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Example sentences for "hissings"

Lexicographically close words:
hissed; hisself; hissen; hisses; hissing; hist; histed; histologic; histological; histologically
  1. Ev'n Pluto hates his own misshapen race; Her sister Furies fly her hideous face; So frightful are the forms the monster takes, So fierce the hissings of her speckled snakes.

  2. Pete answered haltingly, with frequent lapses into the gutturals and hissings of his native tongue.

  3. The reply was a jabber of hissings and gutturals.

  4. The bellowings and hissings sounded louder, so loud that the earth shook as if actuated by a mighty earthquake.

  5. He cut out the switch and the motor stopped with minor hissings of compression.

  6. Whose hissings fright all Nature's monstrous ills; His eye darts death, more swift than poison kills.

  7. Straight he bestirs him, and is seen to rise; And now with dreadful hissings fills the skies, And darts his forky tongues, and rolls his glaring eyes.

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