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  1. Protestant church historians recognize the decline that came in the early church.

  2. Even Rome's ecclesiastical writers and historians themselves admit her use of force in destroying those whom she denominated heretics.

  3. But such a tradition, whether actually a fact or not, is a tribute to the affection and strength of Eleanor's character; and all historians agree that she instilled no poison into the life of king or country.

  4. Historians have done their best, or their worst, to throw doubt upon the story of Eleanor's sucking the poison with her lips from the arm of her husband when a dastardly assassin of those days struck at the life of Edward.

  5. The Roman himself met Arthur face to face; knights carried his fame to Constantinople--so the early historians asseverate, and so they doubtless sincerely believed.

  6. Historians differ widely as to the date of this event, but most are agreed that the time was winter--some say Christmas Day.

  7. There is also a Caer Badon in Berkshire which at least two historians have favoured as the scene of Arthur’s crucial contest with Cerdic.

  8. Mr. Freeman, Mr. Stokes, and other modern historians give their vote for Badbury in Dorset, but without mentioning their reasons.

  9. All that impartial and not too credulous historians can do is to pronounce the place as not unlikely, not impossible, and not unfitting as her abode and as the scene of her last acts of restitution and repentance.

  10. But while in the Mabinogion the west of Europe is almost exclusively dealt with, the English, French, and German historians would be content with nothing less than the best part of the hemisphere.

  11. There is a consensus of opinion as to this drawbridge, Camden and other trustworthy historians all confirming the report as to its existence, and this further proves that there were not two castles at Tintagel.

  12. The historians made no effort to be consistent in their allusions, to reconcile contradictory statements, or to account for abrupt changes of scene from the South-West to the North.

  13. But there are many other facts, established beyond controversy, which explain fully the feeling of the great majority of the Italian people and the verdict of the accredited historians of the world.

  14. Such books have, I conceive, their utility to historians and historical readers.

  15. The bloodguiltiness of fratricidal Ferdinando was well whitewashed by his courtiers, and historians have painted him in colours that ill befit his character.

  16. He was the father of a numerous family--some historians say he had nineteen children by his wife, Madonna Fiammetta de' Guigni!

  17. The Spanish and Portuguese historians differ widely in their accounts of the parentage of this gallant stranger.

  18. Mohammed, by some historians described as of a pale livid complexion, and trux aspectus et vox terribilis, of a fierce threatening aspect, voice, and demeanour.

  19. On this point the historians are rather to be believed.

  20. Some historians having related this story of Egas, add, "All this is very pleasant and entertaining, but we see no sufficient reason to affirm that there is one syllable of it true.

  21. Nor are the historians agreed on the birth of Donna Teresa, the spouse of Count Henry.

  22. The Roman historians boasted that India was entirely conquered by him; but they could only mean Arabia Felix.

  23. Except Osorius, the historians of Portugal are little better than dry journalists.

  24. Castera tells us, "that posterity by no means enters into the resentment of our poet, and that the Portuguese historians make glorious mention of Barreto, who was a man of true merit.

  25. The tempests which afflicted Columbus and Magalhaens are by their different historians described with circumstances of less horror and danger than those which attacked Gama.

  26. The Turkish historians say, that the persuasion those of their nation have imprinted in them of the fatal and unalterable prescription of their days, manifestly conduces to the giving them great assurance in dangers.

  27. The Roman historians have been obviously camouflaging: they do not want you to examine this too closely.

  28. There are historians who will prove to you that the ruin of Rome came of economic causes: which were, in fact, merely some of the channels through which Karma flowed.

  29. Chinese historians love him not; Fenollosa describes him as too generous-minded and other-worldly for success.

  30. Most of the local Umbrian historians have awarded the honour of the foundation of their own particular town to the earliest heroes whom they happen to know of, and these are invariably Noah and his family.

  31. Some historians affirm he did not extend to him the protection he deserved, although he confirmed him in his office.

  32. Why was it commended by historians as a good institution for the times?

  33. Becket a puzzle to historians His early history His gradual elevation Friendship with Henry II.

  34. What a small matter to future historians is rapid colonization and development of material resources, in comparison with the sentiments which provoked that war!

  35. But other historians strongly represent their evil conduct, which incited the efforts of the early reformers-- themselves Catholic.

