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Example sentences for "hour longer"

  • Creamed Stewed Potatoes= Cut potatoes into small pieces or slice not too thin; cook until almost tender; drain, put into cream sauce in double boiler and cook A1/2 hour longer.

  • Fasten covers and cook according to general directions for two hours, tighten covers and cook for one hour longer.

  • By boiling the rice a quarter of an hour longer, it will be very good to eat without baking.

  • If no oven, put the pan in water three-parts up, and give half an hour longer.

  • Proceed as above, boil an hour longer, adding a pint more water.

  • A teaspoonful of flour should be dissolved and stirred in, then allowed to boil half an hour longer.

  • Take out the pieces of bird, and cover in a bowl; cook the soup an hour longer; strain; cool; drop in the celery and simmer ten minutes.

  • Rub through a sieve, cover with hot milk, and cook very slowly half an hour longer.

  • Add a cupful of salt pork cut into dice, and fried crisp, and stew half an hour longer.

  • Stew it slowly an hour longer, and then strain it.

  • Simmer it half an hour longer, then take up the meat, and place-it in a dish, laying the vegetables round it.

  • Let all stew together a quarter of an hour longer.

  • Let it boil a quarter of an hour longer, and then send it to table with the meat in it.

  • I said there was nothing to detain you here, Clennam, half an hour longer.

  • Let it rise three-quarters of an hour longer—until it almost fills the pans—and bake steadily half an hour if you have put it in small pans, an hour, if it is in large loaves.

  • Then make into rolls, and let these stand an hour longer, or until light and “puffy,” before baking.

  • Cook steadily an hour longer, working with a wooden spoon to a rich jelly.

  • Hold on for half an hour longer, and then go dream of your dear mother.

  • Admiral Bluewater remained half an hour longer in the cottage, when he tore himself away, from a society which, for him, possessed a charm that he could not account for, nor yet scarcely estimate.

  • Bluewater paced the poop an hour longer, having dismissed his signal-officer and the quarter-masters to their hammocks.

  • Let all boil rapidly for a few minutes till the farina has well set, then place in a double boiler, or a dish set in a pan of boiling water, to cook an hour longer.

  • Put in an earthen pudding dish and cook for two hours in a moderate oven, stirring once or twice before the rice begins to swell, then add a cup of hot milk, and cook for an hour longer.

  • Stew the tomatoes for half an hour, then add the okra, and simmer together for half an hour longer.

  • Of five pounds, must be kept at a good distance from the fire on account of the crackling, and will take about two hours; if very fat, half an hour longer.

  • If not to be cut till cold, it will cut the shorter and tenderer for being boiled about half an hour longer.

  • Whip the eggs up well, add a dessertspoonful of water for each egg, and pepper and salt to taste.

  • Mash the potatoes well with one of the eggs, add seasoning, form the mixture into sausages, roll them in egg and breadcrumbs, and fry them brown.

  • Peel and wash the mushrooms, place them in a flat tin with a few spoonfuls of water, a dusting of pepper and salt and a bit of butter on each.

  • When finished, there ought to remain about a quart of broth; but if by neglect it has boiled too fast, add more water, and set to boil for a quarter of an hour longer.

  • After that the seven boys talked the matter over for half an hour longer.

  • The boys rode on for half an hour longer, and then reached the top of the hill they were ascending.

  • After this the seven cadets became more quiet, and, sitting as close as possible to the little radiator which gave forth only a mite of warmth, they discussed the situation for half an hour longer.

  • Had we stood on an hour longer, gentlemen, we should have been lost on the coast of Cornwall!

  • I abhor artifice, particularly in children; it is my duty to show you that tricks will not answer: you will now stay here an hour longer, and it is only on condition of perfect submission and stillness that I shall liberate you then.

  • Bessie and I conversed about old times an hour longer, and then she was obliged to leave me: I saw her again for a few minutes the next morning at Lowton, while I was waiting for the coach.

  • I yet lingered half-an-hour longer, hoping to see some sign of amity: but she gave none.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
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