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  1. Ruth's shouts suddenly wavered, the apron she waved aloft was thrown over her face as she burst into tears.

  2. I think we're getting lots of education, if you ask me," laughed Elizabeth, as she put on her business apron and prepared to go out.

  3. The white apron is fastened to the dress as shown in the diagram.

  4. The strongest of the women is covered from the loins to the legs, with a sort of apron made of the longer ostrich feathers.

  5. She had dreamed of being entertained by a person like the Back Bay girl, served tea and cakes from a tea-wagon and by a French maid in beruffled cap and an apron not much bigger than a special delivery postage stamp!

  6. Tess, gathering pearl-lipped shells on the strand and loading her apron with them.

  7. She was just throwing one of the green twigs in her apron at him, when she heard her name spoken, and turned quickly to meet a pleasant- faced young man, who approached from an opposite direction.

  8. And Mrs. McDougal waved vigorously with her apron in the direction of a small group of stooping watchers, hands on knees and eyes eagerly intent.

  9. For a moment she rocked, then threw the apron off her face and dropped in a chair opposite Miss Gibbie, head protruding terrapin-wise, and eyes bulging.

  10. Hearing them now, Tildy reached hastily for her clean apron and hurried up-stairs.

  11. Tildy's hands went up under the apron and the latter fell backward over her head.

  12. She was sitting on the floor surrounded by a pile of fresh-cut muslin; the latest McCann baby was tugging with might and main at her apron in vain endeavor to hoist himself upon his pudgy uncertain legs.

  13. Mrs. McCann wiped her reddened eyes, took off her apron and sat down in a low chair by Aileen who was filling Billy's small mouth, conveniently open for another howl upon perceiving his mother wipe her eyes, with a sizable gumdrop.

  14. Once the door had closed upon her, she flew up the two long flights of stairs after Flibbertigibbet whom she found at the lavatory in the upper dormitory, cleansing the inside of her apron from molasses.

  15. Her coarse blue denim apron was thrown over her head; her face was bowed into her hands that rested on her knees.

  16. I have always loathed the idea of ordinary married life, staying at home night after night, tied to a woman's apron strings, dropping all one's pals .

  17. Gypsy's black silk apron was tied about her, like a long baby-dress, a pair of mittens were fastened on her arms, and a pink silk scarf around her throat.

  18. I put on the apron and the tippet, and—I gave her the biscuit.

  19. Her neat white cap was tied under her chin with formal stiffness, while a large silk apron completed a make-up that transformed the slender, dignified Mrs. Van Vorst into a typical Dutch matron.

  20. Margaret is a small, trim little figure dressed in a grey print dress with a full gathered skirt and a clean, starched apron with strings tied in a big bow.

  21. She smoothed out her wrinkled apron and waited.

  22. Julie said, crumpling her apron and throwing it out; "he is a child and a coward.

  23. In her apron she had a quantity of empty egg-shells, so carefully drained of their contents as to present an almost perfect external appearance, and these she was arranging on the twigs of a large bush that grew just outside the window.

  24. You've come too late, teacher," said she, her voice breaking suddenly into a sob as she lifted her apron to her eyes.

  25. Behind Billy's Lunch, the cook, in an apron which must long ago have been white, smoked a pipe and spat at the pest of sticky flies.

  26. A man in an apron spotted with dry blood was hoisting out a hard slab of meat.

  27. Sue Hemphill, completely covered with a gingham apron from head to foot, was in her element "making up.

  28. They were naked, save for a skin apron girt about their loins; and by way of ornament they wore necklaces composed of the teeth and claws of animals and the beaks of birds strung upon thin strips of hide.

  29. Judy Mason flapped her apron from the cabin door.

  30. Otherwise, she had not changed her usual attire, save to remove the voluminous apron she wore when at her housework.

  31. And here Carolyn May and Prince were at Mr. Parlow's carpenter shop, just as the old man was taking off his apron preparatory to going in to his dinner.

  32. Aunty Rose, however, removed her work apron when the breakfast dishes were washed and put away and the kitchen "ridded up," and for the remainder of Sunday she did only the very necessary things about the house.

  33. The bear-skin formed a cushion for us in front, and an apron for Mr. Worden and Jason, who sat behind.

  34. The other buffalo was spread in the bottom of the sleigh, as a carpet for all four, leaving an apron to come in front upon Dirck's and my lap, as a protection against the cold in that quarter.

  35. Monsieur the American gentleman for the dog," announced Pierre to the boy servant in a blue apron who appeared to open the wicket gate.

  36. Suzette was silent, her plump hands twisting nervously at her apron pocket.

  37. We shall live in Paris," she added, and for an instant her eyes sparkled; then again their gaze reverted to the now sadly twisted apron pocket, for I was silent.

  38. Suzette did not move--without a word she buried her face in her apron and burst into tears: "Oh, monsieur!

  39. I have got a goodish lot of it, and find it rather heavy to carry in my pockets--so, hold your apron steady and I'll give it to you.

  40. But Jimmy Sears's apron strings were tied about his neck; so his despair was black and abysmal.

  41. Sir John and Mrs. Grenville left poor Susy standing with her apron to her eyes at the corner of the street, and went on in the direction of the fever hospital.

  42. My little Jo favors her father, Sir John," said Mrs. Aylmer, dropping a profound courtesy and dusting a chair with her apron for the baronet.

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