  36. There seems to be some discrepancy among historians as to Becket's birth and origin, some making him out a pure Norman, and others a Saxon, and others again half Saracen.

  37. Historians are fond of exalting the glories of imperialism, and everybody is dazzled by the splendor and power of ancient Roman emperors.

  38. Enlightened jurists and historians in our times here sympathize with Henry.

  39. Historians have always differed as to the loss of the Americans in the battle of Brooklyn.

  40. Historians have deliberately misjudged him, drawing their conclusions from the biased reports of the few aristocrats who hated or the English officials who despised him.

  41. It is easy to belittle it, as historians have done, by saying that upon no other conditions could they have lived among the natives.

  42. These historians cannot have looked very deeply into the records on this subject, else they would have found that the fact was exactly the reverse of what they suppose it to have been.

  43. Some historians have asserted, that Lord Ruthven accompanied the two Commissioners mentioned in the text.

  44. Next to Mary herself, no one had held so prominent a place in Scotland as the Earl of Murray; and there is no one concerning whose character historians have more widely differed.

  45. The accounts which historians give of this battle are so confused and contradictory, that it is almost impossible to furnish any very distinct narrative of it, even by collating them all.

  46. The instructions given to these ambassadors, as Buchanan has justly remarked, and after him the French historians De Thou and Le Clerc, were drawn up with much art.

  47. Who are the historians of the Commonwealths?

  48. One invention of some skilful servant of the king's seemed to the ecclesiastical historians more intolerable and dangerous than anything before.

  49. According to the historians of his reign, affection led Henry to a marriage which was certainly most directly in line with the policy which he was carrying out.

  50. The contemporary historians of his reign tell us much of William's personality, both in set descriptions and in occasional reference and anecdote.

  51. The references to the charter of Henry I in the historians of the time prove clearly enough the great part which that document played at the origin of the revolution now beginning.

  52. To one at least of the historians of the time Richard's feeling about the succession did not seem strange, nor can it to us.

  53. Historians have been found to speak highly of his intellectual or military abilities, but words have been exhausted to describe the meanness of his moral nature and his utter depravity.

  54. Yet the Baconian theory is universally rejected in England by the professors and historians of English literature; and generally by students who have no profession save that of Letters.

  55. The thought of the insecurity of life, of the vicissitudes of human affairs, and of the impotence of man to control his fate, which forced the Greek poets and historians of the fifth century B.

  56. The works of the two greatest Roman historians have reached us in a mutilated shape; and the most important epochs in the later history of the Republic are not represented in what remains of the works of either writer.

  57. The early historians relate the curious story of the election of Guthred, Halfdan's successor.

  58. These records were not made by Danish surveyors, but Norman officials, and explode the theory of historians like Green who assert that the English settlers were Communities of free men.

  59. Historians have failed to expose the cause of hostilities, or the barbarous foray which plunged the nation into that bloody contest which cost the people millions of treasure and the sacrifice of hundreds of human lives.

  60. After a careful review of nearly all the historians and writers upon the ancient history of Mexico, we have never encountered a satisfactory view of the Aztec empire, except in the history of the conquest, by our countryman Prescott.

  61. It is related by the historians of these wars, that in spite of all Venegas's boasted valor and assurance, he was not a little dismayed by the approach of Hidalgo.

  62. In the year 1653 archeologists and historians throughout Europe were greatly excited over one of the most interesting finds of ancient relics ever recorded.

  63. He was, however, wholly forgotten by early historians of art in Flanders, and it is only recently that he has been given his proper place as one of the first of the great masters of the Flemish school.

  64. It seems hard to believe that this vast vaulted room, with its splendid columns and Romanesque arches was ever designed or used as a stable, but such the historians all aver was the case.

  65. Facing the Grande Place, and only a few steps from the Belfry, is the Hotel de Ville, an unprepossessing structure externally, although the historians say that it was once much better looking.

  66. The French and English historians in particular bear testimony to the extent of misery produced by it.

  67. Thus, as historians regard evidence the statement about the yearly victim of Saturn, a statement made long after the event, and after the establishment of Christianity, is weak indeed.

  68. For it has no corroboration in the works of Latin or Greek historians or antiquaries.

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