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  1. The first of these is called the mind or creative will, the second styled the Brahma Hiranyagarbha or the creative power, and the third is known as Virat, the framer of the material frame, and as identic with creation itself.

  2. In hardwood framing the framer never applies these rules, but gets his lengths with the square and fence.

  3. Side-note: Contrast between the real Sokrates, as a dissenter at Athens, and the Platonic Sokrates, framer and dictator of the Platonic Republic.

  4. He was the chief framer of the liturgy, and translator of the Bible, called The Bishop's Bible, made in the reign of Elizabeth.

  5. In those years he became prominent as a politician and above all as the framer of the famous conscription law of 1798.

  6. Coming from the very framer and commentator of the Constitution, these words may be construed as establishing an important precedent.

  7. These 'subordinate deities,' though intrusted with a sort of deputed creation, were still only the deputies of the Supreme Framer and Director of all.

  8. Yet the implied distinction was not recognized by the framer of our law.

  9. Whereupon Pheroras, who was caught in the very act of his villainy, said that "it was Salome who was the framer of this plot, and that the words came from her.

  10. Their sectarian creed has bred in them a habit of aspersing all humanity, all character, save the Christian, thus stultifying the very lesson of their parable, the framer of which would fain have taught men to transcend these very fanaticisms.

  11. What gain in credibility, then, is effected by substituting the "selection" theory for one in which the third evangelist is implicitly represented as a framer of fiction?

  12. The remarks were closed with prayer to the eternal Framer of earth and sky.

  13. One can scarcely look out upon these green and foliage clad heights and the multiplied demonstrations around him of Almighty power and skill without feeling his heart drawn up in devout adoration to the Framer of these everlasting hills.

  14. What could have hindered the framer of this law from making this exception which the opponent contends that he intended to make, if he really had intended it?

  15. Surely, disregarding the letter of the law, it became him to consider the intention of the framer of the law.

  16. One may urge, too, that in opposition to a ratiocination of this sort, conjecture is no better than a divination, and that it would be a sign of a very stupid framer of laws not to be able to provide for everything which he wished to.

  17. But if the intention of the framer of the law is what is to be looked at, then it is he, and not his adversaries, who relies on the meaning of the lawgiver.

  18. Destructions does thy tongue devise; Like a sharpened razor, thou framer of deceit!

  19. Cheyne thinks that the opening verses were added by the framer of the collection to adapt the poem to the use of the Church of his own time, and that "the original opening must have been different" ("Orig.

  20. Indeed in one creation tablet we find Merodach displaced by Asshur as framer of the earth!

  21. At the same time he is regarded as a god of wisdom and a framer of decisions, in these respects equating very fully with the Egyptian Thoth.

  22. The framer of this prophesy expected the walls of Constantinople to fall like those of Jericho, which he must have had in mind.

  23. H O M was the first framer of the new religion among the Persians, and His Name was Ineffable.

  24. Gnostics agreed that the Demiurge was the framer of this lower world, 557-m.

  25. Gnostics all agreed that the Father was not the framer of this lower world, 557-m.

  26. Demiurge, the framer of this lower world, 557-l.

  27. For the fire which is first beyond, did not shut up his power in matter by works, but by mind, for the framer of the fiery world is the mind of mind, who first sprang from mind, clothing fire with fire.

  28. In a Republic, forces that seem contraries, that indeed are contraries, alone give movement and life.

  29. Right under yer nose, Tom," said the framer quietly.

  30. Between the sides stood the framer ready to give the word.

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