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Example sentences for "interrogate"

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interrelation; interrelations; interrelationship; interrex; interring; interrogated; interrogates; interrogating; interrogation; interrogations
  1. But for many people natural religion is a poor alternative for revelation, and if we interrogate probability as to the future of a faith in directly-revealed religion we approach a much more difficult question.

  2. He longed to interrogate quickly, but he saw that Lerouge told his story with difficulty, laboriously disentangling his recollections; he was guided by a single thread which the least interruption might seriously entangle.

  3. He wished to interrogate Albert as soon as possible; and he had still to receive the evidence of several of the count's servants, and the report of the commissary of police charged with the arrest.

  4. Fall upon him like a thunder-clap, arrest him as he wakes, drag him hither while yet pale with astonishment, and interrogate him at once.

  5. The Marquise ventured once to interrogate him.

  6. Madame de la Roche-Jugan finally offered to send Vautrot to her, that she might herself interrogate him.

  7. Suppose we have to interrogate a philologist on a subject which requires only that amount of knowledge of natural science which may be presupposed in any generally educated individual.

  8. You may interrogate them, papa, but I am convinced in advance that you will derive no information from either of them.

  9. The Bishop seems to interrogate the registrars with his looks, and to ask them whether they have finished writing down the words of the accused.

  10. The Bishop of Chartres motioned to Joan to approach nearer to the table, and said to her in a grave, almost threatening voice: "Joan, we have been sent by the King to examine and interrogate you.

  11. The wounded man looked more calmly at his friend and said: "I thought, my dear De Thou, that you would not interrogate me further, and that you were willing to repose a blind confidence in me.

  12. It took some time after this amiable exordium to make the stranger understand the right a Capuchin had to interrogate him.

  13. My whole opinion, the opinion of a just man, shall be unveiled to the King himself, if he interrogate me, even should it cost me my head.

  14. So he began to speak to Hayy Ibn Yokdhan, and to interrogate him concerning his condition in every tongue he knew, and asked him questions concerning his doings and ways of life, and took pains to make himself understood by him.

  15. Then Asal began to interrogate him concerning his condition, and from whence he had come into that Island.

  16. The sound evidently came from the Mission garden; but in his ignorance of the language he could not even interrogate his Indian housekeeper.

  17. It would seem, however, that Briggs did not interrogate the stranger again regarding it, nor did we, who were quite content to leave matters in Briggs's hands.

  18. I mustered up my courage to confront and interrogate this being.

  19. I desired and dreaded to discover the truth, and was unable to interrogate this person in a direct manner.

  20. It would not in the least alter the actual state of the case; so not a word was said, and after answering all Miss Grant's questions, Lady Helena began to interrogate in her turn, asking her about her past life and her present circumstances.

  21. Being interrogate if he was angry like, she said, that he never looked pleasant like.

  22. Being interrogate if she was in compact with the devil, she replied, I am in compact with the devil, and have been so since before the second burning of the witches in this place.

  23. Being interrogate if the devil had a sword, she replied, she believed he durst not use a sword; and called him a villain that promised her many good things when she engaged with him, but never gave her any thing but misery and poverty.

  24. Being interrogate if she knew any more witches in the place, she replied, Agnes Currie is a witch, but she is a bold woman, and will flee upon me if I should delate her.

  25. Lillias being interrogate if Elspeth Williamson was guilty of witchcraft, she replied, she is as guilty as I am, and my guilt is as sure as God is in heaven.

  26. Elspeth Williamson being called, came into the prison where the session sate, and being interrogate if Lillias Adie had any envy at her, she answered, she knew no envy she had at her.

  27. Elspeth Williamson being brought in, and interrogate if she was a witch, she answered, that she would not deny that.

  28. Interrogate such a young woman, and if she is sincere, you will find that the sentiments the alleged monster has excited in her heart are far from being the sentiments of horror.

  29. Interrogate my son upon some of his recent lessons in history," said she to the tutor, who was not at all loth to show his own attainments by the brilliancy of his pupil.

  30. O'Donnell shut the door carefully, and then at once began to interrogate Barecolt in regard to Arrah Neil, asking how she had fared on the journey, whether she had found Lord Walton and his sister, and where she actually was.

  31. The good priest then began to interrogate her in the form prescribed.

  32. He met some travellers, but, his imagination filled with apprehensions, he dared not interrogate them.

  33. The count looked at Mercedes as if to interrogate her, but she continued to walk on in silence, and he refrained from speaking.

  34. Villefort bowed, and advancing a few steps, waited until the king should interrogate him.

  35. Should any one else interrogate you, say to him what you have said to me, but do not breathe a word of this letter.

  36. However, sire, if I might advise, your majesty will interrogate the person of whom I spoke to you, and I will urge your majesty to do him this honor.

  37. Claudet maliciously took advantage of the fact, and began to interrogate his would-be deposer by pretending to doubt his identity.

  38. I was about to interrogate Max, on whose wisdom I was accustomed to rely, on the subject, when we were suddenly called to action.

  39. We accordingly bade Montezma good-bye, and set off to the quay, where his launch was waiting for him, in order that we might interrogate Manuel, the engineer in charge.

  40. As the gypsy took two or three steps forward, and was about to interrogate Michael Strogoff more closely, the door of the cottage opened.

  41. But he was silent, waiting until the Czar should interrogate him further.

  42. Interrogate a Guinea negro, for him beauty is a black oily skin, deep-set eyes, a flat nose.

  43. Interrogate the devil; he will tell you that beauty is a pair of horns, four claws and a tail.

  44. Raoul remained for a moment almost stupefied, asking himself if they were trifling with him; he then turned round to interrogate Malicorne, but he had been hurried away by Montalais, and was already at some distance from them.

  45. Will you allow me to interrogate him myself?

  46. De Guiche, as though to interrogate him upon the degree of confidence to be placed in his friend's state of mind.

  47. And the king, at the same moment, raised his head, as if to interrogate the heavens.

  48. In Egypt or Syria, where whole cycles of civilization lie entombed, we interrogate the past; here in Bulgaria the past is nothing, and we vainly interrogate the future.

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