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Example sentences for "crediting"

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credita; creditable; creditably; credite; credited; creditor; creditors; credits; creditt; creditur
  1. If a shipping business is conducted, a shipping department account should also be kept, and to this account can be charged all bread shipped at the rate of, say three cents per loaf—crediting same to bread department.

  2. Everything was securely lashed in readiness for going to sea, in case the cable should part.

  3. They assured themselves of me by an oath; then they brought me out and I went my way, very hardly crediting but that I was of the dead.

  4. Shakespeare, whilst attributing to the toad venomous qualities, has yet immortalized it in his famous simile by crediting it with the possession of a "precious jewel.

  5. By crediting Ireland with her whole "collected" revenue, we can give her at once a balance of half a million.

  6. To retain Imperial control of Customs and Excise, while crediting the Irish proceeds to Ireland, is in itself equivalent to making three-quarters of Irish tax revenue take the form of an annual money grant fixed by Great Britain.

  7. England, France and Germany possess critics who feel the grandeur but miss the meaning of the new ideals, and their books and articles, while crediting the modern painters with vitality, go little beneath the surface.

  8. The practice of crediting Frenchmen with the invention and development of methods has scant authority with which to justify itself.

  9. They had most likely worked with their parent for about forty years and must have done much of making and repairing, that is, crediting them with some of their father's industrial tendencies.

  10. Privative: not trusting him: not seeing the ground of just security in his love and promise: not crediting what is seen: not ceasing disquietness and distrustful cares and fears.

  11. It containeth in it a crediting the word or nature of God, or judging it to be a sufficient ground of our security and expectation: and then security and expectation built upon that ground, make up the rest of the nature of trust.

  12. But, even crediting that passing folly with a serious aspect, why should the daughter of the richest merchant in Valparaiso fall prostrate at the mere mention of the name of a disreputable loafer like José the Winebag?

  13. Even crediting our poor fireman to the enemy's score, we have had the best of the first round.

  14. Some associations, instead of crediting all the profits made on this class of shares, allow a fixed rate of interest on the amount paid therefor at each dividend period, which is paid in cash to the holder thereof.

  15. There is no evidence, however, which would justify us in crediting such gatherings with any substantial degree of local authority.

  16. Hardly crediting his eyes, it appeared to be the armorial eagle of Poland, surmounted by its regal crown.

  17. While Thaddeus, scarcely crediting the information, was hastily opening the packet, hoping it might throw some light on his benefactor, the jailer civilly withdrew.

  18. The Vizier went up to him and set him on his feet; and he went out, running, not crediting that the sun had risen, and repaired to the Sultan, to whom he related what had befallen him with the Afrit.

  19. I kissed his hands, hardly crediting my escape; and recked little of the loss of my eye, in consideration of my deliverance from death.

  20. The king crediting the earle, was higlie offended against the citizens, and with all speed sending for earle Goodwine, declared vnto him in greeuous wise, the rebellious act of them of Canturburie, which were vnder his iurisdiction.

  21. I cried aghast, and scarce crediting that such was indeed the extreme measure upon which he had determined.

  22. It seems so, indeed," he answered with a cool effrontery past crediting in one who but a moment ago had looked so pitiful.

  23. The fraudulent practice of crediting Shakespeare with valueless plays from the pens of comparatively dull-witted contemporaries was in vogue among enterprising traders in literature both early and late in the seventeenth century.

  24. A great deal of offensive nonsense has been written by fashionable lady journalists, declaiming against the professional dealer and crediting him with every conceivable trick under the sun.

  25. The later and more corrected opinion may be arrived at quite judicially by crediting them with some of the artistic impulses he possessed.

  26. So they let me go, and I went forth hardly crediting my escape and returned to my own house, supported by two men.

  27. A thousand hopes and fears rushed confusedly on his mind, and he was as one bewildered by, and scarcely crediting what he saw.

  28. Almost stupified at what he saw, and scarcely crediting the evidence of his senses, the young officer glanced his eye hurriedly along one of the open letters that lay around.

  29. The ignorance of mediaevalism was in the habit of crediting Vergil with the construction of the Roman aqueducts and temples whose ruins are scattered over Europe.

  30. Poetry ought to be read slowly and carefully, and the reader ought to pay his author the compliment of crediting him with ideas as important and, on occasion, as abstruse as any in a work of philosophy or abstract science.

  31. They will not be "neighbours" to the pagan to the extent of crediting him with their own appreciation of magnanimity and human-kindness; they cannot even discuss his claim without seeking arrogantly to browbeat his favourers.

  32. Then they brought me out and I went my way, scarce crediting but that I was of the dead.

  33. So he arose in haste and went out, scarce crediting his deliverance.

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