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  1. Andrea is the best, apparently twelfth-century work, as are the three apses at the eastern end.

  2. From the pilasters between the apses cross arches spring beneath a domical vault with a pendant at their intersection; in the left pilaster by the apse is a recess.

  3. The church is an irregular rectangle in plan, divided into two naves which end in apses by two pillars and a pier.

  4. Apparently apses were built round the martyrs' tombs, pointing in all directions, and many burials took place close to them.

  5. The apses have shallow arcading outside; the campanile is an addition built on to the tower of one of the town gates, the exterior arch of which is stopped; about the height of the nave cornice two great brackets project.

  6. It is a curious fact that the plan of the great Rhenish churches, with the apses and transepts at each end, is found in North Africa at a much earlier date, which suggests direct intercourse, of which no record has survived.

  7. He suggests that the shape originated with the altars in the apses above the relics of martyrs, and says that the Salona example (which is of the eighth century) is the most ancient that he knows, and the only Western example.

  8. The pier between the two apses has a round-arched niche in it.

  9. Croce was the cathedral, a small cruciform church with three apses in the eastward wall, and a dome over the crossing.

  10. In front of the apses is a solea with a wagon vault, except in front of the small aisle apse, where it is quadripartite.

  11. Opposite the entrance are three vaulted apses, the central one larger and deeper than the others and with four windows, the others having but one each; and these apses are repeated above, without the windows.

  12. The three apses are semicircular, with pilasters externally.

  13. The walls which separate the apses ran up to a tower.

  14. It consists of two adjoining spaces, each concluded by a semicircular apse, having upon both sides similar niches, so that the entire enclosure appears as a combination of apses around an oblong.

  15. Constantine, was an exception in every respect, being entirely vaulted, and having two apses upon adjoining sides opposite to the two chief entrances.

  16. The remains in the crypt show that there were two eastern apses to these transepts close to the central tower, and Professor Willis deduces from the position of these apses that they left no room for eastern aisles.

  17. It was very lofty, and had many porches, or apses (porticus may mean either), and thirty altars.

  18. Professor Willis thinks it possible that an additional pair of apses may have existed on the east side of these transepts, to the north and south respectively of these already discovered.

  19. There are indications that these three apses are not of precisely the same date, for the northernmost arch is the smallest of the three, and the apse is correspondingly smaller.

  20. Half-way between the apses lay the mean distance, and at this position the error was half the distance between the ellipse and the circle, amounting to .

  21. The line joining the centre of the earth to the excentric passes through the apses of the sun's orbit, where its distance from the earth is greatest and least.

  22. Mars now appeared too slow at the apses instead of too quick, so obviously some intermediate ellipse must be sought between the trial ellipse and the circle on the same axis.

  23. Here the smaller, older apses on either side betray the church's early origin.

  24. Tapestries also beautify the choir-walls, and on either side, are the narrow transepts and the apses of a good old style.

  25. The design consists of a dome, treated externally a little like some of the Lombard domes of earlier date; and three apses forming choir and transepts.

  26. These two figures are robed in white, and light up the dark recesses of the deep-toned gold background of the apses in a remarkable manner.

  27. The four small apses lead up to the big one, behind which and beyond the roof line one sees the great Campanile rising over the north transept.

  28. Yet perchance the improvers of modern times might retort on the original architects, and ask why, when they had made three apses at the east end, they presently built up a wall to hide them.

  29. At Trani there are no eastern towers, and the apses, though of amazing external height and no less amazing slightness of projection, are still real apses with a real curve.

  30. Both of the great churches of Bari have east ends of the same kind as that at Bitonto; the apses are swallowed up; the place where the great apse should be is marked by a single splendid Romanesque window.

  31. The church of most pretension lies without the walls; several within them keep their apses and the paintings on them, but little more.

  32. The side apses are disguised by towers, one only of which is carried up to any height, while the great apse is hidden by the wall between the towers.

  33. At Bitonto no one could know from the outside that there were any apses at all.

  34. Although differing in a number of details, these apses have certain features in common.

  35. Naturally they are vaulted exactly in the manner used for the principal apse of the church or the minor apses of the transept at the time the chapels were built.

  36. Among the more important early chevets of this type are those over the apses of Noyon[371] transepts, of Saint Remi at Reims (Fig.

  37. Such a system as that of Saint Genou and Saint Benoît is produced by the extension of the elevation so frequently seen in the apses of the churches of Poitou and Auvergne to embrace the sides of the choir as well.

  38. See also the apses of Saint Étienne at Caen, of Saint Martin-des-Champs at Paris and of Soissons cathedral transept.

  39. Such ribs are, of course, largely decorative and correspond to those found in the apses of many neighboring churches.

  40. The central piers were left in their places; the three terminal apses of the choir and transepts were strengthened, simplified, reduced to commonplace.

  41. Sangallo had the good sense to preserve many of Peruzzi's constructive features, especially in the apses of the choir and transepts; but he added a vast vestibule, which gave the church a length equal to that of Raffaello's plan.

  42. Especially successful is the massing of the large and small turrets with the lofty nave-roof and with the apses at one or both ends.

  43. It was a vast pseudodipteral edifice containing two cellas in one structure, their statue-niches or apses meeting back to back in the centre.

  44. It had three apses at the east end; the southern of these is still standing; the fragments of the others are nearly covered by heaps of earth, as are portions of the side walls.

  45. The stone now rests with one of its apses on the ground, so that its longer axis is perpendicular to the level of the floor.

  46. On the right hand is a hollow in the wall, into which one of the apses of this stone was inserted.

  47. In the apses are curious pictures representing the whole history of the sacred tree; the hole, in which it is said to have grown, is exhibited behind the great altar.

