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Example sentences for "expertly"

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experimentum; expers; expert; experte; expertise; expertness; experto; experts; expertus; experyence
  1. The last man on the serving line dipped a tin mug expertly into a galvanized can filled with iced tea and sent him on his way.

  2. As Lars maneuvered the launch expertly alongside the dock, Russ leaped out and gave the mooring line a few turns around a piling.

  3. True, he had seen the underground airdromes and hangars the Nazis had constructed along the Franco-German border, and he had seen the expertly camouflaged fields built by the German Luftwaffe on the burning sands of the Libyan desert.

  4. Beyond all question the person who had made the notes and signs was expertly acquainted with the way in which R.

  5. He expertly advanced the power of the scope and swung it in slow arcs.

  6. The 'copter landed expertly a few feet away, and the blades slowed to idling speed.

  7. Then he expertly wove a short length of wire around the pegs and drew them tight with a pair of wire nippers.

  8. The swivel pen, if expertly handled, produces a firm and even line.

  9. Roughly prepared maps and any rough line copy that is accurate in statement and clear as to intent are appropriate for both methods of engraving, but drawings that are expertly prepared are more suitable for reproduction by photolithography.

  10. In the smoker I listened till late to the talk of the drummers who clenched big black cigars between their teeth, or slender Pittsburgh stogies, expertly flicking off the grey ash with their little fingers, as they yarned.

  11. I opened the door to admit a pale, young chap, who expertly flirted the ashes off a cigarette as he said, leaning his head sidewise, that he represented the Kansas City Star.

  12. An old hand at this sort of thing, he probed expertly into corners that Ted had missed and lifted out shovelfuls of mud without splashing his clothes at all.

  13. They ate the sandwiches and drank the coffee they'd brought along while Tammie, sitting hopefully near, expertly caught and gobbled the crusts they tossed him.

  14. He lighted a pipe and sat puffing on it while Ted steered expertly through Lorton's hunting season traffic.

  15. Her broad, heavy palm, sweeping expertly down the sheet-covered iron cot, had encountered something, a piece of broken blue bottle.

  16. Tom reluctantly held out his wrists and Mrs. Hill expertly applied the salve and bandaged the cadet's raw wrists.

  17. This blaster will knock the scales off any tyranno that you hit," he said, handing the weapon over to Tom who expertly broke it down and examined it.

  18. He uncoiled the rope, expertly ran out the noose, and grimly waited.

  19. Al, glancing expertly at the ingenuousness of her artfully simple coiffure, the slim limpness of her body, her wide-eyed gaze, laughed a wise little laugh.

  20. To them the little dancing teacher whose white spats twinkled so expertly in the tangle of their own clumsy clumping boots was more than a pretty girl.

  21. And he could do expertly all the things that Tyler Kamps did amateurishly.

  22. Little did she know how expertly this old one surveyed her and how ruthlessly he passed judgment.

  23. He danced flawlessly, holding and guiding his partner impersonally, firmly, expertly in spite of the weak right arm--it served well enough.

  24. You felt that her flesh was expertly restrained in tight pink satin brassières and long-hipped corsets and many straps.

  25. She was slamming expertly about the kitchen.

  26. I knew it by reason of his inexhaustible enthusiasm for this present sport after a year's proving that chased birds will rise strangely but expertly into air that no dog can climb by any device of whining, leaping, or straining.

  27. Frosty learned to strike so expertly that almost never did his victim elude him.

  28. THE WAR OF THE OWLS The next morning, knife in hand, Andy knelt beside his big buck and expertly skinned out both hindquarters.

  29. Luke Trull tied the mouth of the gunny sack, slung it over the saddle horn, and swung expertly into the saddle.

  30. Expertly Joe sliced around one of the haunches, and he was surprised when he lifted it quite easily.

  31. Tad sat at the table, working expertly with a whetstone as he put a razor edge back on his knife.

  32. Expertly he measured his next strike, and when the ax sank in, a large chip of wood broke out.

  33. A word from the magistrate had persuaded the press representative present to crumple his sheet of notes and promise not even a brevity of a case which, less expertly suppressed, would have been worth headlines.

  34. They whisper so as not to waken the manager, a blasé, mature youth of twenty who sleeps expertly in the big chair back of the railing.

  35. Now she became animated, speaking as she expertly rolled a fresh cigarette.

  36. Mrs. Brandeis, dish in hand, counted her change expertly from the till below the desk, and reached for the sheet of wrapping paper just beneath that on which Fanny had made her drawing.

  37. The stock boys skimmed around corners on these lightweight bicycles, up one aisle, and down the next, snatching bundles out of bins, shooting bundles into bins, as expertly as players in a gymkhana.

  38. He dropped both sample cases and shook hands with Fanny, eying her expertly and approvingly, and yet without insolence.

  39. At length the captain opened his mahogany case, and exhibited therein a pair of what he called his “barking irons,” bright and glittering as if both able and willing to commit most expertly any murder or murders they might be employed in.

  40. The pilot brought the beautiful new cabin monoplane expertly to a stop and shut off the engine.

  41. As perhaps only Ted Mackay realized, her ambition was to fly, to fly so expertly that she could go to strange lands, do a man's work perhaps, carry out missions of importance.

  42. This consists in pulverising the ore by any convenient method, and expertly washing a given weight of it (say 1000 gr.

  43. He landed the craft expertly on the margin of a small airstrip, where two DC-3s were already parked and being unloaded, and felt himself free again.

  44. Discovering this pose to bring no desired result, he ran mad in the sawdust, excavating it feverishly with his forepaws, sending it expertly to the rear with the others.

  45. He winds up like old Sycamore," said Bean expertly of a young pitcher who was working nearby.

  46. It almost sounded, Ross decided as he listened, as if he were being expertly chewed out in another language.

  47. Of course, every control might be dead now, but he remembered that in the lifeboat the machines had worked successfully, fulfilled expertly the duty for which they had been constructed.

  48. The man raised his axe, brought it expertly down, and the wood split cleanly.

  49. But it had been so skillfully cured and so expertly braided that it was strong as rope and pliable as the finest cloth.

  50. Expertly Ike laced his hands and then his feet.

  51. With that the dark one whipped his blade home and spun his adversary expertly in order to discover the exact point of entrance of the blade.

  52. A second guard crept up quietly behind him and struck expertly with the hilt of his whip-sword just behind the left ear.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expertly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    ably; competently; deftly; efficiently; effortlessly; expertly; featly; handily; masterfully; neatly; nimbly; superbly; well