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  1. The pictures of cardinals and princes and poets in their high golden frames seemed in the dusk faintly to nod approval.

  2. The Wedding of Signy When the wedding-day came, and the bride beheld her destined husband she shrank in dismay, for his puny form and lowering glances contrasted sadly with her brothers' sturdy frames and open faces.

  3. Shields set in frames of scroll-work, without mantlings, were prevalent from the beginning of the seventeenth century.

  4. Can you tell me whether the frames are included in the prices of the pictures?

  5. So he orated and chattered till the beams and frames and floors and stringers and things had learned how to lock down and lock up on one another, and endure this new kind of strain.

  6. They keep the iron frames (what are called ribs in a wooden ship) in place, and also help to hold the ends of the deck-beams, which go from side to side of the ship.

  7. The frames spoke, in the solemn, awed voice which people use when they have just come across something entirely new for the very first time.

  8. When the frames were done, Hal went to see Mr. Sherman, the carpenter at Madison, to find what the sashes would cost.

  9. But at last it was all finished,--the cold frames arranged for spring, the plants housed, the place tidy and in order.

  10. In some instances, lodging rooms are furnished with frames for the express purpose of facilitating the ventilation of the bed-clothes.

  11. Immediately on rising in the morning, the clothes are removed from the beds, and exposed upon these frames to a current of fresh air for several hours, the windows being opened for that purpose.

  12. Eight of such frames may be folded together and occupy a very small space.

  13. These insects are well preserved in frames of white plaster.

  14. In the former, the victuals are cooked by means of steam, and the latter is arranged like that in the Plymouth Marine Hospital, namely, with very large wooden frames to dry the clothes.

  15. In the sacristy there were no ornaments, with the exception of two gilded frames with relics.

  16. As for the lock gates, they were to be made only of timber, and none of the improvements introduced in England, either the elliptical form of the gates, or the iron frames were to be employed.

  17. They pointed out to me two large gilt frames with the arms of France and Navarre.

  18. Early in June he got a job sandpapering window-frames in a city cellar.

  19. They had other frames of reference than his.

  20. Once communication between time-frames had been established, however .

  21. This he took apart nearly to the keel, shipping the frames in thirty long-boats, which the transport captains consented to surrender, together with their carpenters, for service on the Lake.

  22. If a large number of plants is desired, a hotbed may be called into requisition in early spring and the plants hardened off in cold frames as the season advances.

  23. A common practice among market gardeners in the neighborhood of New York has been to sow the seed in their cold frames between rows of lettuce transplanted during March or early April.

  24. Part of the room should be partitioned off in such a manner, and illuminated in such a moderate degree, that the sensitized paper may not suffer from excess of light while the frames are being filled and the changes made.

  25. For printing on porcelain or other enamel plane surfaces, specially prepared printing frames are necessary in order that the progress of the printing may be ascertained.

  26. They read a lesson to shrinking and effeminate spirits, the men of soft hands and fashionable life, whose frames the winds of heaven are not allowed to visit too roughly.

  27. Some were provided with iron frames for the support of service stretchers, and others were fitted up similarly to the ward-carriages of the converted hospital trains.

  28. The carriages, designed by the combined wit of the machinery officers and the Chief Locomotive Superintendent of the Cape Government Railway, were most creditable achievements, old engine and tender frames being used as a foundation.

  29. Our doors are nothing but frames for the entering or departing individuals; as our windows are frames for the landscape, sky, or walls on which we look, or for ourselves when seen from without.

  30. Works in the best Greek style, but only in bronze, as frames and handles of mirrors.

  31. These frames are called dongi, and are made either wholly or partly from the horns of animals, a fact which no doubt renders them impure.

  32. They make grindstones (chakki), combs for straightening the threads on the loom, and frames for stretching the threads.

  33. These slivers being in one length, are now passed on to the drawing frames to be accumulated together.

  34. A panelled door is a very expensive part of an English house; and so are window-frames and staircases.

  35. It is advisable to provide one or more glass windows in addition to the openings referred to above in order to admit light when the cloth-covered frames are closed.

  36. Frames may be left loose to hook or button on inside or outside, or hinged to the top of the openings and swung up against the roof when not in use.

  37. Cloth-covered frames should be provided to close these openings and keep out driving storms.

  38. There were also great riots at Nottingham, by persons calling themselves Luddites; these consisted of unemployed workmen, who went about in the most lawless manner, destroying the frames by which the stocking manufactory was carried on.

  39. Notwithstanding this, many riots took place in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, by the Luddites, who continued to set the laws at defiance, and to break the frames in the most lawless and unwarrantable manner.

  40. Their hostility was directed against all sorts of machinery, but particularly against the looms and frames used for weaving and knitting in the stocking trade.

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