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Example sentences for "idealise"

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ide; idea; ideaed; ideal; idealisation; idealised; idealising; idealism; idealisms; idealist
  1. They idealise in their friends whatever they do not invent or ignore, and the friendship which should have lived on energies conspiring spontaneously together dies into conscious appreciation.

  2. In these the tendency to idealise the founder of the dynasty of Judah has worked creatively, and here we find rich materials for the history of the tradition, in the rude style in which alone it is possible as yet to construct that history.

  3. To know that, it is necessary not to idealise the medieval world, but merely to realise the modern world.

  4. Any suggestion that progress has at any time taken the wrong turning is always answered by the argument that men idealise the past, and make a myth of the Age of Gold.

  5. It is bound up with that quality of the civilisation in question, that it was potential rather than perfect; and there is no need to idealise it in order to regret it.

  6. There may be more of this in the place than pleases those who would idealise it.

  7. Fancy would fain idealise the choir of Roger, which has passed away, for the superstructure to such substantial and dignified masonry as still remains must have been solemn and imposing.

  8. That you have begun to idealise it, the very luxury of deep grief often vaguely hints, sometimes clearly shows.

  9. But a sorrow--when you use the word you have already begun to assimilate and idealise the fact that you {240} call a sorrow.

  10. Such ills we remove only in so far as we assimilate them, idealise them, take them up into the plan of our lives, give them meaning, set them in their place in the whole.

  11. Says he, 'How could ye expect me to idealise a man with a mouth like yon?

  12. It's a useful lesson to any one silly enough to idealise the man she is going to marry.

  13. They treat women rather well in his country--in fact, they seem to idealise them now and then.

  14. Not until we realise the failure of national coercive power for indispensable ends (like the food of our people) shall we cease to idealise power and to put our most intense political emotions (like those of patriotism) behind it.

  15. Not until we realise the failure of national coercive power for indispensable ends (like the food of our people) shall we cease to idealise power and to put our intensest political emotions, like those of patriotism, behind it.

  16. He would idealise her very years, contrast them with that vague suggestion of virginity that Broderick recalled, of deep untroubled tides.

  17. I may idealise her a bit, but I don't care.

  18. Remembering these facts, remembering also what we read about AEolian ladies who gained fame by poetry, there is every reason to understand how sculptors found it easy to idealise the female form.

  19. Both could not be wielded at once, but the incongruity helps to idealise the bold imagery and to emphasise the Divine completeness of protecting power.

  20. The woman who had begun to idealise Fritz and the woman who was desperately jealous of him both seemed to be quivering within her.

  21. She had begun to idealise Fritz, but how could she go on idealising him?

  22. When the persons are living, to ruffle and weary and contradict you, you only think what bores they are; but when they are dead you begin to idealise them, and sacrifice yourself to their manes in all kinds of self-censure.

  23. You will idealise her, which with you means that you will make her utterly artificial.

  24. I have known many African tribes between Dahomey and Zululand too well to idealise them into "the noble savage.

  25. The philanthropist will often idealise man in the abstract and hate his neighbour at the back door, but that was not Swift's way.

  26. But, as a civilian may idealise warfare and be well read in tactics, and yet be unequal to the emergency when war actually raises its grisly head, so it was with poor Miss Carew.

  27. If our dramatists must idealise at all in representing life, let them idealise upon the positive rather than upon the negative side.

  28. After generations were inclined to idealise these two reigns, especially the former, and to look upon them as a kind of golden age.

  29. A similar tendency to idealise the past is observable in nearly every nation which has entered upon a period of suffering or misfortune, as we can see from the legends about King Olaf and Frederick Barbarossa.

  30. He was very fond of some of his schoolfellows, but afraid of those whom he believed to be better than himself, and prone to idealise everyone into being his superior except those who were obviously a good deal beneath him.

  31. But the artists preferred to hold aloof from it, either because animals are hard to idealise in themselves, or because the received antique sculpture of animals was difficult to employ directly in pictures.

  32. Without striving to idealise his models, the sculptor has expressed in both the Christian conception of heroism, fearless in the face of danger, and sustained by faith.

  33. The vacancy of their expression proves the degradation of an art that had ceased to idealise anything beyond a faultless body.

  34. He was not careful to select his models, or to idealise their type.

  35. One of the reasons that Ghirlandajo is famous is that he often chose well known personages for his models, and as he painted just what he saw, did not idealise his subject, he gave to the world amazing portraits, as well as fine paintings.

  36. So to speak of him is perhaps to idealise him; but one can only idealise that which suggests the ideal, and at the least he had a more perfect participation in the ideal than falls to the general lot of humanity.

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