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Example sentences for "dislodge"

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  1. Gustavus did not long sustain the cannonade of the enemy before he gave the order to charge toward the highway and dislodge the musketeers who occupied the ditches on the side of it.

  2. Stuart, who commanded in person, saw clearly that the quickest and almost only way to dislodge us was by charging upon us, and, consequently ordering the charge, he came with a whole brigade amid deafening yells.

  3. For some time the enemy baffled all our efforts to dislodge him from his strong position, and our men began to look wishfully for the flankers, when lo!

  4. Ewell also carried some of the strong positions which he assailed; and the result was such as to lead to the belief that he would ultimately be able to dislodge the enemy.

  5. They took the defensive, and chose a position from which it would be almost impossible to dislodge them.

  6. Lieutenant Davidson was not long after this sent with a force of sixty United States Dragoons, to attack and dislodge an encampment in the mountains.

  7. Imagining at first they were those of a policeman coming to dislodge the tramp from his lurking-place, he prepared to get up and move on.

  8. At length Atherton saw a tall figure, bareheaded and black with smoke, spring upon a gun-carriage, and with the butt end of a carbine fell two or three of the enemy who scrambled up to dislodge him.

  9. Do not blow the nose, as this will dislodge any clot which may have formed, and the bleeding will begin again.

  10. If the object is lodged under the lid, and the foregoing efforts do not dislodge it, proceed to turn the lid up as follows: Ask the patient to look at the floor, keeping the eyeball as stationary as possible.

  11. If you are still unable to dislodge the body, discontinue any further efforts, apply a cloth wet in cold boric acid solution and send for the doctor.

  12. Smuts was engaged on the following day, but he and his gang fled to the hills, whence it was impossible to dislodge them.

  13. Philip perceived these difficulties, and after consultation with his friends decided that the matter of most urgent necessity was to dislodge the division of Lycurgus, first of all, from the position near the Menelaïum.

  14. Each of these vessels were full of men armed with bows and slings and javelins, with which to dislodge those who fought on the battlements.

  15. Sam had placed his followers with care, and try their best the Army of Red could not dislodge them.

  16. It was decided that the Army of Blue was to take a position in the woods, and that the Army of Red was to try to dislodge them and force them to retreat.

  17. So far as we know, Canute made no effort to dislodge Magnus.

  18. Less than twenty years earlier he had been a landless pirate striving to dislodge an ancient and honoured dynasty; now he was the lord of four important realms and the overlord of other kingdoms.

  19. Eadric had long been a power in parts of Mercia; any attempt to dislodge him at so early a moment would have been exceedingly impolitic.

  20. As there was no one in Norway around whom the dissatisfied elements could rally, all attempts to dislodge the new King were given up for the time.

  21. In both instances legitimate claimants aimed to dislodge a usurper.

  22. In the ensuing month, Henry, in a measure, balanced this serious loss by taking La Fere, and by driving the Archduke across the frontier; but he was quite unable to dislodge the Spanish garrisons from Calais or from Doullens.

  23. He had hoped to dislodge the enemy from their strong position by means of his artillery, which had been brought to a condition of high efficiency under the Duke of Ferrara.

  24. The attempt of the Duke of Mayenne to dislodge him was foiled at the battle of Arques (September 21).

  25. I stand on solid earth, not empty air: Dislodge me, let your Pope's crook hale me hence!

  26. And while his cough, like a droughty piston, Tried to dislodge the husk that grew to him, I seized the occasion of bidding adieu to him, The vesture still within my hand.

  27. A council of war was now held, and it was resolved to summon the fugitive to surrender ; when, if he refused to comply, means must be taken to dislodge him.

  28. Your grace," she added, turning to the Duke of Norfolk, "shall march instantly against him with a sufficient force to dislodge him from his hold.

  29. They shewed their sense in not holding out there, as it would not have taken us long to dislodge them.

  30. If her armies be literally whipped she'll have to submit to the Allies' terms, which will dislodge her from overlordship over these new unwilling subjects--and she can be dislodged in no other way.

  31. Yet it was evident that if the armies of the Allies were to secure any lasting benefit from the battles of the Marne, they must dislodge the invading hosts from their new vantage ground.

  32. When the troops advanced, it immediately became apparent that the strength of the Turks had been underestimated and that Lieutenant Colonel Frazer's force was much too small to dislodge them.

  33. No strong effort had been made to dislodge them, for the forward movement of the Allies had been directed against the fortified heights of the Aisne, facing the Soissons-Craonne defense.

  34. The next day the Germans counterattacked, but failed to dislodge the French.

  35. Nevertheless a hot fire of arquebuses forced them to dislodge and abandon their galleries, in consequence of the cavalier which uncovered them, they not venturing to show themselves, but fighting under shelter.

  36. It is difficult to dislodge these enemies of health even by free ventilation.

  37. The object is to dislodge and expel any mucus or foreign matter that is irritating the air passages.

  38. And then ensued the hurried movement in Boston, and soon the troops of Britain embarked in the attempt to dislodge the Colonists.

  39. I could find no belts, and returned again toward E deck and saw a stewardess struggling to dislodge a belt.

  40. Desperate bayonet fighting ensued in the streets, each of which had to be cleared separately to dislodge the Russians--the civilians meanwhile looking out of their windows watching the animated scenes below.

  41. The French held their position on the height notwithstanding the violent efforts to dislodge them.

  42. The main Austrian anxiety for the moment was the precarious position of Przemysl, to relieve which it was first essential to dislodge Brussilov or to pierce his line.

  43. During February and March, 1915, the Austrians attempted to dislodge the enemy, but without success.

  44. The bombardment was renewed on June 1; on that day the German infantry tried to dislodge the Dragoons, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

  45. In connexion with Walpole the force of wealth and station established the Whig aristocracy in a point of vantage from which it was afterwards difficult to dislodge them.

  46. The Americans under Stirling attempted to dislodge Musgrave, thus losing time and alarming part of Sullivan's advance who had pushed farther forward in the fog.

  47. Brigands had nested beside his church, and in seeking to dislodge them he had set fire to his own sanctuary, for which act he was rebuked by Leo IX at the Council of Rheims in 1049.

  48. It is told how an archer shattered Our Lady's image, but when he attempted to dislodge that of God the Father, on the pignon, it fell and killed him.

  49. While the Spaniards were unable to dislodge us, they succeeded in forcing our artillery back, which had taken a position that subjected it to a withering infantry fire.

  50. None could approach within range of the muskets pointed from the loopholes at the entrance without being immediately shot down; nor could either fire or smoke suffocate or dislodge the inmates, as the caves have many openings.

  51. The Count d'Armagnac sent troops to dislodge him, but failed.

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