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Example sentences for "bearable"

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  1. It was more bearable to do without tenderness for himself than to see that his own tenderness could make no amends for the lack of other things to her.

  2. Everything seems more bearable since I have talked to you; and if you can clear me in a few other minds, especially in Farebrother's, I shall be deeply grateful.

  3. It was a gruesome journey, never to be forgotten, and made more bearable by several little acts of kindness on the part of her fellow-travellers, as such journeys are apt to be.

  4. This had the effect of making the atmosphere more bearable in the course of a few minutes.

  5. This pleased him; the ghosts of Mabel and Vi were more bearable than the other ghosts.

  6. Then, conjugal affection and the stimulus of ambition still unachieved had made touring bearable and often enjoyable because she shared it with Lambert.

  7. Alone again: a room like this without even you to make it bearable .

  8. All this public and private benevolence has certainly accomplished wonderful results in relieving the want and misfortune of men, and making their lot a bearable one.

  9. Could they be any more prevalent than they are now,--bearable only because we are calloused to them?

  10. Patients find their pain much more bearable as soon as they are assured that headaches do not lead to mental disturbances and that, as a rule, even the growth of a tumor does not disturb mentality.

  11. By not taking sufficient exercise and by being too much indoors, many women develop a morbid mental state in which every discomfort is less bearable than it was before.

  12. That was painful, but bearable so long as taxis could be had.

  13. Neukoelln, den ---- 1915 Der Magistrat Even this fare might have been bearable had it been supplemented by the usual amount of sugar.

  14. But Willy's neuroses, although conventional, were bearable because in a lot of ways he was practical.

  15. Now Willy was a nervous little guy from faulty thyroid but neurotic in a bearable way.

  16. Wrongs and worries appeared so much smaller and less important--any grievance was bearable while there was this to come to.

  17. That is unfortunate; but habit in itself engenders a mode of philosophy that makes many of the evils of life more easily bearable than they might otherwise be.

  18. The cold, though much more intense than in the English climate, is more easily bearable than our milder winters.

  19. And now having a true prophet, having surrounded him with a band of disciples, so that the transmitted rays of wisdom may be bearable to our mortal eyes, we expect some result worthy of this startling machinery.

  20. Not only are his bad men and women apt to be offensive beyond all bearable limits, but places might be pointed out in which even his virtuous women indulge in language of the indescribable variety.

  21. To-day the heat is very great; hardly bearable at church.

  22. It is this habit of showers which renders the vicinity of the Line more bearable than the summer heat of other parts within the Tropics.

  23. He had imagined the limit of bearable suffering and disaster already reached.

  24. If Warden Moyer renders life at Atlanta prison more bearable than at any other in the country, what conceivable grounds are there that his affectionate inmates should wish to run away from him?

  25. The second way leads him straight into the collective psyche, having lost that detached human existence which alone renders possible a bearable and satisfying life.

  26. Instead he tries to make the best terms he can, and if the leader of the enemy insists upon making him and his vanquished force prisoners, he endeavors to obtain concessions which will make this imprisonment as bearable as possible.

  27. Realizing that it cannot rule, but must serve, it endeavors to make the conditions of its servitude as bearable as possible.

  28. So he renounced everything that made life on earth bearable and desirable and built up an ideal of poverty and suffering.

  29. Blessed be the precious blood of Jesus, which renders bearable the thorns of earth, redeems our souls, purifies them from their iniquities, and prepares for them an eternal crown.

  30. May they foster charity, regulate morals, incite all that imitate them to virtue, and alleviate and render more bearable the hardships which oppress mankind!

  31. The only thing that makes the loneliness bearable is that Barby has a guest, a Miss Helen Crewes, who is a Red Cross nurse.

  32. Illustration: "Lieutenant Richard Moreland Missing"] At first they seemed more bearable than if they'd said killed or seriously wounded.

  33. This cold would have been bearable in a quiet atmosphere, but there was a strong wind which seemed to fill the atmosphere with sharp blades.

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