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application; applications; applie; applied; applieng; applieth; applique; apply; applye; applyed
  1. At bottom is it not a Christianization of society, this extension of charity from the sinner to the condemned criminal, this application to our present life of what the church applies more readily to the other?

  2. I can feel forcibly the truth of this, as it applies to myself!

  3. The same remark applies to the rivers of the northern district, or rather to their upper waters.

  4. This applies not only to the route from Summerside to Tignish, but also to the whole railway system of the Island.

  5. What applies to the vocation seems to me to apply equally to the community.

  6. I suppose in a way the same applies to Our Lord.

  7. In the absence of a specific warranty the same doctrine applies in this as in any other case," he replied sonorously, "and that is the doctrine of caveat emptor.

  8. I bet yer it applies in this case," he commented; "if ever a purchaser had to beware it is in this case.

  9. There was a case I might have mentioned, but as it applies to the combination, I will introduce it here.

  10. When a labourer can obtain no employment he applies to the acting overseer, from whom he passes on to the different farmers all round the parish, being employed by each of them after the rate of one day for every 20l.

  11. The same rule, by the way, applies to the tressure, but not to the orle.

  12. This observation applies to many of the great cones and domes of the Andes, including Chimborazo and other colossal mountains in Ecuador, Columbia, Chili, Peru, and Mexico.

  13. A similar statement in all probability applies to the systems of volcanic mountains of the Aleutian Isles, Kamtschatka, the Kuriles, the Philippines, and Sunda Isles.

  14. We have also seen that the chain of volcanoes of Japan and of the Kurile Islands are only active to a slight extent as compared with former times, and the same observation applies to those of New Zealand.

  15. The word PAMPA, of Araucanian origin, signifies grass plain, and justly applies to the whole region.

  16. In the former signification it would appear to have reference primarily to unjustly gotten gain, while in the latter it has a wider meaning and applies to all the worthless treasures and lying delights of life.

  17. But we may remember that the same law applies to all, and that any good, either of worldly wealth or of intellectual, moral, or religious kind, is only preserved by the continuous exercise of the same energies which won it at first.

  18. And unless we can find some stringent law of responsibility that applies to them, the bulk of the human race will be under no obligation to do anything either for God or for their fellows, or for themselves.

  19. The principle is as true to-day, and it applies to all forms of influence, authority, and gifts.

  20. The latter applies to but a few moments of each man's life.

  21. The next proverb applies directly to a state of things which most nations have outgrown.

  22. As I have said, the former promise applies to the hours and the years of life.

  23. The word adaptation applies not simply to the result, but also to the process.

  24. When Paul in his first burning letter told the Corinthian congregation that their women should be silent in their churches, he is not, it seems to me, giving a message which in those terms applies to the world to-day.

  25. It must not, however, be understood that this reasoning applies to charitable cases.

  26. And this applies to everything you do that has any relation to domestic peace and happiness and final success.

  27. It applies to individualism in any form if carried to its consistent and most extreme consequences.

  28. What is true of Nietzsche applies in all fundamental questions also to his predecessor, Max Stirner.

  29. As religion applies to all the needs of the soul, so this applies to all the needs of the body.

  30. It must be left to individuals to discover how this applies in their own especial cases, and it will be surprising to see not only how great and how common such strain is, but how comparatively easy it is to drop it.

  31. The example of the little stammering boy is an illustration that applies to many other cases of the same need for giving up resistance.

  32. The same law applies here that was mentioned before with regard to the carriage,--only instead of being quiet and letting the carriage take you, be quiet and let your walking machine do its work.

  33. The law that applies to the guidance of the muscles works just as truly in training the senses and the mind.

  34. In America libel only applies to live men, but the world had not then gotten this far along.

  35. They seem to think that the promise, "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you," applies only to the Caucasian race.

  36. The insect presses the thick lips of the clay cup, rolls them out and applies them to the prepared force-meat, which is eventually contained by a thin partition at the top end and by a thick layer every elsewhere.

  37. After the food-pellet has been formed in the ordinary baker's fashion and the egg laid in its hatching-chamber, the Bolbites takes some armfuls of the clay near at hand, applies it to the foodstuff and presses it down.

  38. The description of Geoffrey applies to them all.

  39. Help her, Julius, if she ever wants help, and applies to you.

  40. The law applies to many millions of people and it is expected to do great good.

  41. This remark applies to the production of fine woolens only.

  42. Religion reveals the meaning of life, and science only applies this meaning to the course of circumstances.

  43. The same remark applies to this work, only, as the title indicates, it is confined to the river and its streams, from Ratisbon to Vienna.

  44. Abulfeda was a native of Syria; and this and the adjacent countries are described with most fullness and accuracy: the same remark applies to his description of Egypt and the north coast of Africa.

  45. The same character applies to this as to the other work by the same author.

  46. This remark applies with peculiar justice and force to modern works of voyages and travels.

  47. The same character applies to his "Lettres sur l'Italie.

  48. He applies the name of Thule to a country situated to the north-east of Britain; if his usual error in longitude is rectified, the position he assigns Thule would correspond with that of Norway.

  49. This description perfectly applies to the luxuriant and uninterrupted vegetation of tropical climates.

  50. When a youth takes a fancy to a marriageable maiden of his own degree, he applies through his parents to the father of the girl, and if he and his daughter look with favour on the proposal, the young man is admitted to cohabit with the damsel.

  51. General Otis applies the Chinese Exclusion law to the Philippines.

  52. The same rule applies to baptisms and marriages, and this abuse calls for redress, and for the establishment of fixed fees according to the position of the parties.

  53. This applies to what have been called the "tools of knowledge," or those things which are necessary in order to secure all other knowledge.

  54. This applies to all nature study and science, to geography, to certain phases of literature and history.

  55. The latter ditty suits a hilly country, and the former applies to the low lands where there are hedgerows.

  56. This applies particularly to the blackbird and throstle.

  57. The objection to hot-fitting applies only to its abuse.

  58. When the holes are drilled instead of punched the fit is more exact, but this only applies to those with a round shank.

  59. Blayney, that the destruction by fire, there denounced, applies to Sidon rather than to Tyre.

  60. Blaney, by a mode of rendering fully warranted by the Hebrew text, applies these words to Sidon, where they received their accomplishment in a manner strikingly peculiar.

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