  48. After the completion of the great north transept for the reception of the shrine of St. Thomas Cantilupe, the terminal apses of the choir aisles were almost entirely removed, and the present north-east transept erected.

  49. The groined ceiling, edged with a broad band of marble lace, in the lateral apses of the Pantepoptes is very graceful.

  50. The exterior of apses is sometimes rendered pleasing by tiers of blind arches, or of niches and pilasters.

  51. The apse, which is lit by three windows, is supplemented by two smaller apses or side chapels at the extremities of the aisles.

  52. The open cupolas with belfries which are at present seen over the three apses were built in the year 1682 by the Katholikos Eleazar.

  53. The interior, which is very low, is disposed in a nave and aisles, an apse and two side apses or chapels.

  54. They suggest the appearance of a series of apses as they soar up into the sky.

  55. The central apse has only a single window of the same enriched type; the side apses have also only a single window each, but of a much plainer kind.

  56. Here there is no transept; still the three apses may pass for a miniature of those in the metropolitan church; there is the same single large and elaborate window in the mid apse, the same smaller single windows in the side apses.

  57. Those who have not seen Bitonto and Bari will not guess how great a danger these soaring apses have escaped.

  58. A single wide body, with three apses opening into it, is not a Dalmatian idea, as it is not an English idea.

  59. Now here at Trani, though all the apses stand out, yet a like arrangement is followed.

  60. The body of the church, not counting the apses and the western portico, has seven narrow arches, the six eastern ones grouped in pairs forming, as in so many German examples, three bays only in the vaulting.

  61. We take in some fresh features, as the tall blank arcades along the walls, a feature shared by Trani with Bari, and we guess that the extraordinary height of the apses must be owing to the presence of a lofty under-church.

  62. There is nothing weak and attenuated about it, and its transepts and apses make up in general effect what it lacks in actual area.

  63. It is one of the most perfect examples extant of a triapsed church, though the three apses themselves are supposed to have been an afterthought added in the twelfth century, whereas the nave dates from the century before.

  64. The three apses unfold grandly, with the high altar in the most easterly or middle termination.

  65. Externally the walls are comparatively plain, the decoration being confined to the east end, where the three apses are covered with a series of blind intersecting arcades of pointed arches.

  66. These apses are unusually deep and have five niches in each, in two storeys separated by superimposed columns.

  67. The plan with parallel apses also continued in use, as at the beautiful abbey church at Dijon and St Urbain at Troyes.

  68. Here, instead of confining the great apses to the east and west sides, they are introduced on the north and south sides in place of the screen, and produce a monotonous and poor effect.

  69. In the cathedral of Palermo and at Monreale they are carried round the apses at the east end.

  70. In plan it consists of a Latin cross, with double aisles on either side of the nave extending to the east end, a central apse, transepts with single aisles on each side, and north and south transepted apses (fig.

  71. In the external decoration, however, of the apses of the churches of San Vincenzo in Prato, Santa Maria delle Caccie, the church at Agliate and the ancient portion of S.

  72. The nave is covered with a dome raised on a drum, and carried on pendentives, and the apses with hemispherical vaults butt against the nave walls and form externally a very fine group.

  73. The apses were always covered with semi-domes.

  74. The columns and arches give scale to the small apses, the small apses to the larger ones, and the latter to the dome, so that its immense size is grasped from the first.

  75. The plan is unusual, and consists of a square with circular apses on three sides.

  76. This consists in adding aisles to the whole plan of the first type; columns are placed between the apses and the aisles; the plan thus obtained is very nearly identical with that of S.

  77. The sketch given at the side shows the arrangement of the second and third socle on the apses of the choir of that church; and it is remarkable that those sketches, in MS.

  78. Probably Noyon's transept apses came from retaining the foundations of the previous cathedral.

  79. The two smaller compartments and apses at the sides of the bema were sacristies, the diaconicon and prothesis.

  80. Above the conchs of the small apses rise the two great semi-domes which cover the hemicycles, and between these bursts out the vast dome over the central square.

  81. The cathedral, of the 12th century, has a carved portal and three apses decorated with small arches and pilasters, and contains a fine pulpit and episcopal throne in marble mosaic.

  82. Now add three apses on the east side opening from the three divisions, and opposite to the west put a narrow entrance porch running right across the front.

  83. There is no triforium, but the side walls, transepts, and apses are pierced by openings of true Romanesque type.

  84. Everywhere are Romanesque portals and arches, palaces and the apses and circular chapels of the age, bulging beyond the sidewalks into the cobblestones of the street.

  85. The short, eastern apses of the Spanish cathedrals and the undeveloped and insufficient room for the clergy immediately surrounding the altar almost necessitated this divorce of the choir.

  86. The western termination of the church is formed by three semicircular apses crowned by semicircular vaults.

  87. The transept choir and three semicircular apses are Transitional, and carry a barrel vaulting.

  88. The semicircular end of the Capilla Mayor and the two small apses are the oldest part of this noble building.

  89. The apses of Durham are of considerable depth from east to west, the oblong bay previously mentioned, which is fourteen feet wide in that direction, adding greatly to this effect.

  90. There can be little doubt, judging from the remainder of Carileph's work, that all three apses were covered with stone vaults, though of precisely what character can only be a matter of conjecture.

  91. The circumstances which led to the removal of Carileph's apses and the erection of the eastern transept have already been referred to.

  92. Its two western bays show Carileph's work, but the eastern piers have been considerably altered owing to the addition at a later period of the eastern transept, when Carileph's apses were taken down.

  93. The apses of the aisles were square externally, and apsidal internally.

  94. The external square line of the aisle apses is in line with the springing of the choir apse.

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