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Example sentences for "untangling"

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untamable; untameable; untamed; untangle; untangled; untanned; untarnished; untasted; untaught; untaxed
  1. Untangling the long stringy grasses, seed stalks, and Brussels sprout stems from the rest can make me sweat and even curse, but fortunately I must stop occasionally to spray water where the material remains dry and catch my wind.

  2. To clear a snarled rotor without risking continued attachment of one's own arm, the motor must be killed before reaching into the hopper and untangling the tines.

  3. Men hurried among the dogs, rousing them to their feet, untangling their traces, straightening them out.

  4. By then the dogs'd been knocked apart and the crowd was untangling itself.

  5. More than that, if there is any possible way of untangling this mystery, I shall do it.

  6. The ways in which the doctor can be of use in untangling the facts in many forms of crime have become so numerous that the profession of medical detective may almost be called a specialty.

  7. Untangling herself, she sat up and gazed back at the barbed wire fence.

  8. Untangling herself from a pile of arms and legs, Sara began to help her passengers to their feet.

  9. We were sitting by the toilet, while the process of untangling my massive length of locks was going on, and the upper drawer thereof was half open, thus affording me a glimpse of its contents.

  10. I caught eagerly at the idea of the child's presence, though the rest was Greek to my comprehension until long afterward, when, in untangling a chain of iniquity difficult to match, it formed one important but additional link.

  11. While actively employed in untangling her difficulties, she at the same time superintended the education of her son and daughter.

  12. Out, Steve," said Farrow, untangling herself from the steering wheel and the two attendants.

  13. If you succeed in untangling the snarl, I should like to hear about it.

  14. No doubt he had returned to New York immediately after bidding me good-bye; by this time he was probably deep in the untangling of some other mystery for the benefit of the Record's readers.

  15. The untangling of one snarl in the skein of affairs generally leads to the untangling of many others.

  16. She was really untangling the tail of the kite, moving it here and there with large gestures.

  17. It was rather because the cook went on untangling the kite, just as if nothing had happened.

  18. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "untangling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.