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Example sentences for "histologically"

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  1. In our crossed circulation experiments we found that adrenalin alone could cause increased brain activity, while histologically we know that adrenalin alone causes an increase of the Nissl substance.

  2. This observation is verified by the experiments which show that certain organs in the kinetic chain are histologically exhausted, the depleted cells being for the most part restored by sleep.

  3. When first visible it differs histologically from the adjacent mesoblast simply in the fact of its cells being more concentrated; while its boundary is not sharply marked.

  4. These nodosities do not appear to suppurate or ossify or become infiltrated with urate of soda, and histologically they resemble organizing granulative tissue.

  5. Histologically they consist of cells of special sensation, together with a thick layer of slender nerve-fibres.

  6. This physiological antagonism may be traced histologically to the comparative development of the aesthetal and the phronetal cells in the two cases.

  7. The changes affected chiefly the intima, to less degree the media, and histologically were very much like human intimal disease.

  8. The spontaneous lesions can not be distinguished histologically from those due to adrenalin.

  9. For if the specific molecular structure of a cell-body is caused and determined by the structure of the nucleoplasm, every kind of cell which is histologically differentiated must have a specific nucleoplasm.

  10. The growing egg-cell is therefore histologically differentiated: and in this respect resembles a somatic cell.

  11. Valaoritis[124] has also recognised that the transformation of histologically differentiated cells into sexual cells is impossible.

  12. The nucleoplasm of histologically differentiated cells may be called histogenetic nucleoplasm, and the growing egg-cell must contain such a substance, and even a certain specific modification of it.

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