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Example sentences for "hazel"

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  1. Hazel now possessed the two bank-notes that could have been used in evidence against Lord Stranleigh, and he drew a sigh of satisfaction.

  2. Poole made an effort to fling his hand into the rest of the pack, but Hazel stopped him.

  3. John Hazel is aboard, and his cabin is No.

  4. John Hazel had been a member of some of the most exclusive clubs in London; but whether or not Nature had endowed him with a useful talent, he had become notorious as a reckless cardsharper, quite unscrupulous when it came to obtaining money.

  5. I beg your pardon," said Hazel in his suavest manner, "but I am trying to find three men as tired of this journey as I am.

  6. Then John Hazel I am, and so will remain.

  7. Hazel without reply walked back to the rail, leaned his arms on it, and fell into deep thought.

  8. His lordship proceeded leisurely to the upper deck once more, and found Hazel just as he had left him, except that he was now gazing at the fleeting shore, green and village-studded, of the Isle of Wight.

  9. Hazel took it from his pocket and handed it over.

  10. Hazel watched him like a beast of prey, conscious of every crooked move, yet he did not seem in the least to be looking.

  11. The steward disappeared, and shortly returned with the chief officer, to whom Hazel briefly and graphically related what had happened.

  12. Hazel ordered a new pack of cards from the smoke-room steward, broke the seal, and pulled off the wrapper.

  13. Hazel stopped, his eyes veiling over, as though he held a hand at poker that was unbeatable.

  14. The hazel woke her immediately and gave her more power, therefore the witch with her hazel wand, probably found herself superior to those around her.

  15. Mellow the blackbird sang and sharp the thrush Not far off in the oak and hazel brush, Unseen.

  16. Now the soil was bare as a bone, And black betwixt two meadows green, Though fresh-cut faggot ends Of hazel made some amends With a gleam as if flowers they had been.

  17. The road under the trees has a border new Of purple hue Inside the border of bright thin grass: For all that has Been left by November of leaves is torn From hazel and thorn And the greater trees.

  18. Why, as I stood there, I was tottering on my feet like an octogenarian, convulsively clutching two hazel staffs for support, and so irresolute that I could scarce form an idea of what my next move would be.

  19. Once I lost my balance and slipped down the slope; but I clutched the dried tufted grass with a frenzied hand, and crawled up on my knees to where my hazel had dropped.

  20. True, I had rested all the forenoon, and even now I was heavily supporting myself on two stout hazel staffs; yet never since my accident had I walked so far without fatigue, and I felt relieved and elated beyond words.

  21. He afterwards took a turn at a hazel that he thought would make a Joe Hume.

  22. He had sent the Illinois dramatist to the "Hazel Kirke" manager with positive instructions to insist upon reading the Chinese play to him.

  23. As a usual thing the plays offered were, he claimed, weak imitations of "Hazel Kirke" and kindred plays, or wretched translations from the German or French.

  24. Just try it once; and here, take this pass and go and see 'Hazel Kirke' to-night.

  25. Many readers will recollect the New York couple prosecuted by the Madison Square Theatre Company for selling copies of "Hazel Kirke" to companies that had no right to play the drama.

  26. Even the character of the vegetation had changed, and the dense forests of somber firs, spruces, and cedars of the lower river had given way to great cottonwoods and underbrush of hazel and alder.

  27. Where the hazel and bracken cease to grow, it is in vain to attempt growing corn.

  28. That similarity of condition in which the hazel and the harder cerealia thrive was noted by our north-country farmers of the old School, long ere it had been recorded by the botanist.

  29. Four other instances of such hazel rods, without accompanying shells, buried with ecclesiastics, had previously been observed in the same cathedral.

  30. A light-haired boy about five years old, and bearing a two-pronged twig of hazel in his hand, had also joined in the procession.

  31. You can make magic wands from hazel twigs.

  32. He laid them on a hazel leaf and offered them to Irma.

  33. She had a charming figure, brown hair, hazel eyes, and an expression at once kind, intelligent, and spirited.

  34. The mother and sister brought out the facts that Hazel had been giving an assumed name recently and lying about her age.

  35. The teachers used to tell the mother that Hazel seemed as if she couldn't pay attention to her school work.

  36. Our inquiry into beginnings brought to light the fact that Hazel while a school girl for long associated with this woman who taught her about sex immoralities.

  37. From the standpoint of general nervousness Hazel was said to be one of the calmest in the family, although she was accustomed to drink five or six cups of coffee a day.

  38. Hazel kept this association of several years' standing quite to herself.

  39. At 2 years of age Hazel was very ill with gastritis and what was said to be spinal meningitis.

  40. Hazel sketched to us a well-balanced story of her family life; one which it was impossible to break down.

  41. The mother remembers now how Hazel once stayed for hours after school and told a story in explanation that they felt sure was untrue.

  42. One teacher reported to us that she remembers Hazel as a girl who seemed peculiar and hysterical.

  43. The mother states that for years she has had to check Hazel because she recognized her remarkable tendencies in this direction.

  44. Pregnancy with Hazel was healthy, but the mother suffered a considerable shock when she stood on a passenger boat by the side of a man who jumped overboard and committed suicide.

  45. Hazel came of an intelligent family and we were able to get a good account of the family and developmental history.

  46. Perhaps you never heard of a blonde with hazel eyes and dark hair?

  47. She was a blonde, with hazel eyes and dark hair.

  48. When he got home he gave his step-daughters what they had asked for, and to Ashenputtel he gave the twig from the hazel bush.

  49. She had curly red hair and hazel eyes that were now buttoned up after the funny, wrinkled fashion in which Rilla always went to sleep.

  50. She wrapped up in cloaks, blankets and everything she could find to make herself look big and fierce, then went up and hid in the hazel brush, where she knew they would have to pass.

  51. We gathered hazel nuts and wild grapes, often scaring a deer from the underbrush.

  52. The poor brute, wet and shivering, coiled herself up at my feet, with her bright hazel eyes fixed on mine with ineffable satisfaction.

  53. You want six hazel sticks, all exactly alike, about 3 ft.

  54. He went aside then out of the road to find a hazel thicket, and by the special guidance of God found one with a may-tree beside it.

  55. Allan, perfect youth of the hazel eyes and tawny locks, bent upon inquiring Nancy a look of wholly pleasant reassurance, as one wishful to persuade her from doubt.

  56. The golden specks in his hazel eyes blazed with humility, and a flush of the same virtue mantled his perfect brow.

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