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  1. The best are made of very pure clay or of porcelain earth; whereas such as are made of clay mixed with calcareous or silicious earth are very fusible.

  2. Fluoric exists ready formed by Nature in the fluoric spars[42], combined with calcareous earth, so as to form an insoluble neutral salt.

  3. Of all the known acids, the carbonic is the most abundant in nature; it exists ready formed in chalk, marble, and all the calcareous stones, in which it is neutralized by a particular earth called lime.

  4. This acid unites with the calcareous earth of the bones into a sulphat of lime, and the phosphoric acid remains free in the liquor.

  5. The vineyards, which spread themselves over a calcareous declivity, have mostly a full southern aspect, and the predominating vines are those known as golden plants, the fruit of which is of a deep purple colour.

  6. The wine that has been grown on the chalky hills undergoes development in vaults burrowed out of the calcareous strata underlying the entire district.

  7. They are made by heating to a high temperature an intimate mixture of a calcareous substance and an argillaceous substance.

  8. In many fossil forms these septal necks are continued from the septum from which they arise to the next, so that the siphuncle is enclosed in a complete secondary calcareous tube.

  9. The next modification in the enclosed shell is the addition to it of secondary deposits of calcareous matter, by the inner surface of the shell-sac.

  10. Extinct; shell with well-developed phragmacone, and rostrum merely a calcareous envelope; siphuncular necks directed backwards as in Nautiloidea; ten equal arms provided with hooks.

  11. Body wide and flat; fins narrow, extending the whole length of the body; shell calcareous and laminated.

  12. This destructive action is increased if the water contains sulphates or magnesium salts, both of which act chemically on the calcareous constituents of the cement.

  13. In this case the action of the water is checked by the film of carbonate of lime which eventually forms oh the surface of calcareous cement.

  14. Shell discord and flattened, with a carinated border, aperture provided with lateral projections, a calcareous aptychus, formed of two pieces.

  15. But where the concrete or mortar is not well made and is porous, the continual passage of water through it will gradually break up and dissolve away the calcareous constituents of the cement until its strength is utterly destroyed.

  16. The sensory epithelium is at the anterior end of the vesicle forming a macula acustica, and in the cavity is a single otolith, partly calcareous and partly organic except in Eledone, in which it is entirely organic.

  17. The buccal cone, rising from the centre of the three inner lobes, and fringing the protruded calcareous beaks or jaws with a series of minute papillae.

  18. But this proper calcified wall is quite distinct from calcareous tubes surrounding the siphuncle, which are developed from the septa.

  19. Its walls in the living Nautilus are strengthened by the deposit of calcareous granules, and in some fossil forms the wall is completely calcified.

  20. Calcareous clays or marls, including all clays containing more than 5 per cent.

  21. Some clays will, apparently, be capable of classification in more than one section, thus a vitrifiable clay may owe its characteristic to a high proportion of calcium carbonate and so be capable of inclusion as a calcareous clay.

  22. Pyritic and calcareous nodules may, to a large extent, be removed by picking, and by throwing away lumps in which they are seen to occur.

  23. If the clay is fairly free from calcareous material and is of a white-burning nature it may be found to have a composition like china clays.

  24. Some shales are almost entirely composed of silica or calcareous matter, but many others are rich in clay, the term referring to physical structure and not to chemical composition.

  25. Calcareous clays have the melting and sintering points close together, so that it is almost impossible to produce vitrified and impervious ware from them, as they lose their shape too readily.

  26. Cliffs of Boulder clay at Filey lying on Calcareous Crag.

  27. The summits of the calcareous hills which stretch eastward from the great chain of the Cordillera are broken and rugged.

  28. Along this road there are extensive tracts of ground covered with calcareous petrifactions.

  29. Private dwellings in the mountainous parts are built of unhewn stone, cemented with a very strong calcareous mortar.

  30. Some spots in the low plains had here considerable fertility, depending probably, in some degree, upon the intermixture of a large proportion of calcareous matter with the soil, resulting from the disintegrated sand-rock.

  31. Six miles from the latter we crossed a hollow where I noticed some calcareous matter, in which were included shells of recent species, evidently showing that an upheaval had taken place in this part of the continent.

  32. The country here consists of a tableland of calcareous rock rent at intervals by those great chasms which are characteristic of a limestone formation.

  33. In the course of time the white and yellow calcareous deposit which the water leaves behind it, has formed a hillock at the foot of the mountains, and the stream now falls in a steaming cascade from the face of the rock into the sea.

  34. Here, threading your way through a labyrinth or petrified sea of jagged calcareous rocks, you suddenly find yourself on the brink of a vast chasm which yawns at your feet.

  35. The volcanic district of Tuscany which skirts the Apennines abounds in hot calcareous springs which have produced phenomena like those of Hierapolis.

  36. Close to the town there were thick layers of calcareous sediment, containing petrified reeds or canes, of which I brought away specimens for our museum.

  37. I found them to be the hard polished calcareous opercula of some species of Turbo, and although their worn state precludes the idea of identifying the species, yet I am confident that they belong to no European Turbo.

