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  1. The multifarious adventures of Gil Blas sound at once more vivid and more plausible narrated in the first person than they would sound narrated in the third.

  2. The adventures of her brilliant youth when she shared the throne of Philippe de Valois, or the fortunes of her brothers, the gallant Princes of Navarre, have been related in a former volume.

  3. They mingled in the crowd, seeing and hearing much that diverted them, and the King afterwards told the Queen and ladies all his adventures with great delight.

  4. Amongst other adventures is told the story of a young girl to whom he took a fancy at Naples.

  5. Mrs. Ward's narrative is one of deep interest, full of exciting adventures and wild and graphic descriptions of scenes the most extraordinary which could be presented to the eyes of a traveller.

  6. Voyages and adventures in the Arctic Ocean.

  7. And now, my dear auditors, I must confess that there are contradictory statements and some uncertainty about the adventures of the chair, for a period of almost ten years.

  8. Among them he found the features of more than one famous personage who had been connected with the adventures of our old chair.

  9. Possibly, one of these days, I may go on with the adventures of the chair," said he.

  10. Now, that you may fully comprehend the remaining adventures of the chair, I must make some brief remarks on the situation and character of the New England colonies at this period.

  11. His young fancy kindled at the idea of knowing all the adventures of this venerable chair.

  12. Setting aside Grandfather and his auditors, and excepting the adventures of the Chair, which form the machinery of the work, nothing in the ensuing pages can be termed fictitious.

  13. Chapter II But, before relating the adventures of the chair, Grandfather found it necessary to speak of the circumstances that caused the first settlement of New England.

  14. Do you wish me to go on with the adventures of the chair?

  15. And when we took leave of Hutchinson, he was sitting by his fireside, and thinking of the past adventures of the chair, and of what was to come.

  16. He knew all the adventures and vicissitudes through which the old chair had passed, and could have told, as accurately as your own Grandfather, who were the personages that had occupied it.

  17. He therefore resolved to narrate the youthful adventures of Christina of Sweden, who began to be a Queen at the age of no more than six years.

  18. For this purpose, while ostensibly relating the adventures of a Chair, he has endeavored to keep a distinct and unbroken thread of authentic history.

  19. You will not wonder that it has been rubbed off," replied Grandfather, "when you hear all the adventures that have since befallen the chair.

  20. He might probably have been a successful candidate," answered Grandfather; "for his adventures and military enterprises had gained him a sort of renown, which always goes a great way with the people.

  21. And now, my dear children, having followed Sir William Phips through all his adventures and hardships, till we find him comfortably seated in Grandfather’s chair, we will here bid him farewell.

  22. Most readers will be astonished that so delightful a tale as The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid has been hitherto uncollected.

  23. However he merely remarked—“Australia is certainly a land of wonders—my friends in England will not believe half my adventures when I tell them.

  24. Mr. Blount delayed his retirement, as he smoked before the still glowing “back log” and dwelt upon the adventures of the day.

  25. Here the famous scout, surrounded by the tried comrades of many a wild campaign, entertained the company by calling on these for one anecdote after another of the adventures that had been crowded so thickly into their lives.

  26. They seemed to be crossing the Plains and mountains in the most prosaic manner, without doing anything in particular except work, while, to this boy, the trip was full of adventures and delightful experiences.

  27. The Two Whalers; or, Adventures in the Pacific, by W.

  28. I was much pleased when Captain Bland thus spoke of Bill, and I thought to myself, what would he have said if he had heard him describe some of the wonderful adventures he had narrated to us.

  29. It recites the physical, mental, and moral adventures of one whose life history was abruptly thrust upon my attention, and as abruptly interrupted.

  30. One day, however, in the course of a country ramble they fell to discussing the romancer, or man who resorts to fiction that his adventures may be the more interesting.

  31. No wonder that nine boys out of ten grow up with a dislike of Bunyan and all his works, and a contempt for the adventures of the immortal Don.

  32. Long after his school-days were ended he took up, for the first time, 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

  33. A book, a voluminous roll closely written, containing nothing but the adventures of a pair of lovers!

  34. Even so late as Milton's day it was the custom to recount knightly adventures and fairy tales about the evening fireside.

