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Example sentences for "farthing"

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  1. The established clergy of the place do not associate with me; but I care not a farthing for that--since I have here (pointing to his books) the very best society in the world.

  2. Illustration] Love, Marriage, and Confession, are fertile themes in these little farthing chap books.

  3. Mention it, and I will pay to the utmost farthing in my power.

  4. I hold the estate of Blackladies upon this condition: that I do not knowingly part with a farthing of its revenue to Mr. Jervas Rookley.

  5. And when good fortune brought match-boxes, there was an undue loss on the twopence farthing in the matter of paste.

  6. The first legend of the young officer sacrificing his last farthing in a noble impulse of generosity and doing reverence to virtue, or this other revolting picture?

  7. He doesn’t ask for money, it’s true, but yet he won’t get a farthing from me.

  8. They were at once greatly interested, and even, to Mitya’s intense indignation, thought it necessary to write the fact down as a secondary confirmation of the circumstance that he had hardly a farthing in his pocket at the time.

  9. The Russian peasant, the laborer, brings here the farthing earned by his horny hand, wringing it from his family and the tax-gatherer!

  10. They recollected every farthing and included it in the reckoning.

  11. It isn't a farthing a glass; and when you get used to it, it's better for the inwards than burnt brandy.

  12. Not a farthing of it shall be expended except in the Captain's service.

  13. While coal is sold by weight, the worker's wages are reckoned chiefly by measure; and when his tub is not perfectly full he receives no pay whatever, while he gets not a farthing for over-measure.

  14. They encouraged him until the last farthing is gone, and then he is turned out to die.

  15. If it were only in my power to pay off every farthing of those enormous debts gladly I would do it for her sake though she might never know who was her benefactor.

  16. Reporters, anxious to give the full benefit of the sad disaster to the clamoring public, who must know to a farthing the amount of the liabilities, and, of course, the assets.

  17. Gild the farthing if you will, Yet it is a farthing still.

  18. He grudges every farthing that the railway companies were compelled to pay for land; he bows down in reverence before the princely fortunes of the contractors.

  19. She had paid him to the uttermost farthing for her poor son.

  20. Oh, bless your honor, it goes to my heart to take a farthing of you!

  21. Heaven knows, I have not a farthing in the house; but I will send poor little Nanny to pawn my silver spoons, for, alas!

  22. He told me that he would not risk a farthing in any speculative venture while the threat of Home Rule was held over us.

  23. They do not care a brass farthing for the bill one way or the other.

  24. Although I would do much for your sake, you cannot think that a fellow sacrifices his last farthing simply because he and his confederate have made a mistake in their calculations.

  25. I was leading an aimless and unprofitable life; I was an idolater, and I was beginning to pay the penalty; little did I know then what would be my sufferings ere the uttermost farthing should be exacted.

  26. But this answer would not satisfy Mrs Beazeley, who declared she would not allow a farthing to be taken unless she knew how it was obtained.

  27. He made as much as he could of these works, it is true; but every farthing he acquired in Ireland he expended in it.

  28. The priest got his fee; and another farthing never was taken from my grandfather.

  29. I jumped astride of a bicycle, [Illustration: Riding a Penny-Farthing Bicycle.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "farthing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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