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Example sentences for "dislocation"

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  1. In dislocation of the lens into the anterior chamber as the result of a blow, the lens appears like a large drop of oil lying at the back of the cornea, the margin exhibiting a brilliant yellow reflex.

  2. The economical phase in its first stages was concentrated on war savings for the purpose of war loans and in anticipation, by the provision of "nest eggs," of the dislocation that might occur at the end of the war.

  3. Then came the deformation of the baselevelled plain, the relatively recent elevation and gentle tilting that have permitted the streams to carve it into a pastplain; and with this, the dislocation along the fall-line.

  4. The persistence of the Millstone against such a dislocation seems to require that we should postulate a slower and smaller movement here than that which deflected the Delaware.

  5. Slight quakes are still felt in this region from time to time, showing that the strains to which the dislocation was due have not yet been fully relieved.

  6. In 1872 a slip occurred for forty miles on the great line of dislocation which runs along the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  7. The faulted region may be old enough to have been baseleveled, or the rocks on both sides of the line of dislocation may be alike in their resistance to erosion and therefore have been worn down to a common slope.

  8. Lowlands on the south with a bold front of rugged hills along a line of dislocation which runs across the country from sea to sea.

  9. When did the dislocation occur compared with the folding of the strata?

  10. There was the disintegration of the sustaining system--a dislocation of transportation, a disorganization of business while the wheels of industry ceased in their turning.

  11. There was the dislocation of transportation, the disorganization of business, and the problem of unemployment aggravated because not only was the work gone, but also with it the will to work.

  12. Byron Deacon "is to assist families to recover from the dislocation induced by the disaster, and to regain their accustomed social and economic status.

  13. The banking district held together, and the dislocation of business machinery was less protracted on that account.

  14. Of vulgar physical fear, I need hardly tell you, I was incapable; but I trembled before a dislocation of my thought.

  15. He also remarks, that the anticlinal lines are occasionally oblique and cross each other, in which case the greatest dislocation of the beds takes place.

  16. The secondary strata, at some distance from the granite, are but slightly disturbed, but in proportion to their proximity the amount of dislocation becomes greater.

  17. It is moreover acknowledged that even those mineral and thermal springs which, in the present state of the globe, are far from volcanos, are nevertheless observed to burst out along great lines of upheaval and dislocation of rocks.

  18. III This temporary dislocation is no new phenomenon.

  19. Hundreds of thousands would die through the dislocation of existing arrangements.

  20. They are suffering from the endemic disease of their planet, prolonged and inveterate gaping or yawning, which has ended in dislocation of the lower jaw.

  21. The question is not unlike that which arises in certain cases of dislocation of the bones of the neck.

  22. Oddly enough, the Europeans looked upon the United States as a doomed country, thinking I, like some members of our wealthier classes, had come to escape disruption and dislocation at home.

  23. Dislocation A dislocation of the finger or toe can generally be reduced by pulling strongly and at the same time pressing where the dislocation is.

  24. This Code, ostensibly framed to extirpate Catholicism, was primarily designed to confirm and perpetuate the gigantic dislocation of property caused by the transference of Irish and Anglo-Irish land into English and Scotch ownership.

  25. No court has ever yet adequately solved these differentials and some dislocation of industry results.

  26. So far as I can see today, there is no reason why it will not run the same course as in Australia, where the amount of strikes and dislocation was ultimately as great under these laws as in countries without them.

  27. But change involved dislocation here and there, and this dislocation was apparent in the general confusion that reigned in the affairs of the world.

  28. A method of rendering women sterile without castration (removal of the ovaries) consists in interrupting the communication between the ovaries and the womb by dislocation of the Fallopian tubes: this avoids all the evil effects of castration.

  29. It would be a great advance if civil legislation would in such cases accord official recognition to castration or dislocation of the tubes, with the consent of the criminal or patient concerned.

  30. The United States has sought to use its pre-eminent position of power to help other nations recover from the damage and dislocation of the war.

  31. We will not solve it at home unless we help to remedy the profound economic dislocation abroad.

  32. This production of ours in the United States must be raised far above present levels, even though it will mean the dislocation of the lives and occupations of millions of our own people.

  33. Cauteries of nail shape are also referred to by Hippocrates in the treatment of recurrent dislocation of the shoulder: 'Raise up the skin.

  34. What Galen means by [Greek: promekes] when applied to an instrument he has himself explained in a note on the chapter by Hippocrates on the treatment of dislocation of the shoulder.

  35. One dislocation must have been compensated by another.

  36. The dislocation of the sentence is inexplicable.

  37. A dislocation is not serious if promptly attended to.

  38. He had not spent all his life in company with doctors without learning something of their trade, and after a brief examination he announced to Bonny that there were no broken bones, but merely a dislocation of the ankle-joint.

  39. An unlucky dislocation of my right wrist, has disabled me from using that hand, three months.

  40. In a former letter, I mentioned to you the dislocation of my wrist.

  41. A dislocation of my right wrist, which happened to me about a month after the date of my last letter to you, has disabled me from writing three months.

  42. SIR,--A dislocation of my right wrist has for upwards of three months prevented my writing to you.

  43. DEAR SIR,--A dislocation of my right wrist has for three months past, disabled me from writing except with my left hand, which was too slow and awkward to be employed often.

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