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aspirating; aspiration; aspirations; aspirator; aspire; aspires; aspireth; aspirin; aspiring; aspirings
  1. The institution of the Dathan, and Abiram, who aspired | Christian Priesthood.

  2. The Barberini were the last papal nephews who aspired to independent principalities.

  3. Medicine thus acquired at the risk of life and limb is considered the best, and entitles the wearer to many privileges to which he could never have aspired before.

  4. Sydney Rigdon now aspired to be the head of the Church as the successor to the martyred prophet.

  5. The career upon which Douglas now entered was the one for which he was pre-eminently fitted, and to which he had aspired from the beginning.

  6. So the heart, struggling against the unloved husband, deceived the ambitious, calculating reason which aspired to a crown.

  7. Nor is it for your virtues--you never aspired to be a saint, not even in Ammergau, where you least succeeded!

  8. A wealthy financier aspired to the vacant place in the lady's affections, became an assiduous frequenter of the Com├ędie, and professed his readiness to lay his heart and his money-bags at her feet.

  9. To see the actress in the midst of her guests must have been a useful object-lesson for any lady who aspired to social popularity.

  10. The women whose duty it was to scrub floors wanted to work at the looms, but those at the looms aspired to the big airy room where the bolts of cloth were measured and rolled up.

  11. For her sake he aspired to make the best of himself; to make this hillside yield its purple banners from the secret storehouses within.

  12. The thousand sounds and fragrances of Spring thrilled her to eager answer; she, too, aspired and yearned upward as the wakened grass-blades pierced the sod and the violets of last year dreamed once more of bloom.

  13. Being rich as well as beautiful, and having an exquisite voice, she was highly attractive to the novelist, who aspired to her hand, and who regarded her refusal with bitterness all his life.

  14. The two husbands applied themselves to some courtiers, their patrons, and begged of them to use their interest to procure their wives the honour they aspired to.

  15. The sultan made no longer hesitation, nor thought of informing himself whether Aladdin was endowed with all the qualifications requisite in one who aspired to be his son-in-law.

  16. He had conquered fame with his pen; now he aspired to subdue it with his tongue.

  17. John lived and died an honest draper, and never aspired to be anything else; but his descendants were more ambitious.

  18. Kanute and Harald enriched themselves with great gains from sea-roving, and most confidently aspired to lay hands on Ireland.

  19. Thus he cast away all the ambitions of a man and aspired to those of women; for his incontinent itching of palate stirred in him love of every kitchen-stench.

  20. Frode, when he had taken this town, aspired to the Empire of the East, and attacked the city of Handwan.

  21. No small fame was added to his deeds by the defeat of the amazon Rusila, who aspired with military ardour to prowess in battle: but he gained manly glory over a female foe.

  22. Though he forbore to assume a princely title, he was a true king in authority, his nephew aspired to regal honours, and every popular right was trampled down by the Spanish power.

  23. Gianettino Doria grown to excessive power and riches has long aspired to tyranny in Genoa.

  24. Though the purchase of the pontifical galleys was a sharp thorn in the side of Gianettino, who aspired to an exclusive dominion of the seas, yet it was not an act sufficiently singular to awaken the suspicions of the Dorias.

  25. The Spanish monarch had already disappointed the ambition of the duke of Orleans, who aspired to the duchy, and he also refused it to Pierluigi.

  26. See," they say, "how droops the haughty one whose vanity aspired to Fiesco!

  27. At that time my wishes had not aspired to infringe on the rights of the great: I tolerated these fortunate people because beggars tolerated me.

  28. He aspired to give the mot d'ordre to the universe; and he scrupled not to put aside a consort who could not help him to found a dynasty.

  29. Luckless Emperor, who aspired to found the United States of Europe, but outraged the principle which most surely and lastingly works for international harmony, that of Free Trade!

  30. Caesar therefore aspired now to be a soldier.

  31. Of course, every ambitious man who aspired to an ascendency over his fellow-men, wished to make his voice heard in the Forum.

  32. If a poet aspired to fame, he imitated the couplets of Dryden or Pope, who, as Cowper said, Made poetry a mere mechanic art, And every warbler has his tune by heart.

  33. According to poetic custom these should sing only of love; but in Spenser's day religious controversy was rampant, and flattery might not be overlooked by a poet who aspired to royal favor.

  34. But the Greek and the Latin convents, allowed at Jerusalem by the Turkish government, equally aspired to the guardianship of the Holy Sepulchre and other sacred shrines in Jerusalem.

  35. It was popular with the nation at large, who saw only one side; and especially so with the generals of the army, who aspired to new laurels.

  36. Everybody aspired to solve political problems, and wished to have a voice in deliberative assemblies.

  37. He had no genius for politics, had never aspired to the class par excellence; no, he espoused none of their dogmas; he let littler minds revel in such luxuries.

  38. Dukes were not only flesh and blood, but owed much of their importance to the ignorance of the people they aspired to frown upon.

  39. He represented to Theodoric, that an ambitious conqueror, who aspired to the dominion of the earth, could be resisted only by the firm and unanimous alliance of the powers whom he labored to oppress.

  40. But the votaries of this Divine Philosophy aspired to imitate a purer and more perfect model.

  41. In the last year of the reign of Jezdegerd, the supposed guardian of Theodosius, a bishop, who aspired to the crown of martyrdom, destroyed one of the fire-temples of Susa.

  42. He was imprisoned (such is the lively expression of Sidonius) in the palace; and after passing a sleepless night, he sighed that he had attained the summit of his wishes, and aspired only to descend from the dangerous elevation.

  43. The favorites of Arcadius fomented a secret and irreconcilable war against a formidable hero, who aspired to govern, and to defend, the two empires of Rome, and the two sons of Theodosius.

  44. Mr. Hopewell had evidently not attended to it; his eye was fixed on the bold and precipitous shore of Wales, and the lofty summits of the everlasting hills, that in the distance, aspired to a companionship with the clouds.

  45. Instead of leading a small sect of fanatical puritans, and being the first men of a village in Massachussets, they aspired to be the first men in an empire, and succeeded.

  46. Lord Fitz- Warene aspired to rank among the earls of England.

  47. If a youth aspired to become a painter, the first step was to enroll his name as a companion or probationer in the register of the guild of the town in which he intended to practise.

  48. And the Brangwen wife of the Marsh aspired beyond herself, towards the further life of the finer woman, towards the extended being she revealed, as a traveller in his self-contained manner reveals far-off countries present in himself.

  49. At the bottom of his heart his self, the soul that aspired and had true hope of self-effectuation lay as dead, still-born, a dead weight in his womb.

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