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Example sentences for "enquiringly"

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enquirer; enquirers; enquires; enquiries; enquiring; enquiry; enrage; enraged; enrages; enraging
  1. The gate-keeper looked enquiringly at the priests.

  2. The steward examined the trinket, richly set with precious stones, and looked enquiringly at Katuti.

  3. The prisoner approached him trembling, looked at him enquiringly and exclaimed: "Be you who you may, you are exactly like my father in person and in voice.

  4. He evidently knew that Harvey and his mother were aboard, for his eye roamed enquiringly over the passengers, resting as it fell on the two serious faces.

  5. Robert McCaig had no desire to be unnecessarily severe; therefore turned enquiringly to his colleagues, implying that the verdict lay with them.

  6. Mr Tubes leaned across and spoke to his chief; and looking down the table the Premier allowed his gaze to rest enquiringly on Sir Causter Kerr.

  7. I've got a fairly good memory for faces but--" He broke off and looked enquiringly at McSporran, who had silently entered just then.

  8. The party entered the detachment and, seating themselves, gazed enquiringly at their visitor.

  9. Mary raised her eyes enquiringly to the other's face.

  10. Roderick brightened up on the entrance of Mr. Sangster, and looked enquiringly in his face, but he did not venture to ask the question that was so near his lips.

  11. So you know all about our narrow escape, then," and Lois looked enquiringly into his face.

  12. I don't catch the drift of your meaning," and Dick looked enquiringly at his sister.

  13. When Mr. Westcote paused Lois looked enquiringly into his face.

  14. The General fortunately was alone in his private office, and when I went in he glanced up enquiringly from a railroad report he was reading.

  15. For a minute he looked at me enquiringly over a pair of black-rimmed glasses, while I stood there neither thinking nor feeling, but waiting.

  16. Each looked at his neighbor, then at Pentaur, and at last enquiringly at Ameni.

  17. Ameni gazed long and enquiringly into Pentaur's eyes, and then said: "You are right, my friend.

  18. The young missionary paused a moment, and looked down enquiringly into the young faces before her, which expressed horror at the recital of China's woes.

  19. Jack first sniffed enquiringly at the boots and dress of his young mistress's friend, and then, with a wag of his stumpy bit of tail, sat down on the floor at her feet, and rested his head against her knees.

  20. He motioned the boy to come inside, and then stood looking at him enquiringly as he got into his overcoat.

  21. Again he paused and looked up enquiringly at the house.

  22. Hanz looked up earnestly and enquiringly into her face.

  23. She felt herself much embarrassed among all these strangers, who looked enquiringly at her, and then kindly held out their hands to her.

  24. Euergetes, breathing hard in impotent fury, alternately doubling his fists, and extending his quivering fingers, stood opposite the Roman who looked enquiringly in his face with cool composure; for a short space both were silent.

  25. The young man shudders and looks enquiringly at his companion.

  26. Artyom started, drew up his legs, and looked enquiringly at the hunter.

  27. He looked enquiringly first at Kassandane, then at Prexaspes, lost consciousness again, and fell into a deep sleep, from which he awoke the next morning with renewed strength.

  28. Nitetis raised her dark, thoughtful eyes and fixed them long and enquiringly on the beautiful youth.

  29. Before them lay a heap of smooth, white objects, larger than Warruk's head and as he looked on enquiringly his mother planted one massive paw directly in the midst of the pile with a crash that sent up a shower of white and yellow spray.

  30. It was not unnatural, therefore, that the cub should stop to sniff enquiringly at a thin stream of fresh air that gushed from somewhere near the floor and rushed up the chimney-like stub.

  31. Shock opened his eyes and fixed them enquiringly upon The Don's face.

  32. Her husband was silent and looked enquiringly at her.

  33. The young wife fixed her eyes enquiringly upon him, as if she did not understand him.

  34. Hugo's glance rested enquiringly on her countenance, that again showed the energetic expression which was once so foreign to her features.

  35. The child looked enquiringly in her father's face, and he had to repeat his words twice before she quite realised the import of them.

  36. Frenchman, pointing to the light, and looking enquiringly at Ruby.

  37. Each looked enquiringly at the other, and then both gazed into the thick fog.

  38. It seems so far," said Dean, and he looked enquiringly at their guide, who stood smiling and waiting for them to come on.

  39. These with almost lightning-like movements he touched with index finger, following up the act by touching the fillet and bangles, and then looking enquiringly in Mark's eyes he uttered one word.

  40. Then, when we looked enquiringly at his left arm, the Prodigal Son burst out laughing, and even the older, more dignified among them smiled grimly.

  41. It was very heavy, and I looked enquiringly at Mr. Fisher.

  42. The seigneur looked enquiringly at Samson, but the latter seemed more disposed to wait to see how the seigneur regarded the appeal, than to reply to the tacit question.

  43. Number 413 for my mother and Miss Gloria as before; and-- (turning enquiringly to Crampton) Eh?

  44. He turned enquiringly to his wife's bleat.

  45. She had looked enquiringly at him as she spoke, and he did not refuse to answer--Hornecht had told him that he would be a welcome son-in-law.

  46. The furious women looked at the heavy broad gold armlet, then at the handsome youth, and the men of Judah and Ephraim who had gathered around him, and finally glanced enquiringly into one another's faces.

  47. One looked enquiringly at another, and the men would gladly have concealed the terrible truth; but she went on: "Oh, let me know.

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