  35. The adventures of Maximilian which have been adverted to in the story are all to be found in Theurdank, and in his early life he was probably the brilliant eager person we have tried in some degree to describe.

  36. After some twenty adventures Furwitz is beaten off, and Umfallo tries his powers.

  37. But the other adventures are more rational.

  38. Although damp they were little the worse for their adventures in sea and air.

  39. Again, they appear to have had a preference for biographical sketches, whereas the court poems are usually occupied with accounts of adventures which lasted only a few days.

  40. The first is that of strictly contemporary court poetry, dealing with the praises or the adventures of living men.

  41. In the Norse version the two adventures are combined, but in the Nibelungenlied the treasure belonged to Nibelung and his brother who had quarrelled and who are both killed by the hero.

  42. Both Demodocos and Phemios are represented as singing of recent events, namely the adventures of the Achaeans on their return from Troy, though the former also produces one song upon a mythical subject.

  43. To me the affinities of the latter seem rather to lie with Sigemund's dragon; but the truth may be that for adventures of this kind there was a standard poetic description which could be applied to any number of cases.

  44. Beginning with the departure of the Achaeans from Troy, it narrated the adventures which befell various heroes on their return.

  45. But on the other hand we have to remember that heroic poetry is always liable to the intrusion of folk-tales, in which adventures with monsters form one of the favourite themes.

  46. One group deals with the exploits of English kings and noblemen of the tenth century, the other with the exploits and adventures of persons who did not belong to this country.

  47. The Norse poems of the Older Edda are occupied chiefly with the adventures of Huns, Burgundians and Goths.

  48. There is one thing certain," he said, at last, "and that is that our adventures are not yet over.

  49. A book of dog adventures as exciting as any man's exploits could be.

  50. Caleb was unusually silent during supper, and when his master grew cheery and related the adventures of the day, offered no comment beyond a series of mysterious sounds expressing mental discontent rather than sympathy.

  51. The Twins alone escorted the bride and bridegroom to the railway-station; and with the accident that there befell, the chronicle of Mr. Fogo's adventures may for the present close.

  52. The intimate representation of peaceful scenes of modest life, the entirely pictorial representation of peaceful and congenial events, has taken the place of the adventures dear to genre painting.

  53. You must turn your thoughts again to Sagres and the adventures of your mariners.

  54. And among all these adventures and these foreign scenes, brother," said Duarte, "what has struck you most with admiration?

  55. His brothers were all tender and good to him; but Enrique was the best-loved of them all, and the idea that these eagerly-desired adventures involved a parting had never been realised by him before.

  56. That night the two sat long over the camp fire at the foot of the moraine, and the heart of the man swelled with pride as the boy recounted his adventures on the trail.

  57. But in doing so the small boy could not foresee--nor could any man in the cabin foresee--the chain of adventures into which the possession of the ten-team would lead him.

  58. Before tracing his adventures further, let us return once more to Sweden.

  59. It was his son who embarked in the adventures which he related with his own lips to Edgar Poe--” “Captain!

  60. In the last chapter of the adventures of Arthur Pym, does not Edgar Poe relate his sudden and deplorable end?

  61. I think there is some need for doubt,” I answered “the singular character of the hero of those adventures being taken into consideration--at least concerning the phenomena of the island of Tsalal.

  62. No more appropriate scene for the wonderful and terrible adventures which I am about to relate could be imagined than the Desolation Islands, so called, in 1779, by Captain Cook.

  63. And it was not Arthur Pym himself who related his adventures to Edgar Poe?

  64. Now the faithful half-breed rests under the clay of the Land of the Antarctic Mystery, by the side of his “poor Pym,” that hero whose strange adventures found a chronicler no less strange in the great American poet!

  65. We shall see whether there was any room for doubt that the adventures of this hero of romance were imaginary.

  66. It seemed to me that it was a chance for one of those wayside boxing adventures which were so common in the olden times.

  67. The man with the florid face seemed very much surprised at my words, so that I cannot think that adventures of this sort were as common as I had been led by the master to expect.

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