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Example sentences for "fleeced"

Lexicographically close words:
fledgeling; fledgling; fledglings; flee; fleece; fleeces; fleecing; fleecy; fleeing; fleen
  1. The offspring of this marriage was the famous golden-fleeced ram, whose pelt was the object of that ill-fated expedition made by Jason and his fellow Argonauts.

  2. So the sea-god sent a golden-fleeced ram, which Phryxus and Helle mounted and thus escaped from their cruel stepmother.

  3. He even sent the public crier many times through the city, calling on the owners of the golden-fleeced lambs to appear and claim them; but no one came, so at length he thought he might fairly take them as his own property.

  4. The king was even fonder of his golden-fleeced lambs than he had been of the golden-leaved trees, but he could not long resist the tears and prayers of the old queen, especially as she seemed to be very ill.

  5. The youth was exceedingly glad to have killed the golden-fleeced ram, for there was not another like it throughout the land.

  6. It is perfectly safe to assume that the cunning and sinful pair fleeced George and Harry before they got through with them.

  7. I told them to make haste and take on board the well-fleeced sheep, and then sail away from that unfriendly shore.

  8. But the ill humour of these poor fleeced people must have a vent, or sfogo, as the Italians term it, and what can I do?

  9. From these have descended the high-bred, silken-fleeced Saxons, whose wool stands confessedly without a rival.

  10. He also fell into the hands of a noted gambler and sharper, who induced him to play high, and fleeced him.

  11. Her fame spread through the town, and she was courted by numberless admirers, two of whom she played off against each other; and having fleeced both of several hundred pounds, flouted them for presuming to make love to a princess.

  12. After he had fleeced the regent and his people of every penny that they had to give, he set forth with his ill-gotten gains for Denmark.

  13. Some there are among you who assert openly or in private that we have fleeced the churches and monasteries.

  14. The people will be fleeced to pay for their own fetters, and doomed, like the cattle, to unremitting toil and drudgery for the support of their tyrannical masters.

  15. The tyrannical behaviour of Agesilaus, who fleeced the people with insupportable exactions, and stuck at no measure, however infamous or criminal, which would bring in money, produced another revolution in favour of Leonidas.

  16. The generals who were elected fleeced the provinces to enable themselves to keep up their interest at home with the people, and connived at the rapines of their soldiers to secure their affections.

  17. The Carthaginians fleeced not only their enemies, but their tributary provinces, and oppressed their allies, to feed their own private avarice, as well as that of the publick.

  18. They fleeced the provinces, and oppressed their friends.

  19. To be bitten and fleeced in this wholesale way, And live at the rate of a fortune a day?

  20. The paste is made as for the fleeced skins, but it is merely spread upon their flesh side, and left upon them for 18 hours, so as to stiffen.

  21. They are next washed in running water, to separate the greater part of the lime, stripped of the wool by small spring tweezers, and then fleeced smooth by means of the rolling-pin, or sometimes by rubbing with a whetstone.

  22. It is, therefore, a matter of the first consequence in wool husbandry, to exclude from the flock all coarse-fleeced rams.

  23. Unless they be fleeced soon after the treatment with lime, they do not well admit of this operation subsequently, as they are apt to get hard.

  24. Yes," replied Nic, without glancing at the white-fleeced creatures feeding about, for he was thinking of the scene of the day before and felt afraid that Leather would allude to it.

  25. I know of patients who have been fleeced by him without receiving the least benefit, when the knowledge necessary to prescribe for their recovery, or of so simple a case, might be possessed by even the office boy.

  26. Few believed his last arrangement could be carried out, as his predecessors had generally fleeced the invalid public to their utmost at one visit, and if they ever again appeared, it would be under another name and phase.

  27. She got me into a fake stock proposition with some confederates, and they fleeced me.

  28. He's fleeced four others that I know of on that plant--all perfectly legal.

  29. The Gospel requires us to help the weak, but the Kanaka is fleeced and trodden down.

  30. He was not represented in the Raad (legislature) that oppressed him and fleeced him.

  31. They have fleeced us, robbed us, and are ulcerous sores to the body politic; yet our heart turns to water over their merited punishment.

  32. He gazed around at Ram Lal's sanctum, in which the old usurer received the Europeans whom he fleeced in his nipoy-lending operations.

  33. Anstruther, as he politely held the door open for the man who had coldly fleeced him.

  34. Where do we find the minutes that assigned these starving wretches to some vile pettifogger, to be fleeced by impositions, and mockery of justice, in the seigneural courts?

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