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Example sentences for "creditable"

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credidi; credidimus; credidit; credit; credita; creditably; credite; credited; crediting; creditor
  1. They have other employments, if fame does not belie them, not quite so creditable to their characters.

  2. In fact, it is now and then a little difficult to distinguish between it and something else that is less creditable to the man who possesses it.

  3. My dear," he said, "can't you understand that you have laid an obligation on me to play a creditable part?

  4. Well, I guess I could mention one or two little affairs that were not altogether creditable which you had a share in.

  5. When a word occurs for the first time to a blind person he can only spell by ear; and Marlbourne for Marylebone is a very creditable solution of a difficulty.

  6. It is indeed highly creditable to him, for we are told that he is by no means in affluent circumstances.

  7. Indeed, he had resisted temptations to immorality with a strength of purpose that was creditable to him.

  8. Such at least was his career till he had taken his little go, and then he commenced a course of action which, though not less creditable to himself as a man, was hardly so much to the taste of the tutor.

  9. His resolution to remain was as happy for his renown as it was creditable to his character.

  10. It was a pure service choice, as such creditable alike to the Government and the officer.

  11. The debate, which was the occasion of the first, and immediately preceded the second of these events, arose out of one of the most trivial and least creditable matters that ever agitated the Councils and menaced the peace of a great nation.

  12. He knew Bradley as a likely and creditable young fellow, and besides, his experience with his two older daughters had taught him the perfect uselessness of trying to marry them to suit himself or his wife.

  13. I don't think her an eligible acquaintance for Beatrix, and you know very well she's not--and it is not a respectable or creditable kind of thing.

  14. He has, however, retained the Greek language, which is very creditable to him, as it is a language one learns only after much difficulty, and then forgets at once.

  15. And it is a fact that he ate a very creditable lunch indeed.

  16. They assisted their energetic white chief in getting up a demonstration which, under the circumstances, was quite creditable to them.

  17. English compositions of great originality and beauty, creditable alike to the head and heart of their accomplished authors.

  18. The old lady winced visibly, but she made a creditable answer.

  19. I concluded with some reflections on this most important case of suspended animation very creditable to the profession of medicine, and Dr.

  20. The conduct of Justus in the Galilean campaign had been little more creditable than that of Josephus--that is, if the latter's account may be believed at all.

  21. The Life is the least creditable of Josephus' works; but, as we have seen, it was wrung from him under duress, and cannot be taken as a genuine revelation of his mind.

  22. Pitt consoled himself for the not very creditable end to the Russian negotiation by reflecting that our revenue was steadily rising.

  23. In one sense this decision is creditable to him.

  24. The latter were now but 800 strong, and after a most creditable stand finally surrendered with the honours of war (8th September).

  25. This would still be considered a creditable act on the part of a Chinese widow.

  26. More than that, Fiddy, I have not much faith in the passion that is ranted to the public; even if it were always a creditable passion.

  27. She was a finer-looking woman than he had supposed,--one to be proud of as he presented her to his friends as his wife; pity that he had so few creditable friends left now!

  28. The mother wrote to Wieck a letter which is highly creditable to her heart and judgment, and Wieck's reply is equally creditable to him as a friend and teacher.

  29. My college mates, who were planning to be lawyers, engineers, or commercial men of prominence, considered teaching creditable only as a "fill in job.

  30. It certainly was not a very creditable manner for a young man to enter a profession, to say nothing of the doubtful compliment of such an entry to the teaching profession.

  31. Several of the Whig party came forward and offered in a manner most creditable to them, to effect a subscription for the purpose of paying off the poet's debt.

  32. On returning to England, he set about exerting himself in a manner equally creditable to his talents and interesting to the public.

  33. He gave, for instance, to persons who he thought could take it rightly, a picture of the manners and conversation of Sir Walter Scott, highly creditable to that celebrated person, and calculated to add regard to admiration.

  34. He was also not a little concerned lest his secretary should fail to carry himself with becoming nerve, and encouraged him with promises to permit him to say things creditable to himself in his first letter to the New York Daily Discoverer.

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    admirable; believable; blameless; clean; commendable; credible; creditable; decent; deserving; erect; esteemed; estimable; ethical; exemplary; fair; good; honest; honorable; honored; immaculate; inviolate; irreproachable; just; laudable; manly; meritorious; model; moral; noble; plausible; prestigious; principled; prominent; proud; pure; reputable; reputed; respectable; respected; responsible; revered; reverend; right; righteous; savory; splendid; spotless; stainless; sterling; tenable; true; unblemished; uncorrupted; undefiled; unexceptionable; unimpeachable; unspotted; unstained; unsullied; untarnished; upright; upstanding; venerable; virtuous; worshipful; worthy