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  1. Courthouse my eye and your pockets hanging down with gold and silver.

  2. So we went around by the Linenhall barracks and the back of the courthouse talking of one thing or another.

  3. It was when Zora, crowding into the village courthouse to see if she could not help Aunt Rachel's accused boy, found herself beside a gaunt, overworked white woman.

  4. Down the courthouse steps the sheriff, with Winchester on shoulder, was bringing the last prisoner--a curly-headed boy with golden face and big brown frightened eyes.

  5. It was well after ten o'clock when they reached the courthouse and they went directly to the supervisors' rooms where a clerk asked them to wait.

  6. Also, if you had a column of news each week from the courthouse it would help your paper.

  7. I heard some talk in the courthouse that Atwell had been boasting he'd get even with us and I'm not going to take any chances with the records.

  8. They want courthouse news and can't get it in the Herald.

  9. Been up to the courthouse and roped in three of the county officials.

  10. Being a county town, it had a courthouse in a yard near the center of the town, and a big summer hotel.

  11. As the defendant's counsel went down the courthouse steps Rawlins came up to him to take note of his demeanour and anything else that might be going.

  12. As the Express put it, there was as little standing room for ladies and gentlemen in the courthouse the first day of the Spring Assizes as there was for horses in the Court House Square.

  13. I may shortly say that it was justified; another day's attendance at the Elgin Courthouse shall not be compulsory here, whatever it may have been there.

  14. If old Cappeze dragged him to the courthouse now, he would be delivered over to Spurrier, waiting there to identify him, as a fox in a trap is delivered to the skinning knife.

  15. In this courthouse my partner fought for a recognition of justice and at its door he paid the penalty with his life.

  16. He was just in time to see Carrington tumble out through the door of the courthouse and land heavily on the sidewalk in front of the building.

  17. When Taylor dismounted in front of the courthouse there were several men grouped on the sidewalk near the door.

  18. Carrington had planned to begin his campaign differently, to insinuate himself into the political life of Dawes; and he had gone to the courthouse intending to keep in the background, but Taylor had forced him into the open.

  19. The fight at the courthouse had aroused the big man to the point of volcanic action.

  20. Taylor's first quick glance about the interior of the courthouse showed him Carrington.

  21. Since he had talked with Neil Norton about the ankle directly after the fight with Carrington in front of the courthouse he had tried in vain to remember which ankle he had bandaged for Miss Harlan's benefit.

  22. At about the time Miss Harlan and Taylor were sitting on the rock on the bank of the river near the Arrow, Carrington was in the courthouse at Dawes, leaning over Judge Littlefield's desk.

  23. He was a lawyer, and the sign he had erected over the front of the frame building adjoining the courthouse was as magnificent as Danforth was eloquent.

  24. There was still no rancor in Taylor's heart; the same savage humor which had driven him into the courthouse to acquaint Carrington and the others with his knowledge of their designs, still gripped him.

  25. He was a member of the board and one of the leading factors in the building of the new one hundred thousand dollar courthouse of Umatilla county.

  26. He was elected to the board of county commissioners as an advocate of the project of building a new courthouse and was elected on that issue.

  27. Prior to that I was chief deputy constable since 1924, prior to that I was in the courthouse as a court clerk and prior to that I was elevator operator in the courthouse.

  28. I went by the courthouse there and there were several officers standing there, and I asked if they needed any help.

  29. Chief Lunday told me they had officers down at the courthouse across from the jail entrance.

  30. The Hollmans saw them detraining, from their lookout in the courthouse cupola, and, realizing that the end had come, resolved upon a desperate sortie.

  31. A single horse incautiously hitched at the side of the courthouse switched its tail against the assaults of the flies.

  32. Demand surrender once more--then take the courthouse and jail," was the short reply.

  33. The motor bus takes you to the door of Caliph's chief hotel, which faces that same courthouse square.

  34. They noted and held in sight for a day the Courthouse Rock, the Chimney Rock, long known to the fur traders, and opened up wide vistas of desert architecture new to their experiences.

  35. Tall, sinewy, well clad for the place and day, even more foppish than Banion in boot and glove, he would have passed well among the damsels of any courthouse day.

  36. A Unitarian clergyman was to preach in the courthouse in the afternoon: a rare event, I imagine; for we heard afterward that one of the professor's ladies could not sleep the night before from the idea of a Unitarian being so near.

  37. The view of Albany rising from the river side, with its brown stone courthouse and white marble capitol, is fine; but it wants the relief of more trees within itself, or of a rural background.

