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Example sentences for "hazelnuts"

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  1. The hedges are full of wild roses and hazelnuts and there is a lovely lot of valaria on our wall.

  2. There's a jolly lot of honeysuckle and hazelnuts in these hedges later on.

  3. Soon all the hazelnuts were opened, and the little man grumbled again:-- "Hight!

  4. This lack of commercialization of hazelnuts should be recognized as due to the smallness of the nut and the thickness of its shell rather than to its lacking flavor.

  5. Wild hazelnuts at this time had dry husks and were falling off the bushes or being cut down by mice.

  6. At about that time I was drying some hazelnuts on a flat back porch floor and in sweeping them up found a lot of alive and dried up larvae which had escaped from the shells.

  7. Butternuts grow over an extended range which makes them the most northern of all our native wild nut trees, although their nuts do not mature as far north as hazelnuts do.

  8. Hazelnuts, besides their use for dessert purposes and in the preparation of various nut foods, are employed largely as a cheap substitute for almonds, and in years when the latter are scarce, hazelnuts are in especially good demand.

  9. NUTS Hazelnuts and Cobnuts or Filberts These nuts are collectively known in commerce as "small nuts.

  10. If growers would pay more attention to this point, Cyprus hazelnuts would, owing to their size, hold a much better place than they do in the English market.

  11. All of our different species of walnuts, the pecan and all hickory nuts, as well as hazelnuts and filberts, are borne terminally on shoots of the current season.

  12. Their performance has been somewhat better than has been that of the European filbert, especially as to hardiness, and these American hazelnuts have borne more satisfactory crops of nuts than have the European filberts.

  13. As a wild hazel is native of Virginia and as filberts have been profitably grown, especially in Oregon and Washington the question is often raised as to whether hazelnuts or filberts could not be grown commercially in Virginia.

  14. Crush three-quarters of a pound of the hazelnuts and one-quarter pound of almonds with two pounds of sugar.

  15. Serve with whipped cream with chopped hazelnuts in it.

  16. Roast some shelled hazelnuts in the oven, and as soon as brown rub them well on a coarse sieve to remove the skins.

  17. Interested nut growers are, therefore, urged to perpetuate the most promising hazelnuts of the wild by simple layerage.

  18. Among the hazel nuts the most beautiful of the entire series is the tree hazel that grows about as large as the smaller oaks, and that is said to bear twenty-five or thirty bushels of hazelnuts a year,--enormous crops.

  19. The hazelnuts grow to a height of from twenty to twenty-five feet and the elm comes down to about that height.

  20. The leaves look so much alike that I found myself looking for hazelnuts under an elm tree.

  21. Hazelnuts are there in infinite plenty, in all the swamps; and towards the heads of the rivers, whole acres of them are found upon the high land.

  22. Hazelnuts they will not meddle with, though they make a shift with acorns sometimes, and eat all the other fruits mentioned before, but they never eat any sort of herbs or leaves.

  23. It is his collection of hazelnuts which Mr. Reed spoke of as having found its way into Mr. Quarnburg's hands.

  24. Constantinople hazelnuts grew two feet from all terminal branches and not a bud winter-killed.

  25. I used to take a one-horse wagon into the woods on a Saturday and gather enough hazelnuts in the shucks to fill it; then we had hazelnuts all winter.

  26. Being born and brought up in Massachusetts, I naturally noticed this, as one of the pleasures of my boyhood days consisted in gathering chestnuts, hickory nuts, hazelnuts and beechnuts.

  27. One is at a disadvantage if there are wild hazelnuts in the neighborhood.

  28. My Winkler and Rush hazelnuts are crowded on the branches.

  29. Filberts and Hazelnuts I planted a number of Winkler hazels in the fall of 1940, and this is the second year of bearing.

  30. The canoe having been repaired, and a slender meal of squirrel broth and hazelnuts eaten, the three set out from the south shore of the little island.

  31. Nangotook put them into the bark pot with the squirrel, and added a handful of hazelnuts and some tubers he had dug, which he called "bear potatoes.

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