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Example sentences for "fleeces"

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fledgling; fledglings; flee; fleece; fleeced; fleecing; fleecy; fleeing; fleen; fleer
  1. There were men of the Shepherds also with such fleeces as they could spare from the daily chaffer with the neighbours.

  2. Because of their thick fleeces and helplessness, sheep suffer greatly from the attacks of ticks, lice and other parasites.

  3. Otherwise the lambs will be small and weak and fleeces of inferior quality.

  4. Tie up the fleeces separately, first sorting out dung locks and tags.

  5. But protect them from rain or wet snow as soaked fleeces cause colds and pneumonia.

  6. But whilst the boards were blazing and crackling, two sparks from the fire flew into the courtyard, and in the next moment two beautiful lambs with golden fleeces and golden horns were seen gambolling about the yard.

  7. Accordingly, the lambs were killed, and a servant was ordered to carry their golden fleeces down to the river and to wash the blood well out of them.

  8. She could not endure even to look on the lambs with their golden fleeces and golden horns, for they always reminded her of the golden-haired twins.

  9. But Spendius, who was listening eagerly, snatched up the zaimph abruptly and threw it into a corner, heaping up fleeces above it.

  10. The rest of the body was concealed beneath the fleeces which filled the litter.

  11. Yarns to her reel from all those fleeces drew, In the outer porch, a dame of hoary hair.

  12. The object is, to prevent cutaneous diseases and vermin, and furnish additional warmth and protection to the fleeces of such breeds as are deficient in yolk.

  13. The following is the weight of their fleeces unwashed.

  14. However this may be, it is certain that when Augustus extended his peaceful sceptre over half the known world, the Romans were in possession of some flocks, bearing fleeces of exceeding fineness and beauty.

  15. Among the antediluvians, sheep were immolated for sacrificial offerings, and their fleeces probably furnished them with clothing.

  16. The most effectual time for their destruction, is a few days after shearing, when they will have left the naked bodies of the old ewes, to hide in the fleeces of the lambs.

  17. The larger animals, of course, produce fleeces of much greater weight, sometimes reaching to 8 or 9 lbs.

  18. McGruer at home in Coila had his fleeces thrust into a huge sack, which was held up by two stalwart Highlanders.

  19. Into this not only were the fleeces put, but also a boy, to jump on them and pack them down.

  20. Also they say, that the ixth part of garbel and fleeces of the prior or Lewes there, is worth, vii shillings and viii pence.

  21. Also the ixth part of garbel and fleeces of the prior of Michelham, is worth xxx shillings and iv pence.

  22. Also the ixth part of fleeces there is worth xxvi shillings and vi pence, and the ixth part of lambs there, is worth vi shillings and viii pence.

  23. It is a cheat, and it fleeces everything it can put its hands on.

  24. It whitened the whole country and loaded the fleeces of the sheep.

  25. Several of the sheep had their fleeces torn, particularly one old Cotswold ram, which also had a bleeding nose.

  26. With respect to the fleeces of Australian sheep, p.

  27. Gentleman Craig was stationed at a platform to count the fleeces and see them ready for pressing, and Archie's work was cut out in seeing that the fellows at the clipping did their duty properly.

  28. Findlayson, who did not mean to commence operations among his own fleeces for another month, paid a visit to Burley, and brought with him a few spare hands.

  29. The season was October--a spring month in Australia--and the fleeces were in fine form, albeit some were rather full of grass seed.

  30. But Phoinix remained, and for him Patroklos, the dear friend of Achilles, spread a couch of fleeces and rugs.

  31. Telemachus prayed in the words of the goddess and then the sons of Nestor made them both sit on the fleeces that were spread on the shore.

  32. Likewise there was within the house a marble temple of her ancient lord, kept of her in marvellous honour, and fastened with snowy fleeces and festal boughs.

  33. Gilds the fleeces of the flocks, And glitters on the broken rocks!

  34. They also, in many instances, offered to sell their fleeces for less than half the sum they would bring in a very few weeks.

  35. With respect to the fleeces of Australian sheep page 185.

  36. Karakool sheep lose their peculiar black curled fleeces when removed into any other country.

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