fine Art section was shown in the Cloisters of Sa.

  36. We arrived at the entrance to the forbidden cloisters too soon, as papa had not arrived, and the gendarmes stopped us and told us to drive out of the court again.

  37. The cloisters in the Mosque became cells, used as lecture rooms, and stores for books bequeathed to the college.

  38. Only, in these pretty, dilettantish cloisters there would probably be no large tickets suspended alongside of the pictorial pottery, inscribed with the monstrous words, Tripe!

  39. They two stood in the cloisters of the Abbey at Gloucester, in that part of the cloisters that was not yet finished.

  40. John of Gaunt strode laughing down the cloisters by the side of a gray-beard Oxford priest who carried a parchment in his hand, and they went together into the church.

  41. So they went in, and sat down on one of the embrasures that open from the cloisters over the lake.

  42. They had often been together in those cloisters before, but on such occasions either Mr Palliser or Lady Glencora had been with them.

  43. The cloisters were cleansed and the integrity of the Church vindicated, though not by any permanent process, but one that had to be repeated again and again in every chapter of her history.

  44. The cloisters form a covered ambulatory leading from the S.

  45. It is approached either from the cloisters or through another of Beckington's porches, called the Palace Eye.

  46. She left me in his charge, and I followed him across the square, and through the cloisters and passages which led to the gallery, where my lady's chamber was situated.

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