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Example sentences for "enquiry"

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enquirers; enquires; enquiries; enquiring; enquiringly; enrage; enraged; enrages; enraging; enrapt
  1. She had expected a precipitate enquiry about Bunny, but it was evident that he had thoughts only for her at that moment.

  2. This amiable enquiry was made just as Maud's eyes had fallen upon a letter lying on the table.

  3. There is much to repay enquiry in the examination of our system of government and of the institutions of the several Provinces; in ethnological developments; and in geological and kindred scientific researches.

  4. Two Royal Commissions of special enquiry were appointed.

  5. The relations between the accredited representatives of the law and a private enquiry agent were scarcely likely to be cordial.

  6. He is a member of the firm of Watts and Fielding, private enquiry agents.

  7. And as for this burglar, who else except that pettifogging enquiry agent saw any one leave the Great House?

  8. He also made enquiry for us as to its present condition, and brought back the pleasing intelligence that it was not full, and that we should find plenty of accommodation at once.

  9. Enquiry was immediately made, but, far or near, no gardener was to be found.

  10. For the fruit of the enquiry into activities is that by knowing the causes of the dyscrasiae one may bring them back to the normal, since it is of no use for the purposes of treatment merely to know what the activity of each organ is.

  11. Now, could one begin the enquiry in any better way than with the largest and hollowest organs?

  12. The discussion which follows we shall devote entirely, as we originally proposed, to an enquiry into the number and character of the faculties of Nature, and what is the effect which each naturally produces.

  13. As this was an object of equal curiosity and importance, diligent enquiry was immediately made from whence it came.

  14. A most diligent enquiry was set on foot to discover the offenders, but all to no purpose; and though a large reward was offered to procure intelligence, none was obtained.

  15. Enquiry into the Changes in Landscape Gardening, 8vo.

  16. He further observes, that "trifling as this enquiry will appear in itself, it may add something towards the benevolent purpose of M.

  17. Mr. Repton in his Enquiry into the Changes of Landscape Gardening, acknowledges "the elegant and gentleman-like manner in which Mr. Price has examined my opinions.

  18. This poem is the only production of Mr. Knight, on the subject of landscape scenery, except his occasional allusions thereto, in his Analytical Enquiry into the Principles of Taste, the second edition of which appeared in 8vo.

  19. In general we find the young too ardently occupied with the enjoyments which this life gives or promises to afford either leisure or inclination for much enquiry into the mysteries of the next.

  20. See his "Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals.

  21. How proper mutual Enquiry is to mutual Satisfaction?

  22. For Benham, with that hastiness that so flouted his exalted theories, passed rapidly from an attitude of impartial enquiry to active intervention.

  23. It was indeed no less than an enquiry into all the preventable sources of human failure and disorder.

  24. A whole drawer was devoted to a comparatively finished and very thorough enquiry into human dissensions in lower Bengal.

  25. The title of Fielding's little book, dedicated to Lord Hardwick, and published about January 22, is An Enquiry into the Causes of the late Increase of Robbers &c.

  26. Enquiry into the causes of the late increase of Robbers &c.

  27. And we know, from the Enquiry into the Increase of Robberies, that the question of lessening both the sufferings and the criminality of the poor had for years occupied Fielding's warm heart and active intellect.

  28. Sir "I have made full enquiry after the three Persons and have a perfect account of them all.

  29. Far be it from me, however, to decline the enquiry which you evidently court.

  30. But in July 1882, I addressed a fresh enquiry to Dr.

  31. On the very threshold of this enquiry we are confronted with this question: "Is the soul the same thing as the spirit?

  32. A map to illustrate the Indian purchases, made by the proprietary, is given in An Enquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians (London, 1759).

  33. Dudley or some friend rejoined in the second tract, not without violent recriminations upon Mather: A modest enquiry into the grounds and occasions of a late pamphlet intituled a Memorial, etc.

  34. Particularly may reference be made to Charles Thomson’s Enquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British Interests.

  35. Upon enquiry who the man was whose bones we had found, they told us, that about five days before, a boat belonging to their enemies came into the bay, with many persons on board, and that this man was one of seven whom they had killed.

  36. No such thing--as render it) a subject of enquiry well deserving the attention of learned physicians!

  37. Footnote 102: An interesting enough subject for enquiry is here started.

  38. The notice boards, for example, of some inn such as "De Nieuwe Aanleg" remained somewhat mysterious; and on enquiry a satisfactory translation was never forthcoming.

  39. That produced an immediate effect--a torrent of eloquence forcibly delivered and ending with some enquiry about biting!

  40. His follower in a few moments was visible, making apparently some aimless enquiry across the counter.

  41. He met the fierce enquiry of her eyes without flinching.

  42. Secular knowledge was not proscribed, but on the contrary adopted and utilized, by the Church; enquiry and research not looked askance upon, but encouraged.

  43. The Council of Narbonne (1227) went a step further in ordering the bishops to appoint in each parish testes synodales, to make diligent enquiry concerning heresy and other matters and give information to their bishops.

  44. There priests were positively enjoined to utilize the hearing of confessions to make diligent enquiry concerning heretics, their believers and fautors, and also to confide carefully to writing anything they learnt.

  45. It was no part of the policy of the mediaeval Church to stifle enquiry and discussion by those properly qualified concerning the ultimate truths of existence.

  46. Up to the end of the twelfth century, then, the free play of enquiry and discussion in the schools had not threatened defilement of the purity of the Christian faith.

  47. They have not only served as advertisements, but they have excited a spirit of enquiry into principles of government, and a desire to read the Rights OF Man, in places where that spirit and that work were before unknown.

  48. But I cannot find that you have so much as directed any enquiry to be made whether I was in prison or at liberty, dead or alive; what the cause of that imprisonment was, or whether there was any service or assistance you could render.

  49. Some letters of his had fallen into the hands of the Committee of Public Safety, and enquiry was making after him.

  50. Hitherto it has been the mere exercise of power, which forbade all effectual enquiry into rights, and grounded itself wholly on possession.

  51. Among the items, there are two I had no expectation of finding, and which, in this day of enquiry after Civil List influence, ought to be exposed.

  52. Although an enquiry into the origin of those estates be unnecessary, the continuation of them in their present state is another subject.

  53. In viewing this subject, the case and circumstances of America present themselves as in the beginning of a world; and our enquiry into the origin of government is shortened, by referring to the facts that have arisen in our own day.

  54. It may be supposed to be in one part, and on enquiry be found to be in another; or partly in all.

  55. There remains, then, only the military part; and it would have been prudent in Mr. Washington not to have awakened enquiry upon that subject.

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