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Example sentences for "courtesies"

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  1. There are besides gracious courtesies to be observed on certain occasions.

  2. After exchanging a few courtesies about who was to carry out the next tasks - the gentlemen did not seem to have been allocated specific functions - one of them went to K.

  3. The repulsive courtesies began once again, one of them passed the knife over K.

  4. You accept a chair, you pass the courtesies of the day, the gentleman who serves you, often with cigar in mouth, is seldom sure as to just what goods he has on hand, and is still more rarely dogmatic as to their price.

  5. But their high spirits never make them unmindful of those courtesies of life in which they have been so carefully trained.

  6. So, happy at heart and light of foot, I danced with the rest, my pink and white gown ballooning about me in the courtesies with as much rustle and glow of color as though it had been silk.

  7. Nor did the exchange of courtesies end here.

  8. He ascribed the little success that had attended the Roman Catholic arms in the last struggle to the half-way measures adopted and the attempt to exercise the courtesies of peace in time of war.

  9. She will be unable to refuse you the courtesies due any indifferent acquaintance.

  10. The small courtesies you deemed it necessary to show Madame de ---- are proofs of it.

  11. It is not probable that he had much personal liking for the guest upon whom his father heaped courtesies and solicitous care.

  12. A truck was waiting for us on a tramway; and we scrambled on shore on a bed of rich black mud, to be received, of course, in true West Indian fashion, with all sorts of courtesies and kindnesses.

  13. He asks me to extend any possible courtesies to Mr. and Miss Hodges, for whom he vouches cordially.

  14. Jacob Farnum would have tried to decline, pleasantly, fearing the acceptance of the use of the automobile might seem to bind him to extend courtesies on one of his boats.

  15. Shall I bend low and say, 'Fair sir, you spit upon me on Wednesday last; another time you called me dog, and for these courtesies I am to lend you moneys.

  16. But valor is melted into courtesies and compliments.

  17. Certes," said Sir Anthony Woodville, "it grieveth the pride of an English knight that we should be beholden for courtesies to the born foe of England, which I take the Frenchman naturally to be.

  18. But the very moment that Warwick is negotiating with Louis of France, this interchange of courtesies with Louis's deadly foe, the Count of Charolois, is out of season.

  19. Now, we have Edward's own authority for stating that his first grudge against Warwick originated in this displeasing intimacy, but the English king was too clear-sighted to interpret such courtesies into the gloss given them by Rivers.

  20. The usual courtesies being exchanged, the conversation proceeded on ordinary topics for a few moments, when Mr. Johnson asked Mr. Hamlin if he had any liquor in his room, stating that he was sick and nervous.

  21. The Diplomatic Corps, doubtless remembering the courtesies which they received from Mr. Blaine when Secretary of State, was out in full force.

  22. In the evening the Ancient and Honorable Artillery attended a special reception at the White House, reciprocatory of courtesies extended by the corps to President Arthur, one of its honorary members.

  23. Just prior to the final adjournment of the House, the newspaper correspondents, who had received many courtesies from Mr. Speaker Banks, united in writing him a letter of thanks.

  24. If vessels of war even, they would by this conduct have justly forfeited all courtesies in ports of neutral nations.

  25. For courtesies constantly extended, and for most intelligent and discriminating aid of various kinds, the sincerest acknowledgments are made to Mr. Ainsworth R.

  26. Chivalry borrowed many of its courtesies from the East.

  27. Only after this introduction do we broach the subject uppermost in our minds, and throughout the conversation polite courtesies are exchanged whenever the opportunity arises.

  28. Like the common courtesies and civilities of life they pave the way for the speakers, especially if they are strangers; they improve their tempers, and place them generally on terms of mutual understanding.

  29. In truth, he harbored a suspicion that military men were a little too free with their courtesies to other men's wives, and that it was just as well to keep a jealous eye upon them.

  30. Could he have been light in hand, could he have talked to her about ordinary subjects, could he have behaved towards her with any even of the light courtesies of the every-day lover, she would have been better able to fight her battle.

  31. There was little spoil to take, for the sheep and women had been prudently sent away to the north; but all the usual courtesies of war went by the board that day.

  32. Grass soon grows over blood that has been shed in fair fight"; and if these courtesies were more often reciprocated by the Moslems we might entertain some hope of eventual peace in Kurdistan.

  33. The courtesies of the gallant general were rather disdainfully repelled.

  34. And, good Segasto, these great courtesies Shall not be forgot.

  35. Without further courtesies they parted; and the deposed squire locked the room-door, lifted the various documents, and read them with every sense he had.

  36. Yet these earlier courtesies are formal; they are cordial to older acquaintances; and, like the Briton, they are reserved in their intimacies, and rather inclined to resent a too rapid advance.

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