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  1. It would be better, I imagine, if you let harems alone and devoted your attention to lonely and inoffensive-looking seals," was what she said.

  2. They are the young bulls, not old enough to have harems of their own.

  3. We watched him travel slowly inward, threading about among the harems along what must have been the path.

  4. The Turks build harems for their women; but we find it necessary to abandon to women our abodes, and construct harems for ourselves.

  5. She visited, for example, several of the harems in the city, including that of Abd el Kadir.

  6. He selected from their harems nursing-mothers for his own sons, and this choice established between him and them a foster relationship, which was as binding among the Egyptians and other Oriental peoples as one of blood.

  7. This continues until the lower row of harems is nearly full.

  8. Indian elephant; on the proportion of male and female births in the harems of Siam.

  9. And what may not happen when we know that free access is obtained by Christian physicians, even to the harems of Moslems!

  10. I am laughing at all those stories about your harems which you still make up for me just as you used to do for that idiot Hadidjé.

  11. They have all of them got to know a great deal more than was necessary for them about those famous "customs of our harems in France," the principles of which I had endeavoured to teach them.

  12. Women came voluntarily and openly from Italy, France, Spain, and England to trade upon their charms, added to whose number were those of their sex captured from the harems of the Mohammedans.

  13. The Janissaries frequently insisted on the dismissal, and even on the execution, of viziers and other ministers of State, and the craven Sultans and the ladies of their harems had to consent.

  14. Their daughters and sons were torn from them to be sold to harems in Asia Minor, or for other vile purposes.

  15. I did not know that there was anything like you in the harems of Cairo.

  16. She never would believe that in serving Aimée she would not be ruining her; and even if assured of Aimée's safety, she could never be brought to betray her own reputation for truthworthiness among the harems of Cairo.

  17. That is very often so--in the harems of Cairo.

  18. And the gossip of the harems would be her protection.

  19. Foreign nations made use of these carpets in the decoration of their harems and royal saloons; indeed, this species of luxury appears nowhere to have been carried farther than among the Persians.

  20. King Polo asserted his lordly self, and the harems of mares and heifers sent back their answering calls.

  21. When he tells of harems forced and mosques profaned, the Kalmuks who are present color and pant with Asiatic glee.

  22. The land was governed by provincial begs, called boyars and voyevods; the army was drilled and dressed like Turkish troops; and the women were kept in harems like the Sultan's odalisques.

  23. The Russians now entirely stock their harems from the north of Asia.

  24. Often-occurring accidents in harems make complete eunuchs a desideratum.

  25. The beachmasters whose harems are on either side of this road watch them.

  26. Only a few pups right in the harems and they are all small.

  27. Then they don't breed in harems and the male hair seal does not stay on shore.

  28. Those huge monarchs of the waterside eyed her closely, but the harems were full to the last inch of ground and they let her pass, the cow seal remaining quiet as long as the beachmaster was watching, then creeping on a yard or two.

  29. Those beachmasters who have harems nearest the water want their family first and there's fighting all along the water's edge, then.

  30. In India, as in Turkey, the introduction of Western dress and education has begun to create new ideas and ambitions, and not a few Eastern women have induced English women to enter the harems as companions, nurses and governesses.

  31. Similarly trained medical women are introduced into zenanas and harems by the Lady Dufferin Association for medical aid to Indian women.

  32. The furniture, of the old-fashioned harems at least, is confined to divans, rugs, carpets and mirrors.

  33. Simple mats cover the floor, such mats, woven of long straw by the fellahs, as adorn the harems of the poorer class of people in Cairo.

  34. He led him to the hall in which he kept the magnificent goods from which the ladies in the harems of the Turks of rank were accustomed to select their festal dresses, and spread the beautiful goods out before Mohammed.

  35. They filled their harems with wives and concubines.

  36. As in the other harems I had visited, perfect equality seemed to prevail between the ladies, and while they chatted with Mme.

  37. Others come from harems in the turreted cities beyond the Atlas, where blue palm-groves beat all night against the stars and date-caravans journey across the desert from Timbuctoo.

  38. The harems of Constantinople and Cairo are recruited from Paris and Vienna; why not those of Teherán?

  39. The harems were maintained mainly by orphans, generally girls whose parents were 'dead.

  40. Life in the harems is spent in smoking and idle gossip, and things far worse; the wife and mother there, no less than among the poorer classes, has no idea of responsibility.

  41. The Fulani rulers, following the Eastern fashion, have large harems and keep their women very secluded.

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