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Example sentences for "answer from"

  • They wanted an answer from Master, in order to report to the Governor, who would communicate immediately with Lhasa.

  • I have no answer from Congress on the subject which has been thought of between us.

  • I have had no answer from Congress; but hearing of your journey to Holland, have hoped that some money operations had led you there.

  • He was in the country when I sent the box to the Cabinet, so that I have as yet no answer from him.

  • Early next morning, I got an answer from Bob, wherein he assured me that everything was working smoothly, and said all the best citizens, James L.

  • General Brown's head-quarters was less than one square from the court-house, and we could get no answer from him at all until two days afterwards.

  • Rude guests, indeed,' cried Miss Mabel, 'that will not take an answer from a servant!

  • In the midst of my distractions, I found shelter under your hospitable roof; may I presume to flatter myself with the continuance of that charitable protection, till I receive an answer from Mr. Thoughtless?

  • If Lady Mellasin,' added he, 'will give herself the trouble to send in three or four days, she may depend on an answer from me.

  • To get an answer from Boston a Philadelphian had been obliged to wait six weeks.

  • Towards evening Caroline received through me an answer from Mr. Middleton, in which I discovered he promised to meet her.

  • I awaited impatiently the return of the mail which should bring the answer from Amelia.

  • All right; I'll get down," came in answer from inside.

  • Sapt knocked softly with his knuckles, but there was no answer from within.

  • I have not yet received an answer from Dr Franklin or Mr Adams upon that subject.

  • The very fact that there were two strangers present justified the use of the expression; we continually use the expression in that way, and in such cases we expect an answer from both persons so addressed.

  • I expected an answer from both, and I got it, too (as is generally the case where ice-cream is concerned).

  • She didn't expect an answer from my companion.

  • The next day arrived an answer from Lavinia, long, minute, and melancholy, but tenderly affectionate and replete with pity.

  • This sent off, she forced herself to wait upon Miss Margland, who had received an answer from Cleves to continue in town till Indiana wrote or re-appeared.

  • Late at night an answer from Arabi: 'Mai 13.

  • At five o'clock I received an answer from Gladstone to say that he supposed my last letter was written before the arrival of recent news.

  • I have just received an answer from Boissier, who can make no offer as he is not acquainted with our terms, but declines an interview, and thinks it may suit other people better than himself.

  • He expects an answer from Durnford, who, by the bye, has not yet wrote either to Harrison[30] or me.

  • The reason, or if You like it better the pretence of my long silence, was the waiting for an answer from my farmer, to whom I had wrote in consequence of your permission.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "answer from" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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