  38. Other soils, such as absorbent calcareous earth, are not often found.

  39. In the subsoil a sandy clay abounds, the occurrence of clay and calcareous earths being greater in the subsoil than in the soil.

  40. Fossil Infusoria are mostly the siliceous shells of diatoms; sometimes they are siliceous skeletons of Radiolaria, or the calcareous shells of Foraminifera.

  41. Calcareous infiltrations filling the cavities.

  42. Calcareous lands are predominant, especially in the uplands.

  43. This breccia has a white calcareous basis, which incloses angular fragments of compact, yellowish-gray limestone, with smooth dull surfaces.

  44. The superior beds are formed of a calcareous breccia.

  45. The shale is covered by a bed of stone, chiefly composed of oval distinct concretions of a poor calcareous clay-iron stone.

  46. The basis, in most of the beds, is calc-spar; but in some small layers it is calcareous sand.

  47. A calcareous breccia also exists in various places, particularly on the Slave River.

  48. In starfishes, a tube having calcareous particles in its wall, which connects the oral water tube with the madreporic plate.

  49. One of the transverse, calcareous partitions between the radiating septa of a coral.

  50. A division of brachiopods including those which have a calcareous shell furnished with a hinge and hinge teeth.

  51. One of several upright slender calcareous processes which surround the central part of the calicle of certain corals.

  52. The calcareous flag-stone of La Tosca, which is characteristic of the south-west province of the plain of the Pampa, stretches in the south as far as the Rio Negro in the coast-district.

  53. The tosca is the result of the concentration of calcareous elements contained in clay at the surface in a dry climate.

  54. The clays are comparatively rich in calcareous matter, which seems to indicate that they do not come from tropical America or the upper basin of the Parana.

  55. I then climbed over the calcareous and crooked rocks at its base on the east side.

  56. The islet of Back Cup is in great part formed of calcareous rocks, which slope upwards gently from the lagoon towards the sides and are separated from each other by narrow beaches of fine sand.

  57. The surface is a mixture of red sand and clay, mixed with calcareous limestone in small rounded nodules.

  58. The wine that has been grown on the chalky hills is left to develop itself in vaults burrowed out of the calcareous strata which underlie the entire district.

  59. The ancient city of Reims is pleasantly situate in a spacious natural basin, surrounded by calcareous hills, for the most part planted with vines.

  60. It is only a calcareous spring that can form so curious and lofty a cone as this.

  61. There are two kinds of hot springs in the park, called siliceous and calcareous from the character of their deposits.

  62. Yeast has no action on malate of lime, or on other calcareous salts formed by vegetable acids.

  63. If the action of yeast consists in its increase and multiplication, it is difficult to conceive this action in the case of malate of lime and other calcareous salts of vegetable acids.

  64. I have shown that malate of lime ferments readily enough through the action of yeast, and that it splits up into three other calcareous salts, namely, the acetate, the carbonate and the succinate.

  65. Sidenote: Heart trouble caused by calcareous substances] Many cases of serious heart trouble are caused by habitual overeating, especially of grain and grain products.

  66. But little calcareous matter was found elsewhere than on the southern shores.

  67. The basis of the point seemed to be granitic, with an upper stratum of calcareous rock, much similar to the neighbouring isles of the Investigator's Group.

  68. I was led to think the lower portion of these cliffs to be grit stone rather than calcareous rock.

  69. The basis of these isles appeared to be granitic, but the more elevated are covered with a thick crust of calcareous rock; and in the middlemost this upper stratum is perforated, admitting the light through the island.

  70. It was also on the south side of King George's Sound that the calcareous rock covered the granite; a coincidence which may perhaps afford some light to the geologist.

  71. The basis stone is granite, mostly covered with calcareous rock, sometimes lying in loose pieces; but the highest tops of the hills are huge blocks of granite.

  72. In the crevices of a low calcareous cliff, at the south-east side of the bay, I found some thin cakes of good salt, incrusted upon a stone containing laminae of quartz.

  73. The way to it was over low land covered with loose pieces of calcareous rock; the soil was moist in some places, and, though generally barren, was overspread with grass and shrubs, interspersed with a few clumps of small trees.

  74. In its composition this island is nearly the same as that of Waldegrave's largest isle; but between the granitic basis and the calcareous top there is a stratum of sand stone, in some places twenty feet thick.

  75. Behind the beach, near our watering pits, the calcareous stone was so imperfectly formed that small shells and bits of coral might be picked out of it.

  76. No other than calcareous rock was seen upon the eastern island.

  77. Perhaps this inflammable principle may come from some remains of the animals, from which it is thought that all calcareous matter proceeds.

  78. Black of Edinburgh to exist, in a fixed state, in alkaline salts, chalk, and other calcareous substances.

  79. The fixed air with which our atmosphere abounds may also be supplied by volcanos, from the vast masses of calcareous matter lodged in the earth, together with inflammable air.

  80. But some persons prefer pearl ashes, pounded marble, or other calcareous or alkaline substances; and perhaps with reason.

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