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Example sentences for "hazards"

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  1. Within an hour Stonor himself became the victim of one of the ordinary hazards of river-travel.

  2. He did consider leaving her behind on the chance of returning later, but he could not tell what hazards the day might have for him.

  3. Therefore, the arch-adventurer saw that at all hazards this new Procurator must not be allowed to remain in office, for already he had announced his intention to clear the Pravoslavny Church of its malign influences and filthy practices.

  4. Hindenburg has decided that at all hazards we must withdraw troops from your frontier, and send them to the west.

  5. There is no telling what boyish neophyte will show a steady hand in daring the supreme hazards with light heart, or what man whom his friends thought was born for aviation may lack the touch of genius.

  6. As for his own career, it was overcast by no such unlucky star, and he passed unscathed through all the hazards and vicissitudes that could be encountered in that rugged and heroic era of endeavor.

  7. My course lay hither to the great city; for are not my camels laden with silks and spices and costly jewels, such as rich Babylon must have at all hazards and at any cost?

  8. So she resolved that, at all hazards and all loss, the place must be carried by assault without delay.

  9. It is as important as it is trite to point out that the amount and the type of insurance should be governed by the kind of hazards against which you should provide.

  10. At all hazards and at all costs St. Aulaire must not know that he, Calvert, desired to prevent his going.

  11. At all hazards and at all costs St. Aulaire must not go to the Assembly on the next day.

  12. These conditions may be regarded as the inevitable hazards of a campaign.

  13. Mind you, I'm not anticipating any of this, not even saying it is a probability; but these or similar hazards may well attend this illconsidered venture.

  14. It was no light labor; the stalled streetcars and automobiles presented grave hazards to the unwary.

  15. On the Northern side in the early contests of the war there was the advantage of small bodies of regulars, trained to obey orders at all hazards and to stand firm in every moment of danger.

  16. At the South it gave birth to a new party ready to defend and perpetuate slavery at all hazards and at the cost of a dissolution of the Union if that should become necessary.

  17. A gentleman of your fair hopes and fortunes, blood and spirit, and other excellent parts, all cast upon untimely hazards by such an act (as indeed I know not how to name it).

  18. Have A Hazard Hunt Go on a Hazard Hunt to see how many electrical hazards you can find.

  19. What To Look For Make a complete tour of your home and other buildings and see how many hazards you can locate.

  20. Tell about the Hazards found, and what you have done or plan to do about them.

  21. Parents may want to team up against you and other younger members of your family to see which team can find the most electrical hazards in some set time--say 30 minutes.

  22. As the sluggish current was the only clue to lead them through this ambiguous tract of land and water, it was deemed indispensable to keep to the channel at all hazards as it meandered through the marshes.

  23. These words seem to be spoken, to shew us the hazards that Noah ran, while he preached the truth of God: He incurred the displeasure of the giants, which doubtless made all men tremble, and kept the whole world in awe.

  24. Blue Bolt policies give you complete protection against all hazards from this explosion.

  25. The Company owed it to its policyholders; by insuring them against the hazards of war under the Blue Bolt complex of plans, it had taken on the responsibility of preventing war when it could.

  26. I repeat, Blue Bolt policies give you complete protection against all hazards from this explosion.

  27. Or the device of one tired of the loneliness of living at the farm, and determined at all hazards to secure companionship?

  28. One must forth to see the world," said he; and he went on to speak in a gay and reckless fashion of the life that lay before him, and of its possible adventures and hazards and prizes.

  29. The King had pledged his word to the Czar to make war; if, therefore, he now made peace and sent the Russians back, he would once more stand condemned of preferring dishonourable ease to the noble hazards of an affair of honour.

  30. Napoleon repulsed the offer with disdain: rather than that, he would once more try the hazards of war.

  31. The older one now explained that he must at all hazards reach MatarĂ¡ by nightfall, but he would be glad to leave his son to help us.

  32. Furthermore, it led to a determination to complete at all hazards the original plans.

  33. You cannot but have heard of the Waltham Blacks, as they are called, a set of whimsical merry fellows, that are so mad to run the greatest hazards for the sake of a haunch of venison, and passing a jolly evening together.

  34. Roswell was quite ready to sail, and he began to chafe a little under the extra hazards that were thus imposed on himself and his people.

  35. But no hazards dissuaded the wife from her purpose.

  36. The RDD can cause significant damage and present health hazards to fighting forces by exposing them to radiation without the thermal and full blast effects of nuclear weapons.

  37. The actual areas presenting chemical agent hazards to personnel are relatively small and localized when compared to the entire brigade sector.

  38. Reporting Nuclear Detonations Biological and Chemical Attacks and Predicting and Warning of Associated Hazards and Hazard Areas.

  39. Setting up hospitals in existing structures (concrete or steel buildings) provides greater protection from hazards and eliminates many decontamination problems.

  40. Emergency Warning Signals and Alarms for NBCD Hazards or Attacks (NBC and Air Attacks Only).

  41. All vapor hazards must be eliminated before the patient is moved into the CPS.

  42. The vapor hazards associated with contaminated patients may require HSS personnel to remain at MOPP Level 4 for long periods.

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