  38. You say you turned and were starting back to the courthouse--what courthouse and what is the location of that courthouse?

  39. So I photographed the President coming in front of the courthouse and making the turn onto Houston Street.

  40. We watched the President pass and we turned and started back to the courthouse when we heard the shots.

  41. The courthouse was a two-storied structure, with the cupola as indispensable to the old-time Kansas courthouse as a steeple to a church.

  42. There was not a shrub in the courthouse square, not the dead and stricken trunk of a tree standing monument of any attempt to mitigate the curse of sun.

  43. Dust and smoke flew so thick around him that the courthouse not three rods away, was visible only by dim glimpses; the houses around the square he could not see at all.

  44. It seemed that this shower of fire must overwhelm them very soon, and engulf the rest of the business houses, making a clean sweep of everything but the courthouse and the bank.

  45. Morgan herded them into the public square beyond the line of hitching racks which stood like a skeleton fence between courthouse and business buildings.

  46. For prosperity went with the courthouse in those days, and dignity, and consequence among the peoples of the earth.

  47. How many were circling him as he stood in the center of the square, or as close to the center as he could draw, near the courthouse steps, Morgan did not know.

  48. Rhetta Thayer, leaving the Headlight office at nine o'clock, saw two men come down the courthouse steps, shadowy and indistinct in the dusk of starlight and early night.

  49. I've been lookin' to see them light on the courthouse tower.

  50. Across the square they came running, on the courthouse steps they stood.

  51. The wind began to freshen from the track of the rain, the pigeons came out of the courthouse tower for a look around, light broke through the thinning clouds.

  52. As he tramped around the square, he watched the light in the courthouse window, thinking of the account on his own books against the old-faced young man who labored there alone to hide his peculations for a little while longer.

  53. Nevertheless he always came up to the courthouse yard every morning to read his paper, and occasionally to let his voice be heard.

  54. The Judge sat back in his large arm-chair and waited benignantly with his gaze resting placidly in front of him, while a deathly silence fell on the crowd and every eye in the courthouse was turned on the Sheriff.

  55. A courthouse and Catholic chapel constitute the public buildings.

  56. It is the seat of justice for Clinton county, and can boast a wooden courthouse in "ruinous perfection.

  57. The public buildings are a courthouse and jail of brick, neither of them worthy of farther mention, and two plain, towerless churches, imbosomed in a grove somewhat in the suburbs of the village.

  58. It is the shire town of a county of the same name; has a handsome courthouse of freestone; the neighbouring regions are fertile, and beds of bituminous coal are found in the vicinity.

  59. The public buildings of Belleville are a handsome courthouse of brick, a wretched old jail of the same material, a public hall belonging to a library company, and a small framed Methodist house of worship.

  60. The courthouse is a handsome edifice of brick, two stories, with a neat spire.

  61. From where Franklin sat he could see the green grass just starting, over in the courthouse yard.

  62. There was a courthouse of many rooms; for Ellisville had stolen the county records from Strong City, and had held them through Armageddon.

  63. It is large as a Courthouse of one of your usual Towns, and might seem absurd in this country did it not suggest a former civilization instead of one yet to come.

  64. In Williamsburg the citizens and as many of the Burgesses as had remained in town, assembled at the courthouse and moved in solemn procession to the church to listen to a sermon by the chaplain of the House.

  65. After he had shown his commission, he and the Councillors went to the courthouse where it was read to the people assembled there.

  66. When the brigantine Mary and Jane arrived in Norfolk with nine chests of tea, a crowded meeting at the courthouse demanded that they be sent back.

  67. At their call the people crowded into the courthouse to protest.

  68. In Charles City County a petition was posted on the courthouse door demanding a new election on the grounds that there had been illegal voting.

  69. The courthouse and city hall and the new Northwestern Railway Station are among the city's finest buildings.

  70. Our farm is a mile away from Union Grove," he said, "and I have been over to Sussex Courthouse to buy some things for my mother.

  71. On reaching Marion Courthouse they sought out the sheriff, produced the warrant signed by the State authority, and explained the whole circumstances.

  72. Around the courthouse and back to the jail," Madden exclaimed to those with him.

  73. In the winter, at the close of the old or the beginning of the new year, negro slaves were regularly hired out on this day for the ensuing twelvemonth, and sometimes put upon the block before the Courthouse door and sold for life.

  74. Courthouse Rock, a huge mass of sand and clay, near Pumpkin Creek, in Cheyenne County, Neb.

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