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Example sentences for "editing"

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edin; eding; edit; edita; edited; editio; edition; editiones; editions; editor
  1. Mr. Jerome took to editing a weekly paper, and Mr. Pain began writing for Punch!

  2. Go forth, traveller, and leave this mouldy editing to less elastic fancies.

  3. In editing a father, or a classic, he had in view the practical utility of the general reader, not the accuracy required by the gild of scholars.

  4. There was editing to do, and it seemed to her that her most delicious bits had to be cut out, because Ferriday always took three or four thousand feet of film for every thousand he used.

  5. One old crony of Charity's, a Mrs. Platen, revived the story for Mrs. Noxon at the time when she was editing the list of invitations for the afternoon.

  6. Ferriday hastened to explain: "We've been editing Miss Adair's new film.

  7. He was at that time in correspondence with Mr Cobden, whom he visited in Lancashire, and who tried to induce him to remove to that part of the world for the purpose of editing an Anti-Corn-Law newspaper.

  8. In some instances valuable works have thus been presented to the members at the cost of those who have also undergone the literary labour of editing them.

  9. Young in editing the eighth number of the Journal.

  10. With his view that "the editing was admirably done" we cannot agree entirely.

  11. I thought he was editing some paper in New York.

  12. What would you say, Masters, to editing a paper of your own?

  13. I had myself just accepted from King Edward the task of editing Queen Victoria's letters, and had resigned my Eton mastership.

  14. Some of the Brothers were occupied in definitely erudite work, editing liturgical, expository, and devotional works; and for these there was a large and learned library.

  15. The rule followed in editing these letters has been a very simple one.

  16. The work will also give you further refreshment for the future, whilst the editing of the Veda still hangs on your hands.

  17. It was one of the days on which the editing of the "Novum" could take care of itself, and besides, they would actually be editing it together.

  18. Thorkelin seems to have been little better fitted to understand the poem, to say nothing of editing it.

  19. He formed the design of editing and translating the entire body of Old English poetry and appending to it a complete glossary which should not only give the meanings of the words, but instance every occurrence of the word.

  20. These were in turn submitted to the accomplished Latinist, Mr. Allen of Corpus, who is editing the Letters of Erasmus for the Clarendon Press.

  21. Omission has been made of Aldo's reprints, in order that the attention of the reader might be concentrated on his labours in editing Greek classics from MSS.

  22. Years before, he had founded the Albany Argus, editing it with ability and great success.

  23. He had been editing with great industry and ability the Ploughboy and the Christian Visitant, and beguiled himself with a confident belief that farmers and Christians, irrespective of party, would sustain him.

  24. He was then engaged in editing the Jeffersonian, a weekly journal of eight pages, which had been established in February solely as a campaign newspaper.

  25. They charged him with oppressing the settlers in Chautauqua, with editing the Albany Journal, with regulating the Bank of the United States, and controlling the movements of Henry Clay.

  26. His widow, Mrs. Mary De Renne, carried out his design and committed the editing of them to Charles C.

  27. These papers were again privately printed at Richmond, in 1866, under the editing of Thomas H.

  28. It was proposed that he should join Jeffrey in editing the Edinburgh; and, still more remarkable, in 1822 the proprietors of the Times invited him to replace Barnes for six months in conducting their paper.

  29. As in the case of some of the heroic epics, some editing is necessary for most of the ballads.

  30. If he knows how to handle incidents, he may often by a little editing eliminate superfluous matter and convert a loose, overburdened, or merely long story into a usable bit of art.

  31. The Iliad is not available without a great deal of editing and rearranging for such use in class.

  32. References such as 18b 12 are the result of subsequent editing and prove nothing.

  33. While in Hartford, editing The New England Review, he fell in love with Miss Cornelia Russ, and a few days before he finally left the city, he wrote a proposal to her in three hundred words of wandering prose.

  34. He was even mobbed, and the office of an anti-slavery paper, which he was editing in Philadelphia, was sacked.

  35. Gospel; and the date of the editing of this third Gospel being evidently referable to the years immediately following the fall of Jerusalem (year 70),[I.

  36. The works of the second period, which ends around 1875 with the re-editing of the recently composed oratorio "Redemption," reveal him still in search of power and a personal manner.

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