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Example sentences for "deftly"

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defrayed; defraying; deft; defterdar; deftest; deftness; defunct; defuncti; defunctorum; defuse
  1. I noticed her as she detached a heavy cord from his belt, fastening it deftly to a cleet.

  2. The viands were deftly served; the merry jest went round, and sometimes came back the same way, "returned with thanks.

  3. From a half dollar they will hammer out or mold a bangle and cover it with chasing very deftly cut.

  4. There are those, indeed, who claim that the centaurs were men and rode their mountain ponies so deftly that man and horse seemed one whole creature.

  5. Placing the child on a chair, the Gadfly knelt down beside him, and, deftly slipping off the ragged clothing, bathed and bandaged the wound with tender, skilful hands.

  6. Austrian currency, and then deftly turned the conversation to the condition of the Lombardo-Venetian revenue.

  7. Marjorie, and King threw his cap high in the air and caught it deftly on his head.

  8. Quite deftly Dick wrapped the handkerchief round Marjorie's finger, and secured it with a bit of string from another pocket.

  9. Very deftly he rolled back the bedding and secreted the box under his pillows, and then stretched himself out with the pretense of snoozing till the bell called him to duty.

  10. Very deftly Florence raised the lid just enough to peep out.

  11. When two hundred had been reached, Wild Water suddenly cracked an egg on the edge of the table and opened it deftly with his thumbs.

  12. There was no trace of furtive hurry or of alarm about him; he moved deftly and confidently; and when he sat down, after the proper greetings, crossed one leg over the other, so that he could nurse his foot.

  13. Had it been any other man in Avonlea, Mrs. Rachel, deftly putting this and that together, might have given a pretty good guess as to both questions.

  14. Anne washed the dishes deftly enough, as Marilla who kept a sharp eye on the process, discerned.

  15. The impression made on Sylvia had not in the least corresponded to this one; but with a cat-like twist of her flexible mind, she fell on her feet, took up his lead, and deftly produced the only suitable material she had at command.

  16. He deftly prepared a kindling fire and placed a few of the large pine chunks upon it.

  17. Mike loped over to his traps that afternoon, and, having found the large one in good order, he baited it and arranged it so deftly that not one bit of the iron showed through the twigs and leaves.

  18. Gingerly, almost shyly, he slipped over his hand the deftly woven, trifle of ribbon and gleaming hair.

  19. Pressing down the edge of the hammock, he half lifted her into it and settled her among the cushions, deftly tucking in her silks and muslins.

  20. He thought her request rather extraordinary, but he sat up and with the aid of the mirror, scraped away at his wet hair, parting it in the middle and combing it deftly into two gay little Mercury wings.

  21. I deftly led the conversation round to riddles yesterday, when I was alone with them for a few minutes, and asked sternly: 'When is a door, not a door?

  22. With his pen Mr. Herford deftly touches the ink blot, and it is a most amusing human silhouette.

  23. Yes, there are patent prongs to it, which he deftly slips beneath the wings of his collar.

  24. Deftly she untied the noose and freed the snorting, terrified animal, and as deftly she threw her body across the side of the sledge, and the horse, feeling himself free, dashed with it homewards.

  25. But just at this moment the Tsar dropped from his perch to the ground, and stepping behind the bear as it tore at the poor hunter's leg, he deftly inserted his sharp blade in the brute's windpipe and ended the fray.

  26. I paced my steps so deftly with the broncho's and let him munch grass so often, the most watchful Indian could not have detected a man on the far side of the horse, directing every move.

  27. Men rose and danced wild jigs, or deftly executed some intricate Indian step; and uproarious applause greeted every performer.

  28. By keeping deftly to the fore, where the buffalo could not see, and swerving alternately from side to side as the enraged animals struck forward, trained horses avoided side thrusts.

  29. She had wheeled towards the forest as if spying for the unseen presence among the foliage, and Louis deftly dodged behind.

  30. The boy leaped from her arms into the air, and, whilst the distracted mother uttered a wail of anguish, Giovanni deftly caught his little son in his arms.

  31. Deftly lowering her dress--betraying thereby that she knew it was too high, and a detail now best omitted from the picture--she half rose from her seat as they came up.

  32. Miss Milligan, dressmaker in private life, with a discreet swiftness, twitched the blouse and skirt into place and deftly fastened it.

  33. Sir Hilton, in a passion, and deftly placing the toe of his boot under the puppy he lifted it and sent it flying through the window, to be fielded cleverly and without pain by its owner.

  34. First he set it twirling, then he spun it deftly with his finger and thumb.

  35. But when the rope was deftly thrown across the limb of a tree, Timbani altered his point of view, electing to drag out an ignominious existence.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deftly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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