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Example sentences for "hazarded"

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haythins; haywire; haz; hazard; hazarde; hazarding; hazardous; hazards; haze; hazed
  1. So that, upon one occasion, when he was exhibiting to us a landscape he had just completed, I hazarded the critical question, why he painted his trees so blue?

  2. He was silent again, and then hazarded a remark about Robert Louis Stevenson.

  3. There was a little circlet of flowers in front of him, and for the sake of conversation he hazarded a remark about it.

  4. In both these passages the ingenious Commentator seems, from the mere influence of the context, to approach to the interpretation that I have hazarded of this passage, avowedly one of the most obscure parts of the Epistle.

  5. It is evident that these disagreeing dates are all hazarded conjectures.

  6. Had he hazarded so much as the general expression of signs and wonders--well, and what were these signs and wonders?

  7. One of the guests hazarded the opinion that he had died in the year 1330.

  8. I think I know," I hazarded meditatively.

  9. I would try the experiment once more--hazarded under circumstances so different that it made me tremulous but to think of the vast abyss between my now and then--and essay to magnetize Mrs. Clayton.

  10. Yet I hazarded nothing of the sort when the quick ear of Mrs. Clayton held watch in the adjoining room.

  11. A very pretty girl," he hazarded as a leader, now that the subject was broached.

  12. Such a man would be hard to make suffer," hazarded Keith.

  13. The whole generally turns on a declaration of love, and all sorts of clandestine means are tried to elicit it, or every kind of slight allusion is hazarded to hasten it.

  14. Footnote: Were this book destined immediately for an English public, I should not have hazarded an opinion like this at variance with that which is generally received, without supporting it by proofs.

  15. They heard with a smile of incredulity and contempt any who hazarded a word on the danger, or who even mentioned the plague.

  16. It is true, that the inhabitants of America have hazarded their lives and fortunes to establish a free and efficient government; but will Vox Populi, that moon-light prophet, pretend to say that such a government is at present established?

  17. They are men of resolution as well as patience, and will I presume be no longer deluded by British emissaries, and those men who think their own offices will be hazarded by any change in the constitution.

  18. Perhaps the Vicomte might have met the messenger in the grounds," hazarded Honora.

  19. Probably because he is holding nothing but full hands and flushes," hazarded Mr. Brent.

  20. The Boy hazarded another remark--an opinion that she was making uncommon good time for a woman.

  21. But he had given a solemn pledge to the King; he had been given the command of the army on the strength of that pledge; and in carrying it over to the enemy of the King, he compromised the honour and hazarded the life of every man among them.

  22. Colville was intimately acquainted with his cousin's affairs; many hazarded an opinion that, without the help of Madame St. Pierre Lawrence, this rolling stone would have been bare enough.

  23. Yet the opinion may be hazarded that the cultivation of Italian as a literary language was due in no small measure to the forethought and deliberate intention of an Emperor, who preferred his southern to his northern provinces.

  24. More than one conjecture has been hazarded as to the passage to which Johnson referred.

  25. None has hazarded such an assertion; none who has a regard for his reputation will hazard it.

  26. But the scene amidst which we stand does not permit us to confine our thoughts or our sympathies to those fearless spirits who hazarded or lost their lives on this consecrated spot.

  27. The Union itself is too full of benefit to be hazarded in propositions for changing its original basis.

  28. I gave encouragement to my emirs and to my soldiers, and with money and with jewels I made them glad of heart; and I permitted them to come into the banquet; and in the field of blood they hazarded their lives.

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