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Example sentences for "bemoaning"

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bema; bemes; bemired; bemoan; bemoaned; bemoans; bemuddled; bemused; ben; bena
  1. But soon I said to myself, "The Hope I am bemoaning suffered and made me suffer much: it did not die till it was full time: following an agony so lingering, death ought to be welcome.

  2. It is true I little respect women or girls who are loquacious either in boasting the triumphs, or bemoaning the mortifications, of feelings.

  3. And went a league bemoaning himself that he was not convent-bred like his servant.

  4. Oh, I suppose the whole city will be bemoaning my tragic fate.

  5. Perceval drew himself up when he heard the damsel bemoaning thus.

  6. I accompanied him to my landlady's, where I found the bridegroom in a paroxysm of mingled grief and rage, congratulating himself on his escape, and bemoaning his unhappy disappointment, by turns.

  7. I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself;--therefore my bowels are troubled for him: I will surely have mercy upon him, saith the Lord.

  8. So they hearkened, and I went on bemoaning the hardness of my heart.

  9. I was dreaming that I sat all alone in a solitary place, and was bemoaning of the hardness of my heart.

  10. This practical experiment seemed attended with consequences which the creature had not expected, for it howled with pain, shaking the burnt hand, and chattering as if bemoaning itself.

  11. As Scar-face sat despondent on the bank bemoaning his case two beautiful swans advanced from the water, and, requesting him to sit on their backs, bore him across in safety.

  12. Because the brave was young and very handsome the old woman took pity on him, bemoaning the fate that would surely befall him unless he could escape from the wiles of the snake-man.

  13. All that day he sat by the water bemoaning his ill-luck and praying for better fortune.

  14. And all the while poor Teresa Panza was receiving her husband's instructions as to herself and her two children, she was bemoaning and struggling against their fate in her heart; and at last she burst into bitter tears.

  15. While she was bemoaning her evil fate, and praying to God in the woods, she had cut her feet on the stones; and she was bathing them in the brook when she encountered the present gathering.

  16. But while Don Quixote was contemplating thus, the bachelor-knight kept bemoaning the fate he had brought upon himself.

  17. Though you have no heart to give them anything at their first asking, yet if they follow you, bemoaning themselves, and will take no nay without an alms, you will give them; for their continual begging overcometh you.

  18. Anguish will make one cry alone, cry to one's self; and this is called a bemoaning of one's self.

  19. This is a self-bemoaning, a bemoaning themselves in secret and retired places.

  20. When Tolstoy wrote of the death of Levin's brother in Anna Karenina or Ivan Ilyitch, he was actually bemoaning his own brother, whose death made a lasting impression upon him.

  21. The authors of the greatest English elegies philosophized while bemoaning their loss.

  22. Why do I see thee bemoaning the house in this wise?

  23. One thing I heard over and over again, and that was the people bemoaning their fate at having to leave their comfortable houses just as everything had been made homely and nice, to be pillaged and burned by the Indians.

  24. I was a-dreamed that I sat all alone in a solitary place, and was bemoaning of the hardness of my heart.

  25. Greene, representing himself as Roberto after his mistress had deserted him, describes himself as sitting under a hedge as an outcast and bemoaning his fate.

  26. As I returned dejectedly to my inn, I heard a lamentable voice, evidently English, bemoaning in doubtful French.

  27. It was impossible for me to remain on the cliffs, bemoaning my unhappy fate.

  28. And I sit here bemoaning my suffering," she cried passionately, "when such a blow is impending for my darling.

  29. But penitence must not stop with hating and bemoaning sin, and longing for deliverance.

  30. Well, I dreamed that I was in a solitary place and all alone, and was there bemoaning the hardness of my heart, when methought I saw one coming with wings towards me.

  31. If it hears its elders cursing and bemoaning a rainy day the child's plastic mind is quick to receive the impression that a rainy day is a disaster.

  32. Preparation Every day I hear middle-aged people bemoaning the fact that they were not given advantages or did not seize the opportunities for an education in early youth.

  33. He had for the last ten days been bemoaning himself.

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