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Example sentences for "attributing"

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attribuer; attributable; attribute; attributed; attributes; attribution; attributions; attributive; attrition; attulit
  1. The Apostles were deeply tinged with Joachitism, and the Spirituals endeavor to hide the fact by attributing their errors to Joachim's detested heretic imitator, the forgotten Amaury.

  2. This saying became a convenient formula with which the Church horrified the faithful by attributing it successively to those whom it desired to discredit.

  3. Attributing the illusion to a reconstruction of the sensory data upon an erroneous interpretation of the objective relations of the temporary plane of the landscape, Dr.

  4. We should probably be right in attributing to these characteristic differences a share in the production of the negative error of judgment which appears in judgments made in daylight.

  5. The question of the exploitation of gold in the Maroni was settled by attributing alternate reaches of the river to France and Holland; while France obtained the principal islands in the lower Maroni.

  6. In attributing this quality to the butterflies in question I am merely stating what is held by the supporters of the mimicry theory.

  7. Batesian mimics are such genera as Dismorphia and Protogonius, to which there are no reasons for attributing disagreeable properties.

  8. But he could not be wrong in attributing unconsciousness to her.

  9. You seem to me to be attributing moral responsibility to her.

  10. She was fond of warning Mrs. Travis against attributing to her the common prejudices of women.

  11. Smith, in the funeral sermon, reverted to his old tactics, attributing the Mormon losses to the Lord's anger against his people, because of their unbelief and their unwillingness to devote their worldly treasures to the church.

  12. In return came the kindest possible letters from him and from the Secretary of State; both of them attributing a value to my services much beyond anything I would dare claim.

  13. The word became a proper name only because of their attributing to this mythological being all the perfections of the art.

  14. They could not conceive God save by attributing to Him that which they looked upon as highest in man.

  15. And yet how can you reconcile this seemingly true belief that God is our guardian and we his possessions, with the willingness to die which we were just now attributing to the philosopher?

  16. He might have regarded us as fitted to minister to his service by a succession of existences,--like the animals, without attributing to each soul an incomparable value.

  17. Attributing to England the same desire and the same judgment on the probable issue of the war, the distinguished writer says the English Government simply waited events, “in a malevolent neutrality towards the North.

  18. Nor does wisdom give advantage, my good friend; for that again we have just now been attributing to another art.

  19. Another "awfully funny" custom is dictated by our canons of Politeness; but many superficial writers on Japan, have dismissed it by simply attributing it to the general topsy-turvyness of the nation.

  20. The British orator errs in attributing this remarkable verse to Claudian; and he errs also in the language of the verse itself, which he fails to quote with entire accuracy.

  21. For an instant, whilst Sidney was still speaking, she caught a gleam of hope in renunciation itself, the kind of strength which idealism is fond of attributing to noble natures.

  22. Now, whether the Portuguese historians are right in attributing meditated treachery to the Mahomedans, or the historians of the latter are right in attributing it to the Portuguese, matters little in face of what actually happened.

  23. But these are my own reflections and I am by no means sure that I am right in attributing them to him.

  24. There would however be a radical error in attributing this instantaneous transition of feeling in the philosopher, to any one of those causes which might naturally be supposed to have had an influence.

  25. And now you must allow me to repeat of the just the blessings which you were attributing to the fortunate unjust.

  26. Loving Homer as I do, I hardly like to say that in attributing these feelings to Achilles, or in believing that they are truly to him, he is guilty of downright impiety.

  27. His sister found fault with his attributing so many millions to the miser.

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